Fernando Alonso, Mark Webber, Singapore, 2013

Webber to get grid penalty after lift from Alonso

2013 Singapore Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Fernando Alonso, Mark Webber, Singapore, 2013Mark Webber will receive a ten-place grid penalty for the next race after being given a lift to the pits by Fernando Alonso after today’s Singapore Grand Prix.

Alonso stopped to pick up his rival after his car broke down on the final lap of the race. Webber rode back to the pits on Alonso’s sidepod.

The stewards ruled Webber had “entered the track without the marshal’s permission between the commencement of the formation lap and the time when the last car enters parc ferme” and handed him a reprimand.

As this is Webber’s third reprimand of the year he will automatically receive a ten-place grid penalty for the next race. His previous reprimands came in Bahrain, for contact with Nico Rosberg, and in Canada, for going too quickly while yellow flags were displayed.

It is the second time a driver has received a grid penalty for collecting three reprimands – Pastor Maldonado also did at the Brazilian Grand Prix last year.

Alonso was also given a reprimand for driving “in a manner which could be deemed potentially dangerous to other drivers or any other person”. The stewards added “two cars had to take avoiding action” when Alonso stopped to pick Webber up. This is Alonso’s first reprimand of the year.

Webber gave Alonso a lift in a similar fashion at the Nurburgring in 2011.

2013 Singapore Grand Prix

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  1. It’s a shame that this has happened, but I do understand why Webber and Alonso had to be reprimanded.

  2. I haven’t seen the footage of the incident but one person who has says the penalty was justified:


  3. I agree, the reprimand is deserved, because the rule exists and the drivers know about it. Not following them means, that they should expect some kind of punishment.

    The only reason why this has fans steaming is Webber’s bad luck, that this has been his third reprimand in this season. Nobody would’ve cared a lot about this reprimand two weeks later, but now people will remember because of Webber’s 10 place penalty.

    Red Bull can be happy, that Vettel is doing all he can to win both championships almost by himself, because Webber certainly hasn’t helped much this season.

  4. Apparently, the way that Alonso stopped the car meant that the two Mercedes had to suddenly swerve out of the way to avoid a crash.

    That does sound fairly dangerous to me.

    1. Then should Alonso have a penalty for dangerous driving?

      1. @ragwort
        He did get a reprimand, as said in the article.

  5. A reprimand is fine if it was considered dangerous. And a few journalists seem to be saying that it was https://twitter.com/adamcooperf1/status/381822430349512704

  6. The stewards for this race need their heads examined.

    1. Never mind, I take it back. It was dangerous, but it still seems like Alonso did the dangerous thing by stopping at the exit of a blind corner rather than Webber for accepting the ride. I still don’t think that Webber should have been reprimanded.

  7. Jack (@jackisthestig)
    22nd September 2013, 17:54

    I’d honestly feel more secure sat on a sidepod holding onto the airbox inlet and with a leg in the cockpit rather than riding pilloin on a crazy marshal’s moped.

    1. Seriously?

      1. When was the last time you saw an F1 car just fall over? :-P

  8. Well that has ruined the whole race for me! Absolute joke

  9. An appalling decision. Totally over the top.

  10. what seriously….I dont know what to say..and hulk had to give his place back to perez..

    f1 needs a new iphone app, so that the viewers can decide on penalties, think it might be more consistent..!!!

  11. This is what makes F1 suck!! I think this is death for post race lift. Famous once like Mansell and Senna will always be remembered. I think we should make top 10 post race lift moments.

    1. As it is this sport sucks. WDC is totally dead. 1 driver totally dominant for 4 years. After watching for 15 years, never felt like this, even when M. Schumacher was dominating, racing was still exciting.

      1. It’s astonishing that after 15 years of watching F1, you don’t seem to have a clue what you’re seeing.

  12. Stands to reason that if fans showing their emotion after the race is so dreadful (seems to be the consensus on here anyway) that drivers shouldn’t be allowed to either…

    Welcome to the new F1, everybody. Personalities are overrated anyway!

    1. @red-andy

      if fans showing their emotion after the race is so dreadful

      Of course it isn’t. I love seeing fans cheering at races. I’ve done it myself.

      What is objectionable and revolting is this group of hateful people who have taken it upon themselves to jeer at a particular driver no matter what he does. That is not a spontaneous outpouring of emotion, it’s premeditated bullying and it’s contemptible.

      1. Well said Kieth.

  13. A true joke, a fine could solve the problem, too overzealous Charlie Whiting

    1. Whiting doesn’t make these decisions, the stewards do.

  14. Drivers getting lifts back to the pits by their rivals are one of the most iconic moments in F1. As if the tyres n the petty engines weren’t killing the sport already. FIA, had to take this away from me too. I swear i am on my last nerve here. Yea, kill sportsmanship and promote cold hearted rivalry. That’d be good for the viewers.

    Gone are those growling V12s. gone is the concept of wheel to wheel racing. Drivers are afraid to get close to the car in front for fear of destroying their tyres or overheating. I mean, come on.. If you cant get close, how will u overtake??

    Even GP2 is more fun. The guys race as if their life depends on it. The spins, the thrills… I mean, talk about exploring boundaries of the tracks.

    1. Drivers dying in horrible accidents due to lax safety standards are also iconic moments in F1. That doesn’t mean I want to see them again.

  15. Headline should have read: “Webber to get grid penalty after third reprimand”

    But that would make too much sense.

    1. @xbx-117 As I’ve already explained, the headline is accurate.

  16. … just killing the F1 spirit … Rules are rules, 3 reprimands = penalty but come on!

  17. No burnouts, no lifts back to the pits,no non-PR speaking, no beautiful cars, no flat-out racing etc. etc.

    And in the end: no fans

    I can see why Mark is happy to leave this sinking ship

    But hey, at least we’ll be left with memories of the real F1:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djxUK9QDLw4

  18. Above 100 km / h while sitting on a Side pod?
    Man, if something broke or Webber slips, ugly accident!
    So even without other drivers having to take evasive manoeuvres, a reprimande is fair. Shame Webber had 2 already, but who’s to blame for those?

    1. @verstappen A strap on seat etc must be created for Webberisque moves like this

    2. @verstappen Disagree. Please stop babysitting grown up human beings. As if it’s the first time. Schumacher, Senna, Alesi, Mansell, Piquet etc etc did that all the time with no problems. Same as doughnuts etc. etc. The organizers seem to be bent on extinguishing the last remnants of emotion in a sport which is fast becoming as cold and boring as a grave. And some fans support them(though thankfully judging by the comments here most don’t) in that. go figure

      1. Grown up human beings can get themselves killed.

        That’s why they have rules.

        1. @mike Sure. Let’s ban extreme sports now-people are in danger of being killed there. Next let’s ban rugby-way too dangerous. After that, let’s stop people from crossing the street-people can get distracted and killed as a result. Then let’s prevent people from having dangerous(for example, anti-government) thoughts-they make them dangerous to themselves and the society. Welcome to “1984”

  19. Ok, that’s the last straw. I’ve had enough.

    1. @brickles Exactly my first thought when I saw this

  20. The reprimand was not simply because he got a lift back.

    The reprimand was because he ran onto the track (To get onto Alonso’s car) by either ignoring or not asking for/been given permission to re-enter the circuit by the race marshal’s.
    The rule that drivers are not able to go onto the track while other cars are still circulating without 1st gaining permission from the marshal’s is a safety regulation thats in place throughout the MotorSport ladder.

    Getting the penalty makes it seem harsh, However it is his 3rd reprimand & 3 reprimands = a grid penalty.

    1. And I would add (after seeing both those inboards and the CCTV footage), that this case very clearly shows one of the reasons these rules are in place @gt_racer, because what Webber did could have ended in a nasty accident, Kimi had his work cut out to avoid him (off course Alonso stopped on the racing line right behind a corner was also a “great” idea).

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