Fernando Alonso, Christian Horner, Sebastian Vettel, Kimi Raikkonen, Singapore, 2013

Domenicali unhappy at continued booing of Vettel

2013 Singapore Grand PrixPosted on Author Keith Collantine

Fernando Alonso, Christian Horner, Sebastian Vettel, Kimi Raikkonen, Singapore, 2013Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali says he was unhappy to see Sebastian Vettel being booed again after his victory in the Singapore Grand Prix.

“We must recognise that our opponents have done a better job than we have and compliment them because in sport you have to accept when your opponent does better than you,” said Domenicali.

“That?s the same for the fans: I wasn?t happy to hear that Vettel was booed under the Singapore podium as well. The German driver was perfect and he was helped out by a car that was as quick as it was reliable: this should be acknowledged.”

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo previously criticised the behaviour of the crowd following the Italian Grand Prix, where Vettel was also booed.

Following yesterday’s race Vettel said much of the jeering seemed to come from Ferrari supporters: “Most of the fans are dressed in red, Ferrari has a very strong fan base for a reason: they have a lot of tradition in Formula One, they?ve been around longer and won, and they?ve been more successful than any other team.”

“There?s more and more blue people ?ǣ more and more people dressed in blue so we are doing a good job on that front. But obviously they are quite emotional when they are not winning and if somebody else is winning, they don?t really like it.”

2013 Singapore Grand Prix

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114 comments on “Domenicali unhappy at continued booing of Vettel”

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  1. As wise man once said “You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”
    (pun intended)

  2. Every great show needs a Villain.

    1. @prof-kirk I think that’s a cliche which isn’t necessarily true. Besides which Vettel has many supporters and isn’t a “villain” to everyone.

  3. In order to stop the booing the FIA should mandate that all winners who are:
    a) blond. b) German. c) called Seb
    Must be issued with and must immediately put on, a pair of thick sheepskin mittens. ;-)

  4. I still don’t get all the fuss about booing either. It so commonplace in a baseball, one of the most mundane spectator sports on the planet.
    There are so many worse things that fans can do.

    I love Brundle and I also have huge respect for Vettel, but you know what? If I’m at Austin and he dominates it, I might just boo for a bit.

    1. If your nick really does point to your allegiances, you ought to be having a Vettel shrine, taking a daily bow of honour in front of his statue, for what he did at Monza 2008 was as big as anything a Minardi fan could have ever hoped for.

  5. I really don´t care about the booing but I feel that even if SV was wearing a red suit, we would not get booed but he would still get no claps or cheers. It´s not the team that gets most people, it´s him. Simple as that. I can´t explain but that is what I feel.

    1. I disagree, if he was performing like this for Ferrari he would be treated like a God, like Alonso is. Vettel essentially drives for a drinks company that has no motoracing history or romance. They are using F1 to boost their brand.
      It will take a generation before they can dream of the support that the likes of Ferrari or McLaren get.

  6. I think the booing is ridiculous and very childish, however, Vettel needs to be told from his own team how unsportsman-like he has become and although winning races is what he’s paid for, he should do it in such a way as not to cheat or disregard the rules, (especially from his own team!). Bad language has also been an issue with him. His actions and comments affect the sport and therefore if he brings the sport into disrepute then he should be reprimanded/fined/etc, like any other sports person. It seems to work in football why not F1?

  7. I was at the british GP and stood up and cheered when Vettel had a DNF. Why? because it made the race and championship more interesting at the time. But no point in booing the guy.

    However since then, you can only really admire the utter dominance of the Guy, 35 seconds gap in the last race is unreal, imagine the gap if there wasnt a safety car.

    If i’m disapointed in anything its that. I want to see competitive racing, and if Vettel wins a battle then so be it.

    So its over to the other teams to pull the finger out for 2014 and give us a competitive and exciting championship.

  8. Don’t you think it could be because the lack of fidelity for RBR? I mean, if you witness an historic team winning like Williams or McLaren (which by now is a constructor as well) did through the ’80s and ’90s you are more in the mood to cheer. When Mercedes or Renault (and to a lesser extent Ferrari) wins, everyone owning a car of their brands will walk three feet off the ground for the rest of the week. What we are seeing for the fouth year in a row right now, is basically a big can with four wheels attached on it, not the kind of F1 team I’d imagine to cheer for…

  9. The boos actually started in Melbourne – the first race of the season. Seb came in third behind Kimi and Alonso and he got booed on the podium. This was BEFORE Multi-21 and I think the crowd booed simply because he had been outperforming their home hero for the past 4 years. Simply a case of sour grapes and the boos carried on from there.

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