Fernando Alonso, Mark Webber, Singapore, 2013

New video shows Webber’s controversial ‘taxi ride’

2013 Singapore Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine


Fernando Alonso, Mark Webber, Singapore, 2013This new video shot by a fan at the Singapore Grand Prix shows the moment after Sunday’s race when Mark Webber earned himself a reprimand – and consequently a ten-place grid penalty – in more detail.

Webber was judged to have re-entered the track on foot without obtaining permission from a marshal beforehand.

Article 30.9 of the Sporting Regulations states: “During the period commencing fifteen minutes prior to and ending five minutes after every practice session and the period between the commencement of the formation lap which immediately precedes the race and the time when the last car enters the parc ferme, no one is allowed on the track, the pit entry or the pit exit with the exception of […] drivers when driving or on foot, having first received permission to do so from a marshal.”

Fernando Alonso was also given a reprimand for stopping on the racing line as he picked Webber up, forcing the two Mercedes drivers to take avoiding action, as also shown in the video.

Webber criticised the stewards’ decision to reprimand him for his action, calling it “comical”. It was his third reprimand of the year which means he automatically receives a ten-place grid penalty for the next race in Korea.

Thanks to @Andae23 for the tip.

2013 Singapore Grand Prix

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97 comments on “New video shows Webber’s controversial ‘taxi ride’”

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  1. why are we even still talking about this? Is F1 these days that boring that we talk about an inocuos incident for days?
    …oh sorry indeed it is…

    1. Spot on Jono. It’s sad isn’t it.

  2. After watching THIS video if anyone is still supporting Webber for his actions, they have got tooo much of love Webber. Nico was so close to him. It was freaking scary. Webber should feel blessed nothing tragic happened there.

  3. Perfectly normal, nothing to worry about. Move on.

  4. Thanks @keithcollantine . That explains a lot . Wow , What was Webber thinking ? He could have just shown his thumb from the corner of the track if he’d wanted a lift badly .

  5. “Oh my god so scary and dangerous, thrown them both out of the sport!” F1 is pathetic. Just to compound the most boring race of the year they give Webs a penalty for one of the only things that gave any entertainment to the paying public all Sunday. Shameful.

    1. exactly, as if webber needed anymore of a handicap to add to his poor starts and KERS issues, now he’s starting 10 positions behind der wunderkid. It wouldnt have been dangerous if doing doughnuts/smoking up tyres, picking up your national flag or doing the moonwalk on your marrussia (if you won the race) were allowed then drivers would slow down on the parade lap…think outside the square(rules) people!

  6. First things First…I agree with the penalty due to safty reasons….But this matter has been a little over blown. Lewis was no where near Mark or was carrying that speed where he could have hit the Ferrari, unless he was distracted ( No i am not A Lewis Hater). If anything it should have been Nico complaining and after looking at the video the second time, it does not even look as scary. Nico saw Mark well before so i guess he was prepared. Still the crowd enjoyed it and so did I. Its a shame Mark has to take that 10 place grid penalty.

  7. It looks close on vid, but to be honest there isn’t one among us that pilots an F1 car. If his actions were so stupid why as to deserve a reprimand, then the FIA is essentially saying that the best drivers in the world shouldn’t take chances. He trusted them to get out of the way. You can’t say more than that.

    1. To wit: I’m sure that under current FIA regs that Webber would have still been reprimanded had he been skewered on the nose of a Mercedes. I’ve now become a fan of Mark forever! Screw F1 and go racing for real!

    2. He trusted them to get out of the way. You can’t say more than that.

      That’s extremely flawed logic. They being F1 drivers doesn’t make them perfect, nor inmune to criticism. Just because “he trusted them” it doesn’t make it any less risky.

      If his actions were so stupid why as to deserve a reprimand, then the FIA is essentially saying that the best drivers in the world shouldn’t take chances.

      They shouldn’t take potentially life-risking changes. In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a huge set of rules about how drivers should behave. Just last year we saw Grosjean being banned from a race because of how reckless his driving was.

      You’re being far from rational if you believe that being a F1 driver somehow is a carte blanche to make whatever you want, regardless of how risky it is.

      1. “a huge set of rules about how drivers should behave.”

        You’re the one not being rational.

        1. Moreover, Motorsports aren’t inherently rational.

          1. “I think my way of living when I was driving would be difficult today. I was entirely responsible about my driving, and never misbehaved there, but after that, when the job was done, I led a fairly laidback lifestyle. I think modern sponsors in this day and age would find that a bit of a strain, and it would not be to my advantage in my career. People would hesitate before hiring me. And I would probably have to curb my behaviour and certainly put on a different public face.

            Quote From today’s roundup.

            What Hunt is saying here is that he’d have to kiss the bottoms of his sponsors, the FIA and essentially be untrue to himself. I’m not gonna live that way, you shouldn’t either.

        2. It’s the way it is, and has been that way for a long time now. If you don’t like it, you’re free to watch other sports. But that’s F1. This is nothing new not surprising.

  8. I can’t believe Webber would call it comical to reprimand looking at the video it should of been harsher imo.

  9. For some reason I’m put in mind of Alonso not seeing the yellows and running into Webber’s wreckage in Brazil all those years ago. I think if Alonso hadn’t given Webber a lift, DC would have won this race… ;)

  10. Isn’t it nice to think that when Webber and Alonso are both senior citizens reminiscing that they will have something to laugh about and get riled over? They may yet concede that it wasn’t the smartest thing that either of them have ever done, but at least no one got hurt… It was a classic F1 moment- dangerous, spontaneous, and divisive. I already miss him.

  11. The fact that this is the overriding news to continue from the GP isn’t exactly a good reflection of the race.

    Can we not move on from this. We get it. Yes, it is dangerous to run around on a race track, or stop with other moving cars present.

    F1 is in trouble if this is still news on a Wednesday.

  12. @muzbye

    He’s more like DiCaprio’s evil twin :)

  13. Formula One has been systematically Gutted, de Balled, Trussed, Tied and sprinkled with Disney Dust.
    How I long for the days of leather helmets, champaign every where, fans mobbing the pits, real jet set drivers, who earn their drive, what have you frightened little men with big hats done to a once great sport. Death is not possible with out life and if you want to limit your chances of the former become an arm chair critic and roar your silly little heads off debating how short the girls skirts should be, then go back to your mousy world feeling big and brave, you ant like accountants!

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