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2013 Singapore Grand Prix team radio transcript

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Ferrari, Singapore, 2013While Sebastian Vettel scorched to victory in Singapore by over half-a-minute his rivals were preoccupied with getting their strategies right after an awkward mid-race Safety Car interruption.

In some cases they made false assumptions about what their opponents were doing – particularly in the case of Mercedes. Even with ten laps to go they still believed Fernando Alonso was about to make another pit stop, when he was in fact able to stay out until the end.

Vettel’s getaway was inadvertently aided by Nico Rosberg having tyre debris stuck in his front wing. That left him lapping so slowly Force India thought it was a deliberate tactic to look after his tyres.

At the back of the field Marussia found themselves with a team orders row on their hands. Jules Bianchi lost time early in the race when he had to have his steering wheel replaced. The Safety Car brought him back onto the tail of team mate Max Chilton.

It seems Bianchi then complained Chilton was holding him up and Marussia told Chilton to let Bianchi through. Chilton does not appear to have complied.

Bianchi’s tyres began to go off while he was stuck behind Chilton and he dropped back, then pitted, and Chilton also made a pit stop which kept him in front of Bianchi until the end.

After the grand prix had finished Lewis Hamilton complained he hadn’t been aware what position he was running in – which might have had something to do with his pre-race advice to his team on how to hold the pit board so he could see it.

Here are all the radio messages from Sunday’s race.

2013 Singapore Grand Prix team radio transcript

Lap* From To Message
PR Brad Joyce Adrian Sutil We will need to heat the brakes, try and get some temperature in those front tyres and also the rears.
PR Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington Can you please ask whoever’s on the pit board to hold it out at 45 degrees so it’s, you know, not 90 degrees from the wall. Just a little bit angled out.
PR Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Affirm. We’ve not quite got the engine temperatures down to where we’d really like them so just thinking about as much engine cooling as you can straight away. When we go just a reminder your KERS schedule for the race is on the left in your cockpit. But obviously you’re flexible to use it as you need.
PR Simon Rennie Mark Webber Just a reminder on that start you were a bit hard on the throttle before so a little bit less on the throttle and keep it constant until you drop the second paddle, please. Normal procedures.
PR Simon Rennie Mark Webber Apparently Sutil is the only car on [mediums]
FL Simon Rennie Mark Webber Remember hold the clutch for four seconds before first gear and sync all gears early.
FL Juan Pablo Ramirez Giedo van der Garde Use all gears.
FL Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton All the brakes are cold at the moment so use them where you can.
FL Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Engine is on target, KERS is good, no more KERS. We need sync in gear seven.
FL Simon Rennie Mark Webber At the start do not go on throttle early.
FL Tony Ross Nico Rosberg A little bit more working the front-left. [110.5C] front left, [110C] the other tyres.
1 Gary Gannon Max Chilton Torque three for running
1 Dave Robson Jenson Button HPB to mid, Jenson.
2 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Hamilton went off at turn seven while trying to stay ahead of Massa on the first lap.
We’ve been instructed to give the place back to Massa.
2 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington OK
2 Kimi Raikkonen Mark Slade [Distorted] …corner I overtook.
2 Mark Slade Kimi Raikkonen Understood, Kimi.
2 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Fuel is very good so go back to mix two. Just think about looking after that traction and light braking.
3 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Gap to Vettel ahead four seconds, gap to Alonso behind 1.4, out of your DRS.
3 Rob Smedley Felipe Massa DRS is enabled, you have the DRS, Hamilton has the DRS behind you.
4 Simon Rennie Mark Webber When it settles down, monitor the gap to Alonso, Look after the tyres, monitor the gap to Alonso.
4 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Tyre temperature stabilised, all fine.
5 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Remember there are Safety Cars out there.Save your tyres.
5 Nico Hulkenberg Marco Schupbach This is full pace, this is no saving.
5 Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg OK like that Nico, understood. You have shift three, you have special two if you need.
5 Jules Bianchi Paul Davison From early in the race several drivers were advised to look after their tyres.
I’m struggling now with the rears, I’m struggling a lot.
5 Paul Davison Jules Bianchi You can try torque three for less engine braking.
6 Rob Smedley Felipe Massa OK mate go grip P9 please when you can and just start really thinking about the tyres, come on.
6 Simon Rennie Mark Webber We suggest a two-second gap to Alonso to look after the tyres.
6 Mark Temple Sergio Perez OK Checo great opening laps, let’s use the the diff switches and brake balance to protect the rear tyres.
7 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Try taking an earlier apex in turn 20 for a better exit.
7 Phil Charles Jean-Eric Vergne You’re doing a good job looking after the tyres, keep doing the same, keep them cool.
7 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Instead of describing the status of their tyres over the radio where they might be heard, some teams have steering wheel switches allowing drivers to communicate the information.
Let us know how the tyres are on the deg switch, 3.4 second gap to Alonso.
8 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Alonso P3 is holding the pack up. Nico P2 is doing mid-53s in free air.
8 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton If you can update your wear switch, traction metrics at 1,500.
8 Rob Smedley Felipe Massa Massa given advice on how to look after his tyres.
Corner 13 easier throttle management.
9 Valtteri Bottas Jonathan Eddollls Bottas was stuck behind 18th-placed Van der Garde.
There’s no way past, we need to change the strategy.
9 Jonathan Eddollls Valtteri Bottas Confirm, we’re not going to make our planned strategy work, you want to switch strategy.
9 Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg Release 12, degradation at the moment looks good for strategy two.
9 Nico Hulkenberg Marco Schupbach Yeah copy that, feels a bit better now.
9 Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg OK, OK.
10 Francesco Nenci Esteban Gutierrez Esteban we are missing on traction. And now Di Reta is closing gap, watch Di Resta.
10 Jean-Eric Vergne Phil Charles I’m really struggling with the tyres.
10 Phil Charles Jean-Eric Vergne Understood, push as much as you can, we are changing strategy to plan B.
11 Mark Slade Kimi Raikkonen Box this lap Kimi, clutch ten, please confirm.
11 Mark Temple Sergio Perez Last lap three-tenths sower than Jenson, all in sector one.
11 Kimi Raikkonen Mark Slade Raikkonen had difficulty seeing the lights during his pit stop.
Can you move the traffic lights more forward? I have to move up because I can’t see them.
12 Francesco Nenci Esteban Gutierrez No response played.
Box, Esteban. Front wing, question?
13 Paul Davison Jules Bianchi OK Jules we’re not changing tyres, just the steering wheel. Stop in the box.
13 Mark Webber Simon Rennie Trouble with the rears, mate.
13 Simon Rennie Mark Webber Box Mark, box this lap.
14 Ayao Komatsu Romain Grosjean Push Romain, push as much as possible, please.
14 Mark Temple Sergio Perez Perez came in on the lap after Hulkenberg and stayed behind him.
Hulkenberg is pitting, let’s really push now, give it everything we’ve got. Let’s have toggle down.
14 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington How’s my pace?
14 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton At this stage, Lewis, pace is good, just keep doing what you’re doing.
15 Jonathan Eddollls Valtteri Bottas Water recharge, so water [distorted] two.
15 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Nico are you OK for one more lap? Let us know.
15 Nico Rosberg Tony Ross Affirm, OK.
15 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg This message was not played immediaely after the preceding one.
Box, box.
16 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Box, pit confirm.
16 Mark Slade Kimi Raikkonen Battery charge is dropping, we need to reduce the use of the paddle or go to KERS recovery six and two clicks forwards on balance.
16 Andrew Murdoch Pastor Maldonado Push now, Pastor.
17 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Target 20 at the end of this lap so you need to drive to that. Target 20 on [medium] tyres.
17 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel We’re monitoring the gaps, Sebastian. Traffic ahead: Chilton.
17 Paul Davison Jules Bianchi Good job Jules, two more laps, clear air like this.
17 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Box, torque map one and box.
18 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton OK Lewis you’re going to be going four laps longer on this tyre, it is the [medium]. Grosjean ahead is on the [super-soft] tyre, we’re going to start applying the pressure in ten laps’ time. So just need to close up to him.
19 Phil Charles Jean-Eric Vergne You’ve got the two Saubers ahead of you, fighting with Perez. So if you get good laps in you can actually catch them. Behind you, you’ve got Sutil, who’s on the other tyre, he is closing on you a little bit. Get these good laps and you’ll ease away from him.
19 Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg Hulkenberg went off at turn seven while trying to stay ahead of Perez.
Nico you have to give the place back to Perez, race control.
19 Nico Hulkenberg Marco Schupbach What? For what?
19 Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg For leaving the track, Nico.
19 Nico Hulkenberg Marco Schupbach I’m going to do that now. Which corner do you suggest?
19 Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg This message was not played immediaely after the preceding one.
I know Nico keep pushing, can still be a good race, come on, keep pushing.
20 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Tyres more important than gap. Gap is plenty.
20 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington These tyres are terrible.
20 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Message understood Lewis. Pace looks good, though.
21 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Di Resta is bunching the cars ahead up. So he’s going to stop soon, he’s still running out there on used [super-soft] tyres. You’ve got Grosjean, Webber and Alonso in front.
21 Rob Smedley Felipe Massa OK with the degradation that we have we’re still looking good for Plan A. Plan A still looks very good.
22 Francesco Nenci Esteban Gutierrez How is the tyres? This pace is OK for the tyres. How does it look?
22 Esteban Gutierrez Francesco Nenci Yes this pace is OK.
22 Mark Temple Sergio Perez Last lap you closed up on the cars in front by nine-tenths. This is really good, let’s keep going.
23 Mark Slade Kimi Raikkonen OK Kimi we understand that you’re feeling a problem but unfortuantely we cannot see anything in the data so we can’t give you any info at the moment.
23 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton You’re doing a great job so just look after these tyres and we can do work at the end of the stint.
23 GianPiero Lambiase Paul di Resta Di Resta made a late first pit stop and came out in a position to stay ahead of Alonso when the Ferrari pitted again. But the eventual Safety Car put paid to that.
We are in Alonso’s pit window. He is in P3 and potentially on a three stop.
24 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Just remember to drink.
24 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Sebastian you need to use more KERS early. 75% before last corner.
24 Sergio Perez Mark Temple How is the pace?
24 Mark Temple Sergio Perez Pace is good, you gained four-tenths on Jenson last lap. We’re still on Plan A looking to go to target minus one.
25 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Remember to drink.
25 Simon Rennie Mark Webber The Safety Car was deployed after Ricciardo crashed at turn 18.
We are staying out. Watch the delta. You need to be just positive at Safety Car line one. Remember it will get back to racing speed 200 metres before the Safety Car line and we are racing between the lines.
26 Daniel Ricciardo Marco Matassa Went into the barrier
26 Marco Matassa Daniel Ricciardo Daniel, are you OK?
26 Daniel Ricciardo Marco Matassa Yep
26 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Now when you’re warming your tyres, be careful. There’s loads of marbles off-line. Off-line is very dirty. At that speed you’re going to struggle to clean up your tyres so stay on-line and use brakes.
27 Nico Hulkenberg Marco Schupbach I still don’t understand why I had to let Perez past. He was inside, I had to go on the kerb, then the car bottomed, and it pulled me to the right. But I was in front before the corner and I was in front after, so what’s the problem?
27 Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg OK Nico, that’s understood. We focus now on the race. We discuss after, can be still OK.
27 Andrea Stella Fernando Alonso Alonso is reminded to ensure his Safety Car delta time is positive – i.e., he’s not lapping too quickly.
Fernando I see still negative so go positive please. I see now you are recovering. I don’t know how slow you’re going, if your sector times are correct, but make sure you read positive. OK.
27 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel At some stage two cars will unlap themselves. Two cars, backmarkers, will come through.
27 Sebastian Vettel Guillaume Rocquelin Understood
27 Nico Hulkenberg Marco Schupbach What position am I now, and where was Ricciardo when he crashed?
27 Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg We are now P12, Nico, and in front of you there’s still four cars who haven’t stopped, which is the top three plus Di Resta. Ricciardo I’ll have to check.
28 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel You can use the fuel. We have more fuel than we need.
28 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton You can start working those brakes now, especially the fronts.
28 Mark Slade Kimi Raikkonen Raikkonen made his second and final pit stop during the Safety Car period.
This is looking reasonable for us at the moment. Five of the cars in front are probably going to have to make another stop. So that may help us out.
28 Rob Smedley Felipe Massa OK so just while we’re sat behind the Safety Car and the lapped cars are coming through – I think they’ve all actually come through now, they’re going to catch up at the back – then the worst corners for tyre energy are corners five and seven. Exit five, the usual one, and exit seven. Easy on the throttle. No message yet so keep working on the tyres.
29 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel The Safety Car period was extended while the Marussia drivers were allowed to unlap themselves and then catch the tail of the field.
Charlie [Whiting’s] waiting for the backmarkers to rejoin. The last one which is Bianchi is only in turn nine ahead of you and the train is on the start/finish line.
29 Simon Rennie Mark Webber Try and use the brakes to get temperature into the front tyres.
29 Mark Slade Kimi Raikkonen Romain has slightly less wear than you.
30 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Repeat your radio message if important.
30 Nico Rosberg Tony Ross I’m not going to talk any more because the radio fails when I talk. You go ahead.
30 Mark Slade Kimi Raikkonen You might need to warm your tyres up, remember these are [mediums] not [super-softs] and the rears in particular are quite low now.
30 Simon Rennie Mark Webber We need to be quick but watch your slip.
30 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Only thing at the moment is the left-rear disc temperature is working but slightly cold at the moment.
31 Dave Robson Jenson Button All temperatures are good so for the restart it’s yellow G1, we can go there now, and then green F4.
31 Andrew Murdoch Pastor Maldonado You can overtake from Safety Car one.
31 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Front tyres are still cold, you are in your Safety Car window.
31 Rob Smedley Felipe Massa 40% KERS remaining, come on.
32 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Use your tyres, open up the gap.
32 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington Keep an eye on my tyres pressures, feel like I’ve gone over debris.
32 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton OK, copy that message.
32 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington Front-right.
32 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton OK, front-right looks good.
33 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Tyre temperatures are all good now. Webber has DRS this lap.
34 Ayao Komatsu Romain Grosjean After having the air topped up in the pits Grosjean had to retire his car, which also had several faults during practice.
We have a problem with air consumption on the engine so we need to box this lap, please.
34 Romain Grosjean Ayao Komatsu No!
34 Ayao Komatsu Romain Grosjean We need to top up the air bottle in the pit stop so it’s going to be about 40 seconds pit stop.
34 Romain Grosjean Ayao Komatsu What is wrong with this car…
35 GianPiero Lambiase Paul di Resta Force India believed Rosberg had slowed the pace down on purpose.
This looks like pace management from Rosberg to get to the end, Paul. We need to attack if you can.
35 Rob Smedley Felipe Massa Not really sure why Grosjean stopped, for brakes or something like that. Anyway, there you go, so we are now in seventh position.
35 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Rosberg 52.6, he’s bunching up the pack behind you, that’s good.
35 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Focus on braking, clean exits.
36 Jonathan Eddollls Valtteri Bottas We won’t stay on this tyre for that long so just push if you can.
36 Andrew Murdoch Pastor Maldonado Look after the tyres exit turn 12, exit 14.
36 Phil Charles Jean-Eric Vergne Release five Jev, come on, good laps.
37 Paul Davison Jules Bianchi Having caught back up with his team mate during the Safety Car period, Bianchi was keen to get past.
Stand by Jules, we’re discussing. You are quicker than Max, overtake him. We are telling Max.
37 Gary Gannon Max Chilton From the lap charts there is no indication Chilton let Bianchi through.
Max, Jules is eight-tenths quicker, please do not hold him up.
38 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Rosberg was actually lapping slowly as rubber debris had caught in his front wing, causing a handling imbalance. It was removed during his final pit stop on lap
We believe you have rubber in the front wing which is losing you front downforce at the moment.
38 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Nico you could use engine braking and diff to help the understeer from lack of front if you wanted to, may affect rear.
39 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Mate, you’re doing exactly what we need. Good job.
39 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Target plus nine. Current lap 38. Do you think that’s possible? It depends on our tyre choice.
39 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington I don’t know. How many more laps is that?
39 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton We think at least seven laps.
39 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington I don’t know if my rears willl last.
40 Paul Davison Jules Bianchi There is no advantage to coming in now we need at least five more laps.
40 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton You’re doing a good job, that’s a great middle sector.
40 Brad Joyce Adrian Sutil Pits this lap, pit confirm.
41 Rob Smedley Felipe Massa We’ve already done 12 laps on these tyres, there’s 23 laps to go, 35 laps on the tyres is too much. So we’re just thinking about what to do now, trying to put you in a nice window.
41 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Push, push: it’s all starting to happen now.
42 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Box, boost to zero.
42 Juan Pablo Ramirez Giedo van der Garde Vergne came out of the pits behind the Caterhams.
Toro Rosso coming from behind, do not lose too much time.
42 Dave Robson Jenson Button All the cars in front are starting to pit. If we can make Plan B work then we could be in really good shape.
43 Rob Smedley Felipe Massa Box this lap. Push onto the back of Di Resta now.
43 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Push hard now Nico, you have 20 laps remaining.
43 Nico Rosberg Tony Ross Why do I have to push?
43 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Because other cars have not stopped yet.
43 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg This message was not played immediaely after the preceding one.
Nico at the moment Alonso doesn’t need to stop again necessarily, he is in front.
43 Nico Rosberg Tony Ross Want to push more than I have to, huh?
43 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Box, pit confirm, boost to zero exit turn 13.
44 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Box, torque map one and box.
44 Tim Wright Charles Pic Stay out, you will need to manage the tyres.
44 Francesco Nenci Esteban Gutierrez Webber is coming on fresh tyres, and Rosberg, I think we will lose some positions.
45 Mark Slade Kimi Raikkonen All the cars that were going to stop behind you are now stopped and behind you. So we’re racing to the end from this position.
45 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Mercedes expected Alonso would need to pit again.
At the moment we believe Alonso is going long so he can swap to [super-soft] and be quicker at the end so we do need put the buffer to him.
45 Nico Rosberg Tony Ross No I just need to be in front, I need to save my tyres now.
45 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg So torque two, diff entry four, you can drop back one-and-a-half seconds only. Alonso is pushing hard, you can only drop back one second. You are now getting, he is getting very close to your window.
45 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Sebastian it’s all about looking after the car, the tyres, and being ready for a Safety Car. That’s all there is.
46 Mark Temple Sergio Perez Other cars have done over 30 laps on their [mediums] so we can definitely do this, you’re doing a really good job, keep the pace up, we can get to the end.
46 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Lewis on [medium] tyre.
46 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Listen for the DRS beeps.
46 Jules Bianchi Paul Davison OK, I’m quicker but I’ll back off because I’m killing my tyres.
47 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Sebastian look after the brakes: vibrations.
47 Simon Rennie Mark Webber Gutierrez ahead starting to struggle.
47 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton We need to get past Webber, Nico’s had the same message.
48 Dave Robson Jenson Button Doing a superb job, 14 more laps to go.
48 Felipe Massa Rob Smedley How far we are behind this car?
48 Rob Smedley Felipe Massa We are 1.2 seconds behind him.
49 Francesco Nenci Esteban Gutierrez Webber, Rosberg, Hamilton, Massa and Di Resta caught Gutierrez and were all past him within two laps,
You’re racing all cars behind.
49 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Cool the car right-hand side where you can.
49 GianPiero Lambiase Paul di Resta Gutierrez ahead will be very slow, we will need to clear him very quickly.
50 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Good job Sebastian, very disciplined.
51 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg With ten laps to go, Mercedes were still expecting Alonso to pit again.
Alonso is outside your window at the moment but if you lose another second he’ll be past you at the stops.
51 Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg Nico do not use recovery button otherwise undercharged.
51 GianPiero Lambiase Paul di Resta Looks like we will catch the train with three laps to go, Paul.
52 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Brakes vibrations are increasing, concentrate on looking after that.
52 Simon Rennie Mark Webber Cars ahead starting to struggle, cars ahead now doing 53s.
53 Simon Rennie Mark Webber Podium now eight seconds ahead. Cars ahead are struggling.
53 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington Keep me up-to-date on my traction metrics please, and how many laps I’ve got left.
53 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Ten laps remaining.
53 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Hamilton was catching Hulkenberg, Perez, Raikkonen, Button and Alonso.
There’s a group of five cars ahead on 27-lap old [medium] tyres. You’re going to be on top them very soon: three laps, estimated.
53 Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg Nine laps to go, nine. Keep pushing, you’re doing good, Nico.
54 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Transfer oil.
54 Rob Smedley Felipe Massa Button now in third position going very slow. We are more than three seconds faster than him. Looking very tight at the end of the race.
55 Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg Hulkenberg was passed by Webber, then Rosberg and Hamilton, followedby Massa.
After the Mercedes there’s a Force India, this one we have to hold them back.
55 Nico Hulkenberg Marco Schupbach Maybe it’s better to let them past, get some small points. If I fight now I’m dead in a few laps.
55 Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg OK, Nico. Try your best otherwise Di Resta’s going to be all over us.
56 Brad Joyce Adrian Sutil Keep pushing Adrian, we need one more place for a point.
57 Simon Rennie Mark Webber Webber’s engine had a water leak.
We need to try and short-shift. Short-shift if you can.
57 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Still yellow ahead, respect the flags.
58 Simon Rennie Mark Webber Short-shift all gears please. Earlier than that, you need to be short-shifting earlier.
58 Simon Rennie Mark Webber Try using higher gears in the corners, we need to keep the revs low, try and keep the revs low. Rosberg the next car behind you, six seconds behind.
58 Simon Rennie Mark Webber This is about getting the car to the finish now. We need low revs.
59 Andrea Stella Fernando Alonso They are reminding [Webber] to use the short-shift so manage the pace, 15 seconds to Raikkonen.
59 Mark Slade Kimi Raikkonen Webber is backing off more now, he’s slowing right down.
60 Rob Smedley Felipe Massa Webber going very slow now, we’ll catch him by the end of the race. Need to keep pushing, now.
60 Andrea Stella Fernando Alonso [Two] laps to go.
60 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Webber having to short-shift, he may be slow on the straights.
61 Mark Webber Simon Rennie Webber pulled off on the final lap, the back of his car on fire.
In trouble, mate.
61 Simon Rennie Mark Webber Understood.
61 Rob Smedley Felipe Massa Webber is the car in front, he’s six seconds in front now. He’s going very slowly so we should get him towards the end of the race I think.
VL Christian Horner Sebastian Vettel Well done, Seb. Great drive, well done.
VL Sebastian Vettel Guillaume Rocquelin Yes! Yes, boys. That’s what I call ‘in control’. Thank you. The car was absoilutely fantastic. It’s a team effort. This doesn’t happen just like this, it’s an absolute team effort. Every single one. Yes! I’m loving it.
VL Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel That was a very disciplined drive, Sebastian. Quick where we wanted, patient where you needed to be. Nice.
VL Jenson Button Dave Robson Mikey can you make sure there’s a nice cold, cold drink ready and waiting for me? Cheers mate.
VL Jenson Button Dave Robson A good haul of points for the team, though, which is positive.
VL Dave Robson Jenson Button Yeah absolutely. It’s not too bad, it’s just frustrating. We took a chance, it didn’t pay off, which is always a bit of a shame. Made for a bit of a miserable last ten laps definitely for you and for me here watching. But never mind, a good few points and I think yesterday particularly went very well. Plenty to build on.
VL Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton That’s P5, Nico obviously P4. Vettel P1, Alonso and Raikkonen second and third, they hung it out on the [medium] tyre.
VL Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington This whole time you haven’t given me any information. I thought I was racing with Perez.
VL Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Were Hamilton’s pre-race remarks about his pit board not acted on?
OK sorry about that, Lewis. Guess you can’t see your pit board then.

Lap: Refers to lap message was broadcast on. There may be a delay between messages being said and being broadcast. PR = pre-race; FL = formation lap; VL = victory lap.
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