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New Jersey back on FIA’s 22-race 2014 F1 calendar

2014 F1 calendarPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Start, Melbourne, 2013The FIA has listed the Grand Prix of America in New Jersey as one of 22 races on the 2014 F1 calendar.

However the race has been listed as one of three grands prix on consecutive weekends – one week after the race in Monaco and one week before the race in Canada – which may prove unrealistic from a point of view of logistics.

Even if the New Jersey race does not go ahead, a 21-race schedule would still be the longest ever seen in Formula One.

The new race in Russia has been given an October date and the revived Austrian and Mexican races also join the schedule.

There are five back-to-back race weekends on the calendar: Malaysia and Bahrain, China and Korea, Germany and Hungary, Russia and Japan and the USA and Mexico.

The Indian Grand Prix will not take place next year but organisers intend for it to return in 2015.

Round Race Circuit Date Forum
1 Australian Grand Prix Albert Park March 14 – 16 Forum
2 Malaysian Grand Prix Sepang International Circuit March 28 – 30 Forum
3 Bahrain Grand Prix Bahrain International Circuit April 4 – 6 Forum
4 Chinese Grand Prix Shanghai International Circuit April 18 – 20 Forum
5 Korean Grand Prix Korean International Circuit April 25 – 27 Forum
6 Spanish Grand Prix Circuit de Catalunya May 9 – 11 Forum
7 Monaco Grand Prix Monte-Carlo May 22 – 25 Forum
8 American Grand Prix New Jersey May 30 – June 1
9 Canadian Grand Prix Circuit Gilles Villeneuve June 6 – 8 Forum
10 Austrian Grand Prix Red Bull Ring June 20 – 22
11 British Grand Prix Silverstone July 4 – 6 Forum
12 German Grand Prix Hockenheimring July 18 – 20 Forum
13 Hungarian Grand Prix Hungaroring July 25 – 27 Forum
14 Belgian Grand Prix Spa-Francorchamps August 22 – 24 Forum
15 Italian Grand Prix Monza September 5 – 7 Forum
16 Singapore Grand Prix Singapore September 19 – 21 Forum
17 Russian Grand Prix Sochi October 3 – 5
18 Japanese Grand Prix Suzuka October 10 – 12 Forum
19 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Yas Marina October 24 – 26 Forum
20 United States Grand Prix Circuit of the Americas November 7 – 9 Forum
21 Mexican Grand Prix Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez November 14 – 16
22 Brazilian Grand Prix Interlagos November 28 – 30 Forum

Korean Grand Prix: Provisional
American and Russian Grands Prix: Provisional and subject to circuit approval

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88 comments on “New Jersey back on FIA’s 22-race 2014 F1 calendar”

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  1. Mexico’s all confirmed and not subject to anything, then?

    Fair enough logistically to have it the week after Austin, but won’t the two races be competing with each other? A bit like going to Spa the weekend after the Nürburgring.

    1. @tomsk Well in a perfect world USA and México’s markets are so huge that each country wouldn’t have a problem filling the races with 100,000 fans each.

      The problem here of course is that the US is not a very mature market for F1 just yet, but in a couple of years I’m sure COTA will have more and more American fans and it won’t have to depend so much on foreign F1 fans.

    2. Austin is 1600 km away from Mexico City, it is like going from Spa in Belgium to Naples in Italy…and both markets have tenths of millions of people, they will saturate both racetracks, believe me…

      1. You bet, Fans have filled both venues on international series in the past.
        Just keep some tracks off Tilkes hands, please!! Bringing Mexico to FIA safety standards does not mean copy other tracks and buildings, this is not a hotel chain, every track should have its own flavor, its own personality, on the track, architecturally, visually ( I love Hochenheims forest, specially the old layout). I do rather watch monaco than to watch one of Tilkes, I have noticed, traditional tracks give better races than the new ones, I think in looking for a “one size fits all” approach to track design, some how it misses on the character of the race, it feels repetitive, predictable, it does not break the mold from one of his tracks to the next, with so very few exceptions, its amazing they keep calling him to do more. There has to be other designers out there.
        Honestly, They feel like oval tracks, sure they maybe different, but in the end they have to be ovals. He was given more than one chance and has not come up with anything nearly as exciting as Eau rouge (Spa) or the wall of champions in Montreal for example or any of the spots that had made traditional circuits famous, in fact I can not recall any feature from any of his tracks that is distinctive except his stupid towers , Its exactly like walking in to any of a fast food places, it may be different, but it feels exactly the same, I hate that.
        All chinese, french, spanish or greek restaurants are different from each other even if they have the same menu (they hardly ever do) that is what I want. if I am watching, Monte carlo, Then Mont real, Then Silverstone. its more fun than Malaysia, then China, then Bahrain. let tracks be what they may, as long as they are safe.

  2. 22 Races for fans is brilliant. For the teams and the personnel surely its gonna be very tough. Logistically as well its going to be very tricky as well as cost at carting this global circus around for 10 months. I also thought that the teams wanted a limit of 20 races.

  3. I think what Ecclestone wants to do is force the Korean GP off the calendar so he can move the Spanish and Monaco GP’s 2 weeks back to April 27 and May 11 so there is a greater logistics timeframe for F1’s first North American tour. So this is how it is:

    Bahrain GP: April 7
    Spanish GP (In place of Korean GP): April 28
    Monaco GP: May 11
    GP of America: June 1
    Canadian GP: June 8
    Austrian GP: June 22

    You can’t have either of the North American events on May 25 because that’s the same day as the Indy 500. It makes sense- the Korean organizers have between 6-7 months to organize the GP and considering all the inevitable troubles that race has seen, it won’t last. I would absolutely love to see the NJ race happen- the spot where the circuit is located is incredible; it has a lot of elevation changes and that would be great for the sport.

    I would also be surprised to see the Mexican race happen- 14 months doesn’t seem like a long enough a time to redesign and rebuild a racing facility. It would be fantastic it that race does happen- Mexico is a great place to have an F1 race particularly when you have Perez and Guitierrez competing in F1 right now. The Hermanos Rodriguez track is a very nice track but it’s going to be redesigned- surely. The Russian race will definitely happen- Ecclestone has been saying that all along- and when words like that come out of Ecclestone’s mouth, the race is an almost certainty. The Austrian race will most likely happen; that area where the RB Ring is located is really scenic and beautiful.

    If the Indian race comes back, I think that the Malaysian race
    will be axed. Its not far from Singapore and the success of that race has frankly overshadowed the Malaysian GP. Not much of a loss, IMO.

    This calendar minus the Korean GP is a humdinger- I
    just hope NJ happens, who knows though.

  4. Where will the DRS be on the RedBull Ring? The fastest lap set on the track by an F1 car was 1:08 minutes in 2003, would the times drop below 1:00 minutes because of KERS & DRS?

  5. I doubt they will be able to cram that many grand prix in the calender. They might have to drop Korea or Germany maybe as the teams might not want to buy more engines or try and make them last longer etc. At least it will be harder for vettel to be so far out ahead with a possible 75 more points available next in 2014

  6. good for the fans, not so good for the teams. i’m intrested to see how it evolves.
    really gope new jersey is going to happen though, it’d be great for f1 in america.

  7. F1 teams wanted to cut costs, yet they are made to travel to 22 venues for races.

  8. No India, I see. Is it taking a 1-year break, or off the calendar for good?

    1. 1 year off and it will be held in March 2015

  9. It is good for F1 fans but not so good for the F1 teams. They need to have a 2 week break not back to back race, and an interesting choice of a triple header it feels like it is MotoGP. I suspect the New Jersey race to go (referring to above post). As they need to do a lot of work before it gets a race.

  10. 6 races in October and November? Seems too loaded up for the backside of the calendar when no other series are racing. Can’t they race somewhere in February?

    1. I think they do testing during the off season. Make the Albert Park race a week earlier and there should be no back to back races or even triple headers. Also, you could make it go right through from March to almost December.

  11. Thrilled to see New Jersey. I walked the circuit last summer, awesome elevation changes and some very fast corners for a street course. I saw a big building that looked like a bunch of garages, so I had some hope. But really, I do like seeing more races, because racing is so much more interesting than the petty stuff we tend to get caught up in between the races.

  12. I believe that 22 races is pretty much hard not only on the People but also on the machinery.
    The Gearboxes need to last 5 races and with the new rule for MGU’s (Motor Generator Units) also need to last for 5 races. 5 Engines for entire season makes it tough to manage them.

  13. Australia
    Abu Dhabi
    United States

  14. I think a cost cutting calendar should be like this:
    Abu Dhabi
    New Jersey

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