Rob Smedley, Felipe Massa, Ferrari, 2012

Caption Competition 36: Massa and Smedley

Caption competitionPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Rob Smedley, Felipe Massa, Ferrari, 2012

Felipe Massa, who is counting down his final half-dozen races as a Ferrari driver, is the subject of our latest Caption Competition.

Here he is pictured with race engineer Rob Smedley who has been with Massa throughout the highs and lows of his Ferrari tenure.

Can you think up a funny caption for this picture?

Submit your funniest suggestion in the comments and a selection of the best will be chosen for tomorrrow’s round-up.

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Image ?? Ferrari/Ercole Colombo

202 comments on “Caption Competition 36: Massa and Smedley”

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  1. “Have you seen Kimi’s comeback? That’s why he’s got the drive for 2014 and not you!”

  2. “Felipe, baby, go get your own damn white visor”

  3. Do ist der Bahnhof!

  4. “No, I don’t think it’s weird that you have a third nipple. If you want weird, look at how long my arms are.”

  5. Rob: “There comes a point in everyone’s life where you need to leave home and fight for yourself. This is that time.”

  6. RS: Seriously Felipe, they put it on the Lotus website today. ‘We are hiring now! We need drivers, engineers, and designers for our team with an identity crisis!’
    FM: Boullier said he isn’t looking for pay drivers Rob so why on earth should I even ask?
    RB: Felipe baby stay cool, Bernie is bringing you the money, you’re in a good positon.

  7. “you remembe

  8. “fernando ‘s on the can and ran outta toilet paper can you go ask lotus if they can spare any?

  9. You’ll need to speak to them Felipe , there’s nothing i can do , Im just a puppet on a string around here !!!

  10. Guillermo Deutsch
    30th September 2013, 2:41

    You must be this tall to get on the ride, so get the …

  11. ‘Ey, no matter where you end up, he’s still the boss. Okay?

  12. “Out! Bad dog.”

    1. Bad boy is less offensive. Alonso doesn’t want you no more.

  13. “Your helmet? I think you’ll find it that way.”

  14. Rob Smedly takes his Disco Stu impression a little too far!

  15. Lower your lap times. Good boy!

  16. Smedely: “Here’s my handle and here’s my sp…. what’s wrong Felipe? You love my teapot routine.”

  17. RS: “…and get these stickers of Tamara from the car before Kimi comes in. With Lotus salary, he can’t afford her anyway…”


    ..c’mom Phillip. Join in!

  19. Get back there and get your jab back!

  20. Massa: ‘Equality my foot!! I only get a stool to sit on while fancy boy Alonso gets a fancy custom built chair’
    Smedley: ‘If you don’t like boyo, that way is the door!”

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