Eric Boullier, Lotus, Melbourne, 2013

Boullier doesn’t want to hire pay driver for 2014

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Eric Boullier, Lotus, Melbourne, 2013In the round-up: Lotus team principal Eric Boullier says he wants to avoid hiring a paying driver next year if he can.


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Eric Boullier on the 2013 Korean Grand Prix (Lotus)

“We can afford to be patient ?ǣ to ask the candidates to wait as we formulate our strategy for the coming years ?ǣ and I hope not to have to take into account commercial considerations when making decisions on drivers because we have worked hard to build our financial strength without having to rely on sponsorship from a driver. We want the strongest line-up possible to continue the progress made in recent seasons; that is the priority.”


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@Dragoll compares Red Bull’s recent success with the dominance achieved by other teams in the past:

I’m not sure I would class the Red Bull and Vettel domination as the same kind of domination that Michael Schumacher and Ferrari enjoyed in the early 2000s, nor the Williams domination in ’92/93, nor the McLaren domination in the late eighties. Those were truly dominant car/driver packages.

Mercedes started off really well this year, as did Ferrari, but Red Bull has been very quick on development throughout the season and that is why they?re currently leading the championship, other teams are playing catch-up.

More on this here:

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Giuseppe Farina won the non-championship Goodwood Trophy on this day in 1951.

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