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Second-lowest ever rating for Singapore Grand Prix

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Start, Singapore, 2013The Singapore Grand Prix was the third race in a row rated less than six out of ten by F1 Fanatic readers.

As Sebastian Vettel romped off to an emphatic win what action there was took place some way behind his Red Bull.

The only Singapore Grand Prix to receive a lower rating than this one was the 2009 race. And not for the first time this year much of the discussion centered on events after the chequered flag had fell, particularly the reprimands handed down after Mark Webber’s ‘taxi ride’ on Fernando Alonso’s car.

Here’s what F1 Fanatic readers had to say about the Singapore Grand Prix, including views from three people who were in the grandstands.

I had no issue with Vettel running away with the race; what he did after the Safety Car (essentially 15 qualifying laps to gain his pit stop back) was genuinely impressive.

That being said, outside of the battles near the end of the race, there really wasn?t a lot going on.

Vettel blew away the field by 30 seconds which is unheard of in the current era, but you had really awesome battles from third on down, a ludicrous pass from Raikkonen to take the final podium place with a bad back, a great closing drive by Massa to get to sixth, Alonso had another dynamic start that lead to him finishing second.

Nothing insanely dramatic, but not the worst race of the year either.

I watched the last 15 minutes, and thought they were great. Unfortunately, an hour and 45 minutes of “zzzzzz” isn?t offset by 15 minutes of great racing.

Notwithstanding Nico Rosberg’s handling problems following the Safety Car period, some felt Mercedes’ strategy was too conservative:

Utterly frustrated with the lack of intelligence displayed by the Mercedes? strategy ?ǣ milling about in a futile effort to save the tyres when Vettel was flying one to two seconds a lap quicker than Rosberg was never going to work. Pushing might have been a better move.

Great battles and bold passes for third to tenth in the closing stages, and some intriguing dramas. I?m absolutely gutted for Webber and more so for Grosjean. He looked set for at least a third place before his pneumatic troubles.

I think we had to expect these kind of strategies (In response to a post on tyre saving / pit strategies) in Singapore. On street circuits like this you don?t necessarily go for the fastest strategy, but the one that doesn?t get you into traffic. The only one who could push today was Vettel, but only because he had a very big advantage.

It was the same in Monaco, everyone was cruising around in order to do only one stop.

Some good battle in the end but again what’s the big fun when Button has no tyres left and is being passed by everyone who has better tyres? Strategy-wise okay but no big fun.

The race was terrific in the first two corners after which it was boring till the last few laps. So no big deal for me.

Although some changes were made to the track this year does the nature of its layout inhibit good racing?

[Singapore] …is just not prone for a good race. It is so hard to overtake on, and if it wasn’t for tyres falling of the cliff, and the different strategies, very few overtakes would have been made. Even the DRS was almost without effect this year.

Even some of those in the stands, who had the benefit of enjoying the atmosphere first-hand, were underwhelmed:

Sat in the stands and simply most boring race I?ve watched live.

The start was exciting, by lap ten I was thinking already this race seriously needed a safety car, by mid-race we got one but it made very little difference, the last ten laps were pretty exciting.

The rest, well, lets not talk about that shall we…

My second ever live race and overall the weekend was fantastic ?ǣ awesome experience in an amazing city.

The race though was another disappointment really. It was really exciting for me in the stands, but that?s just from being so close to the cars.

Watching live actually reinforced my feelings on current era F1 ?ǣ 61 laps watching turns one to three and I saw just one person mess up, and that was Max Chilton behind the safety car! You could easily tell Vettel was taking it easy each and every lap and had tons of time in hand. It was rare to see anyone really push to be honest.

And yet again DRS was exposed as a lame gimmick and is holding F1 back from finding a better overtaking solution. I think the change to DRS qualifying rules was a horrendous decision ?ǣ there?s even less difference between qualifying and race set ups so of course the quickest cars on Saturday should carry that over to Sunday with tyre management the only differentiator.

F1 is just not doing itself any favours, and I?m beginning to worry the rest of this season will only get more boring as Vettel extends his lead and everyone else writes off 2013.

But there was one fan who gave their Singapore Grand Prix experience ten out of ten:

I was fortunate enough to be at the Singapore Grand Prix last night. It?s clearly more exciting watching from the pit straight stand and breathing in the humidity than on television.

I stood under the podium and watched the presentations. The booing of Vettel has got to stop ?ǣ I have this view even though I?m a Webber fan! Watching Vettel’s determination last night convinced me that he has a talent that should be respected. I was astounded how after each lap, the second placed driver was taking longer and longer to arrive after Vettel.

I’m determined to make it here next year ?ǣ I hope Daniel Ricciardo will have more luck than Webber seems to.

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