Jules Bianchi, Marussia, Singapore, 2013

Marussia post bigger loss than Lotus

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Jules Bianchi, Marussia, Singapore, 2013In the round-up: Back-of-the-grid team Marussia outstrip Lotus’s 2012 losses.


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Marussia positive about future despite record losses (The Times, subscription required)

“Accounts filed at the Stock Exchange will show that the British-based Marussia F1 squad lost a staggering ??57.6 million last year, sneaking the record for financial losses from the Lotus team, who posted a deficit of ??56 million in May.”

Grosjean must prove worth (Autosport)

“It is up to him. He did a good job in the last four races, nobody complains and I am happy, so he now needs to do the same, plus…”

Pastor Maldonado: The racer Hugo Chavez banked oil money on (CNN)

“After my victory last year became a very popular sport. We have two live TV channels so it’s getting bigger and bigger – which is why I have even more responsibility.”

Typhoon Headed for Korea (Chosun Ilbo)

“The 17th typhoon of the year will approach Korea and bring heavy rain to southern parts on Friday, the Korea Meteorological Administration forecast on Monday.”


Comment of the day

Thoughts on Esteban Gutierrez’s progress from @GT-Racer:

I don?t think Gutierrez has been doing as badly as the perception tends to be.

Its true to say that he?s struggled in qualifying, But his race pace has generally been solid & he?s had a couple strong races where he was a bit unlucky not to get a higher position.

I still don?t understand some of the ??pay driver? criticism when it’s used as a way to suggest he has no business in F1.

He?s won races and championships in the lower categories, was third in the GP2 championship last year and was pretty highly rated throughout that junior career.

Bottas won the GP3 championship & everyone was raving about he deserved an F1 race seat last year, Gutierrez won the GP3 championship & people complained he?s not good enough for F1 when he was announced at Sauber for 2013.

Does Gutierrez bring money to Sauber, Yes but so did Perez (Same backing actually) & nobody complained about him when he joined Sauber in 2011.

The Sauber has clearly been a difficult car, Hulkenberg has got more out of it but you would expect an experienced driver to be able to figure out and adapt to the problems sooner than a rookie, Plus Nico is an exceptional driver (Who really should be in a top car by now).

Esteban is improving, I feel he deserves a second year by the end of which we?ll know exactly how good he is.

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On this day in F1

Alain Prost kept his championship hopes alive with victory in the Spanish Grand Prix 25 years ago today.

Nigel Mansell returned from illness and scored a strong second for Williams. With Alessandro Nannini’s Benetton third that kept a fuel-troubled Ayrton Senna off the podium.

But despite Prost leading the championship by five points, the ‘best 11 scores count’ rule meant a victory for Senna in either of the two remaining races would guarantee him the championship.

Here’s Senna and Mansell disputing second place during the race: