Di Resta still unsure over cause of Singapore crash

2013 Singapore Grand Prix

Paul di Resta, Force India, Korea International Circuit, 2013Paul di Resta says he is still not sure what caused his crash in the closing stages of the Singapore Grand Prix.

He was on course for sixth place when his Force India understeered wide into the barrier at turn seven with seven laps to go.

“The big question is why it did happen and why we lost all that downforce and why we went off,” said Di Resta. “Even the team are a bit unexplained.”

“But at some point you have to move on, you have to progress and learn from it.

“Maybe in a different position we’d have done something different but we’ll continue to keep pushing because it is still possible with the car we’ve got, although it’s not the strongest we’ve got, it still can get results and our tyre management showed to be very strong.”

Di Resta believes the team were on course for a good result before the Safety Car was deployed:

“Our pace was very good. I think the whole weekend we took a different approach, maybe it didn’t look the best on Saturday afternoon, but we were the only ones that were going to achieve a two-stop strategy.

“We were strong, but you get unexpected things like that.”

2013 Singapore Grand Prix

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57 comments on Di Resta still unsure over cause of Singapore crash

  1. “The big question is why it did happen and why we lost all that downforce and why we went off,”
    I wish they would stop the “we” talk. There is no “I” in team, but the team isn’t driving the car.

    I wish for Di Resta that he gets a drive for next year, but he really needs to take the winter brake to change his attitude, and admit to his own faults. His professionalism is second to none, when he is focussed, but it’s beginning to slip. I guess he has had his fair share of head wind, and the frustration is getting the better of him.

    I’m still a fan of his!

  2. Chris (@tophercheese21) said on 4th October 2013, 0:52

    Funny how when things are going bad for Paul he refers to himself as “we”. Pushing most of the blame on to the team. And then when things go well for him, he takes almost all of the credit (Spa qually anyone?)

    He practically wouldn’t shut up about himself apparently making the call to go out and how he proved his team wrong.

    Singapore was absolutely Di Resta’s fault. No ifs or buts about it. He made a driver error and seemingly can’t face up to it. Instead choosing to say that something went wrong with the car. Paul Di Resta was the problem with the car.

    • Hamilfan (@hamilfan) said on 4th October 2013, 10:25

      (Spa qually anyone?)

      Yes , I almost forgot that . He went and rambled on as to how it was his ingenious decision to go out immediately.What a character ! Pity as his driving is actually decent.

  3. Kisii said on 4th October 2013, 4:09

    I came here to have a massive whinge about Di Resta, but I see you guys got it covered. As you were.

    • Hahaha, I came here because I knew a massive whinge would already be in course and I wanted to gloat over it (he really gets on my nerves!)

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