Ayrton Senna, Williams-Renault FW16, Imola, 1994

Senna’s death “still haunts” Newey

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Ayrton Senna, Williams-Renault FW16, Imola, 1994In the round-up: Adrian Newey says he is still troubled by not knowing what caused Ayrton Senna’s fatal accident 19 years ago.


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Senna’s death still haunts Newey (BBC)

“What happened that day, what caused the accident, still haunts me to this day.”

Korea wants revised deal (Sky)

Korean Grand Prix promoter Won-Hwa Park: “I would say fifty-fifty [chance of the race continuing], but we are very much firm in continuously holding this event.”

Red Bull?s traction secret revealed? (Racecar Engineering)

“It is theoretically easy to modulate the output torque and charging input torque to an electric motor/generator using capacitors, batteries, inductors and a feedback signal. Torque changes are instant and control is easy and legal.”

A summit meeting to talk about the future (Ferrari)

“There are still important goals to reach but also plenty of opportunities to collect important information ahead of 2014, a year when the cars will see a host of technical changes. These were among the subjects that [Luca di] Montezemolo and [Fernando] Alonso discussed at their first meeting since the Saturday of qualifying at the Italian Grand Prix at Monza.”

McLaren F1 team announces ??3.1m loss for 2012 (Adam Cooper’s F1 Blog)

“Turnover was down from ??172.3m to ??165.7m, which the team says is ‘wholly due to the changing business relationship with former shareholder Daimler.'”

“Absurd” FIA rules may stop contested election warns David Ward (David Ward and Team 2013)

“David Ward, a candidate in the FIA 2013 Presidential election, has written to FIA Clubs warning that the FIA?s election rules could prevent any candidate from being eligible to challenge the incumbent Jean Todt.”

Force India: no rush over 2014 line-up (Autosport)

Deputy team principal Bob Fernley: “You would be surprised how many good quality drivers there are but if you are being realistic, there are probably three seats for four quality drivers. That’s obviously one at Lotus and two at Force India.”

Spirit of McLaren (McLaren via YouTube)



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More DRS in Korea this year and not everyone’s happy with that:

DRS seems like some insidious godly test sent to measure my love for the sport. I?m still here but I?m losing faith.

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On this day in F1

Max Papis, who turns 44 today, only entered seven races in Formula One, his best finish a just-outside-the-points seventh at Monza in 1995.

After that he headed for North America where he has enjoyed a diverse career ever since. He entered CART in 1996, taking the place of Jeff Krosnoff who tragically lost his life in a crash in Toronto.

In the following season he picked up a handful of wins and later made starts in the breakaway Indy Racing League as well. He has since raced in the American Le Mans Series, A1 Grand Prix and various NASCAR categories.

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