Fernando Alonso, McLaren, Indianapolis, 2007

McLaren ‘trying to lure Alonso back for 2014’

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Fernando Alonso, McLaren, Indianapolis, 2007In the round-up: Rumours persist McLaren are trying to prise Fernando Alonso out of his Ferrari contract for next year.


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McLaren still want Alonso (Sky)

Mark Hughes: “I am told by a credible source that their efforts are very much continuing to get him in the car for 2014.”

‘Vettel brings the boos on himself’ (The Telegraph)

Sebastian Vettel: “Whilst there?s a lot of people hanging their balls in the pool on Fridays, we?re still working very hard and pushing very hard so that we have a strong race.”

F1 weight limit unlikely to change – Whitmarsh (BBC)

“Self interest will prevail. Teams that think it’s OK will block any change.”

Pirelli say F1 deal is for five years (Reuters)

“[Pirelli motorsport director Paul] Hembery told reporters at the Korean Grand Prix that ‘we are working on five years’.”

Lotus to stick with long wheelbase car (Autosport)

Romain Grosjean: “To be honest, I don’t feel any difference so we should be alright. It is on paper supposed to be more stable on high speed and the entry of slow speed – but it is hard to say when you get in the car and drive it.”

Sebastian Vettel, Adrian Newey, Red Bull, Korea International Circuit, 2012Red Bull design chief Newey opens up on Senna and Vettel (James Allen on F1)

“[Vettel’s] a bright lad who makes mistakes like all of us ?ǣ and always learns from them. He very rarely makes the same mistake twice. He gives good, concise feedback. I think Sebastian and Mark, while they have unfortunately had their differences, they have been from an engineering point of view very good team-mates because they both contribute in different ways.”

2013 Korean Grand Prix (FIA)

Force India sporting director Andy Stevenson on McLaren being forbidden from conducting a test for Pirelli at the Circuit of the Americas three weeks before the United States Grand Prix: “We had absolutely nothing to do with it. I believe it was an FIA decision. The first I knew that it wasn?t going to happen was when McLaren told us that the FIA had notified them that they weren’t happy with the test.”

Lewis Hamilton prepares to tackle his Everest… by climbing the real thing once he has retired (The Independent)

“I’ll do Kilimanjaro, Mount Fuji, Mont Blanc and probably one in the States. I think Alaska is probably a bit too dangerous.”

I was there when… 2010 Korean GP (MotorSport)

“Some foundations had been laid for what, we were told, would soon be a thriving city through which the track would run. And over there, behind the media office, was a lagoon that was ripe for conversion into a bustling marina. Should be ready by 2011, we were promised.”

MotorSportsTalk?s predictions: Korean GP (NBC)

“Race winner: Max Chilton. Just so I could pick someone other than Sebastian Vettel.”


Comment of the day

More thoughts on Codemasters’ F1 2013 from @TroyLongstaff:

I actually thought that the cars felt a little bit heavier in the steering than last year?s edition. I found that the graphics were a marked improvement on last year ?ǣ simple yet effective, especially the on-screen graphics when driving a Classic car and the intermittent sparks which can come from any car over a bump.

As maligned as they are by some, Codemasters deserve a pat on the back for how they went about the Classics mode. It could have been a cheap knock-off of rFactor or something like that, but they wanted to appeal to the hardcore fans. I don?t know about the other Fanatics, but they?ve done enough for me to think its the best F1 game Codemasters has released!

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Two world champions made their final F1 starts on this day in 1980 at Watkins Glen: Emerson Fittipaldi and Jody Scheckter.

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