Mark Webber, Red Bull, Korea International Circuit, 2013

“I got a Pirelli puncture from a Pirelli tyre” – Webber

2013 Korean Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Mark Webber, Red Bull, Korea International Circuit, 2013Mark Webber says the fast-wearing nature of Pirelli’s tyres caused the failure seen on Sergio Perez’s car during the Korean Grand Prix.

Webber hit debris from Perez’s tyre shortly after coming out of the pits, forcing him to make an extra stop for tyres.

“I think I got a Pirelli puncture from a Pirelli tyre so… impressive,” said Webber after the race.

“Perez had a tyre explosion which, yeah, wasn’t nice, I just missed the debris from the tread of the tyre.

“I hear that he got a puncture because he locked up but we’re locking up because there’s no tread on the tyres. The tyres are wearing out that fast you can’t brake deep anyway.”

Tyre preservation was particularly during the race, Webber added: “There’s so much pace management going on, all the drivers are looking after the tyres.”

Perez said had done more than half the race distance on his set of medium tyres before his front-right failed as he accelerated towards turn three.

“I did 28 laps with that tyre,” said the McLaren driver. “Sometimes I was braking earlier sometimes later.”

He added there was no further indication what had caused the failure: “All of a sudden I have the lock-up and then after turn one the tyre just explode, broke the front wing and damaged some other parts of the car.”

2013 Korean Grand Prix

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  1. Shreyas Mohanty (@)
    6th October 2013, 18:47

    I see many people bashing Webber for his comments. He is right though, Pirelli have properly messed their tyres up. And I wonder why Vettel wasn’t criticised for his comment that was an absolute disrespect for other team’s staff and efforts. Yeah, your team gave you a brilliant car as usual ( kudos to RBR’s brilliance for that), now why don’t you just keep silent and win without a challenge?

    1. @shreyasf1fan – Rosberg practically tripped over himself to respond to Vettel, assuming that it was his balls that were referenced, too.

      1. Shreyas Mohanty (@)
        6th October 2013, 19:11

        @david-a Hahaha ;) But it wasn’t the paddock I was talking about, I meant the F1F members!

    2. Why then other teams didn’t keep silent and try to improve their cars instead of accusing RB of using traction control.

      1. Not one team even hinted they suspected RBR of using traction control. There have been no complaints filed with the FIA, and not one investigation has been launched.

        1. Not officially but lot of people hinted to it.

  2. Shreyas Mohanty (@)
    6th October 2013, 18:52

    And am I the only one who thinks Hembery is getting a bit too big for his shoes – insulting one of the best and one of the most experienced drivers on the grid?

  3. Using the Hembrey school of responding to criticism, perhaps Webber should ask his soon-to-4-time-world-champion team mate for advice on how to not get a puncture.

  4. Recipe for better racing:

    1. Produce Bridgestone 2010-esque durable tyres
    2. Get rid of the “use 2 compounds per-race” rule, eliminating mandatory pitstops
    3. Get rid of the “top 10 start on qualifying tyres” rule
    4. Bring hard, medium, soft and super-soft tyres to each weekend, for greater variance in tyre strategy
    5. Get rid of DRS

    1. This. Even if we get less “spectacular” races, drivers would be pushing to the max, teams would be free to create actual strategies and we’d see fewer but actual skill-based passes.

  5. I think that the criticism to Pirelli’s tyres is a bit unfair at the moment. I agree that the tyres degrade too fast, but that’s what Pirelli was asked to do, it’s not their fault.
    The two punctures we saw today were nothing unusual, in my opinion. Perez had a huge lock up in turn 1, the tyres were old, it was too much for his front right. It’s true what Webber says, the drivers lock up because there’s no tread left on the tyre, but it’s the consequence of the extreme approach on tyre degradation.
    Webber had a puncture because there were a lot of debris, it’s normal to have a puncture in such situations.

    1. but that’s what Pirelli was asked to do, it’s not their fault.

      by all accounts they were not asked to go anywhere near as extreme as they have gone since 2012.

      In 2011 the tyres were not so bad, They didn’t get many complaints because of it.
      In 2012 & again in 2013 Pirelli decided to change everything about the tyres & its this which has caused all the problems.
      The 2012 tyres turned the season early on into a lottery & the 2013 tyres have been pathetic & turned f1 into ‘formula pirelli tyre manage championships’.

  6. Webber shows some brand-loyalty!

  7. Pirelli has already responded to Sergio Perez’s delamination as expected. Here is part of what they had to say. Absolutely priceless!
    “We’re obviously on exactly the same construction as we raced here last year, so there’s no underlying problem, while flat spots or punctures have just always been an integral part of racing.”.

    1. haha!
      No surprise, I’m surprised at Silverstone they didn’t say it was the curbs that were not legal or within FIA standards. Soon they will say the tarmac is the problem.

      1. Don’t be ridiculous – no-one ever claimed the Silverstone kerbs were the problem, apart from a few know-nothing hacks and ignorant fans.

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