Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Korea International Circuit, 2013

Rate the race: 2013 Korean Grand Prix

2013 Korean Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Korea International Circuit, 2013What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Korean Grand Prix.

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2013 Korean Grand Prix

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220 comments on “Rate the race: 2013 Korean Grand Prix”

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  1. Tyres made of cheese spread and DRS overtakes reminiscent of my daily M6 commute. Current F1 rules have given me a greater appreciation of other racing series, particularly MotoGP.

  2. My favourite moment was when they deployed the unsafety car

    1. Okay, I’m almost in tears I’m laughing so hard!

    2. COTD +1 xD

  3. Anele (@anele-mbethe)
    6th October 2013, 12:07

    8/10 . The gap to vettel was not massive and the were battles all over, besides for the lead unfortunately. Watching hulkenburg pass hamilton then managing to keep him at bay for the rest of the race was incredible.

  4. Very good race if there wasn’t Vettel. It’s realy boring but not winnig Vettel but hole Red Bull and a specialy Horner.
    A week ago he was saying that they hadn’t so much time lap advantage. Today they still have.
    Theirs advantage during the race is so big as they want or needed. After restart Vetell sllip away and when he did he was safing tires.
    And THE TIRES.
    After Canadian GP Vettel even he won he was complaing on the Pirelli tires.
    Today he wins GP after GP and everything is good.
    But when some has say something about Vettel or RedBull it’s almost unacceptable because it is unfair.

  5. Two races on a row, the same three drivers retired: DIR, WEB, RIC.

    And two races in a row with a Vettel Grand Shelem.

    1. no no no

      A “Grand Chelem” (with a C) is Pole Position, Fastest Lap, Win the Race + Lead every lap.

      Vettel did not lead every lap. Before all the first pit stops were made Webber was leading for a little while.


        Lap Charts says it all. Wikipedia has also updated his total Grand Chelem to 4.

  6. Thanks to Sauber great Hulkenberg revived the race, fighting against Hamilton and Alonso is something few can pride themselves in winning! Tyres continue to be an issue however, do they ruin the race? Do they help the race? Can’t figure it out!

  7. Great battle for the lead and a gigantic fight for 3rd place.

    Oh no, wait…. That Vettel guy was still in front of them….

    This GP was saved by Hulkenberg and the TV director. I vote for the TV Director as Man of the Race!

    1. +1 can’t do anything about Vettel .” man of the race ” seems legit to me after witnessing fireworks in Singapore in the closing laps . At least we saw some fireworks from the front wing this time ;-)

  8. jonblack666 (@)
    6th October 2013, 14:04

    Becoming a bit predictable The Evil Empire does it again and again. One team dominance make it good for f1 but bad for racing i.e. the Shumi years. The moral of the story is you can buy the championship. Thanks Danko makowhatever. I hope next years reg change will balance things but I am afraid it won’t. 2\10

  9. Is it just me or is a win worth too much ? if a chasing driver comes in 3d or 4th he is directly far behind :(
    There should be more points handed out, maby down to the 12th place.

  10. It got good when they decided to chuck a fire truck on the track at racing speed.

    I gave it a 7, the action was a bit contrived; were it not for the safety cars it would have been worse than Singapore.

    Vettel is embarrassing the rest of the field (and I say that as someone who can’t stand him!)

  11. I dont really care for a fight for 10th or 8th, or whatever. Also dont understand how ppl get excited about ‘passing in the pits’. We are being robbed of the chance to see at least 3 or 4 of the greatest drivers fighting for the position that matters most. 1st. If its the same next year then i’ll be sticking with Moto GP. Proper racing

  12. I agree that the battle for 4th place was great but it’s just a battle for the 4th place. Not even 2nd place. Plus our only chance of watching an interesting race lately is hoping that it will rain or that Seb will retire. I cannot rate this race higher than 6 simply because my 10 are races like the 1995 Belgian grand Prix, 1999 French Grand Prix, 2006 Chinese Grand Prix or 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix. Compared to the above races today’s Korean Grand Prix doesn’t stand a chance. So it’s a very linient 6 for me.

    1. So that Villeneuve/Arnoux battle was pointless and boring because it was only for 2nd place art Dijon in 1979.
      Whilst it helps if something rides on it, I could enjoy a battle for 21st if the racing is fair and exciting and if TV showed it!

      1. David not Coulthard (@)
        6th October 2013, 16:42

        I could enjoy a battle for 21st if the racing is fair and exciting and if TV showed it!

        And if somebody of Vettel’s calibre driving a car of the MP4/4’s calibre is running 22nd when the battle happens, at least for me.

      2. I don’t believe that my point was that the Villeneuve/Arnoux battle at Dijon was boring and pointless! Maybe it’s one of the most amazing battles in the history of formula 1. But I believe that we rate the race here not just the Hulk-Lewis-Alonso battle. The battle itself of course it was great but I don’t think that this is enough to rate the race higher! Just saying…

  13. Two hours of commentators yakking about tires clapping out, fast guys cruising, NOT RACING; to protect them.
    High spot of the race? After chugging around for ages Lewis finally, in frustration, telling the crew his tires were “******”….and the ensuing humor of Hobbs and Co.
    If this is racing F1’s in real trouble.
    5 (and that’s generous)

  14. Hamilton has been reported as saying that he and Alonso shouldn’t be fighting for fifth because they are “higher calibre” drivers and should be fighting with vettel. well unfortunantly he first has to beat drivers like kimi, grosjean and now hulkenburg. I suspect he is upset and jealous because there is yet another driver (hulk) taking up where he feels he “belongs”. Today Grosjean showed Hamilton who is boss by passing him and then defending superbly, and also after the first pitstops defending superbly. Hulkenburg then did the same to Hamilton. I find hamiltons comments highly disrespectful to the other drivers on the grid when he couldn’t beat hulk and grosjean fair and square and feels entitled to be in a podium position.

  15. I might be daft, but I certainly do not see anything positive about fast cars not being able to pass slow cars. This was why DRS was introduced in the first place.

    I _really_ hope the fascination with it, is a reaction to the borefests as of late, and maybe a bit of an underdog putting up a fight, because that was just rediculous.

    Worst part was that the two DRS detection points made it more artificial than ever: Hamilton had to NOT overtake when he got the chance, because he risked being punished at the next straight. How anyone can find anything positive in that, I have no idea.

  16. That Red Bull win was certainly boring, but the 4th place battle…!!

    What a race. Best this season – and people say Korea is boring!

    Firstly, I’ll start with Massa. Very desperate manoeuvre into turn 3, nearly wiping out 3 people plus himself. Several damaged front wings caused by the avoiding action. That said, he did manage to pitch it into a spin (although whether that was intentional or not is another matter) rather than clumsying into the side of everyone. Massa, however, had a reasonable race after that.

    Sutil on the other hand, a similar accident, but worse. I feel sorry for Webber, his race wasn’t so bad until that.

    Perez shouldn’t have got away with pushing several cars off, plus the accident with Massa was just stupid. It’s a shame the stewards have let him get away with it AGAIN! Although that tyre failure was almighty scary! I feel sorry for Webber who had just pitted and got a puncture. Pirelli (and whoever else) can blame the lock up all they want, but it doesn’t change the fact that it was their fault again. The tyre should resist that sort of thing.

    The Lotus battle was exciting, but a shame that they couldn’t fight Vettel. Well done to both of them.

    But what a battle at the end!! And Hulkenberg! A true top driver!!! Get him signed to be in that Lotus immediately! Lotus would be foolish not to.

    Very ironic how the 4 back-markers all got the same penalty (a reprimand), the leading two from each team for the same reason, the losing two for the same reason – and the leading two both getting a 10 place for three reprimands! Certainly odd! And the stewards love these reprimands lately. Suddenly the number of drivers to receive three has doubled!!!!

    Plus di Resta… Well. 5 non-finishes in a row now. Not good. This time was his fault, so annoying!

  17. Lewis raced a stupid final 15 laps, he never once attempted a Slow to go fast maneuver in turn 1; Hulk wore him out by consistently hitting turn two perfectly. Was I the only once to think Alonso got 4 tires completely out of the racing line many times today. He went wide, sometimes very wide on turn 6 all day.

  18. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
    6th October 2013, 17:32

    8/10 Great race – Hamilton’s race fight with Hulkenberg after the safety car was spectacular! Hamilton deserved the win in Korea! Stellar driving! Fantastic result for Hulkenberg.

  19. i’ve got a few things to say

    the race was clearly better than the last few.
    the start was great to watch, and i must say, gutierrez did an awesome move down turn 1. unfortunately for him his race was dead when he lost about 10 places in turn three (thanks to massa). great to see grosjean have a go on hamilton and make it stick. great start from him. then the race became a bit boring with everyone suffering graining and so on.

    paul di crashta has put himself into his (by now) usual place, which would be known as THE WALL. if he doesn’t pull something out of his hat for the next few races, he’s probably a goner for 2014

    the tyre delamination which caused the first safety car can only be blamed on perez. he flatspotted his tyre (which was already pretty much dead) and physics did the rest of the job. i really can’t blame pirelli on this one. it shouldn’t happen, but locking the front tyre for 3-4 seconds straight will kill it, in my view perez has just missed his braking point completely.

    the safety car was just the usual procedure. everyone pits and the safety car stays out for way too long. the lapped-cars-may-now-overtake-and-we-will-wait-until-they-rejoin-the-rest-of-the-field is completely ridiculous. the given reprimands to pic and bianchi show how much even the smaller teams still want the safety car gone as fast as possible. this seems like a pointless rule to me.

    then the restart, absolutely fantastic move from hulkenberg on hamilton (or was that after the second safety car? forgive me if i’m wrong) and what is that, the second force india looses it and takes someone with it. unbelievable. poor mark webber. poor race direction sends out a fire truck ON TRACK? aren’t there roads on the side of the circuit it could’ve taken? seriously, this was the second safety car this year that actually shouldn’t have been a safety car, if it weren’t for the stupidity of race control. (first one being in germany, coincidently both of those safety cars were a huge disadvantage to my favourite driver)

    then again usual procedure, safety car in, vettel pulls away and so on. the last few laps had me really excited, the battle for 4th position was so tense and entertaining to watch. what an astounding drive from everyone’s favourite nico hulkenberg. driver of the weekend, no doubt. sauber is back.

    i gave this race a 8/10. i don’t really care for the race to appear in the 2014 calendar allthough the stands looked more occupied this year.

  20. Shreyas Mohanty (@)
    6th October 2013, 18:31

    @freelittlebirds Stellar drives today came from Grosjean and Hulkenberg. Not even Alonso as is usually the case because though the car lacked pace today, it just felt like there was an extra tenth on the table. But what was “stellar” about Hamilton today?

    1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
      6th October 2013, 19:09

      You mean besides holding back Alonso’s attempts to pass him and fighting with Hulkenberg for 10 laps and even passing him for a split second?

      Wasn’t that almost the entire race of Korea?

      The whole thing was reminiscent of Austin Texas where Hamilton fought for the entire race to pass Vettel and Vettel at the end was clapping because Hamilton gave an insane performance.

      I don’t think I’ve ever seen a car put so much pressure on another driver while being under pressure by a world class driver from another team.

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