Pirelli wet tyre test, Abu Dhabi, 2011

Pirelli vexed by opposition to 2014 tyre tests

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Pirelli wet tyre test, Abu Dhabi, 2011In the round-up: Pirelli are frustrated by repeated obstacles to their attempts to test tyres for 2014 after a planned test with McLaren was blocked.


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Pirelli want action on tyre testing (Reuters)

Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery: “We’re running around in a 2010 car, developing tyres for the 2014 car, which nobody really knows what it’s going to look like. Yet every time we even ask to test with a 2011 car we come up against opposition.”

Stefano Domenicali Q&A (Sky)

“If [Pirelli] are not able to test – that is not correct. You can say ‘we are the only team with the facilities to test’ but you can spend all your life in the simulator and you will not solve the issue of the tyres. So therefore we have said that they need to test and above all looking ahead to the future with the totally new car we need to help Pirelli and make sure we have some more tests for them, because otherwise I can understand the situation and it is frustrating because they have difficulties to overcome and no possibility to test.”

Formula One prize money accelerates to a record $751.8 million, but some teams still in trouble (AutoWeek)

“Company filings which are due to be released next week show that the payment to the teams rose 8 percent to $751.8 million [??467.5m] last year. That is 202-percent higher than in 2007 when the prize money only comprised a percentage of the fees from broadcasters rather than a cut of F1’s profits.”

Alonso praises ‘superb’ Hulkenberg (Autosport)

“He is driving very, very well and he deserved to be in front of us because he did a fantastic race.”

Lauda wants Brawn to stay at Mercedes (BBC)

“I am in negotiations with Ross Brawn. There’s no decision on how things will be in the long term.”

A document from Jean Todt (Joe Saward)

“A letter is being circulated amongst the clubs that tries to throw mud at [David] Ward?s campaign. This comes from Carlos Barbosa, the President of the Automovel Club de Portugal, who is complaining about ‘the aggressive tone being adopted against the current President, including the stirring up of false rumour and innuendo in the press, and the calling into question of the institution itself’ which, he feels, is ‘against the interest of the clubs’.”

Does Korea work as an F1 venue? (MotorSport)

“At the Yeongam track there was a sign from the local Governor which read: ‘Thank you Mr Ecclestone for the 2013 Grand Prix’, which brought a wry smile to many people?s faces. While they paid a reduced rate this season, figures of $20 million [??12.4m] were being bandied about.”


Comment of the day

@Jelle-Van-Der-Meer spotted a landmark statistic from Sunday’s race:

Vettel has now a higher win per race start percentage then Michael Schumacher:

  • Schumacher 91 out of 308 starts = 29.55%
  • Vettel 34 out of 115 starts = 29.56%


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On this day in F1

Gilles Villeneuve scored his first F1 win 35 years ago today in F1’s first race at the track which was later named after him.

Villeneuve took the win after Jean-Pierre Jarier, who had taken over the Lotus which had been driven by Ronnie Peterson until his death at Monza, dropped out with a damaged radiator. Jody Scheckter, who was poised to join Ferrari as Villeneuve’s team mate, took second ahead of the driver he was replacing, Carlos Reutemann.

Here’s highlights from the race: