Vettel “deserves his success” says Hamilton

2013 Korean Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Korea International Circuit, 2013Lewis Hamilton has responded to coverage of his comments following the Korean Grand Prix by giving Sebastian Vettel credit for his achievements.

Following Vettel’s eighth win of the year in Sunday’s race, Hamilton told media he could understand why some fans may be bored with Vettel’s success.

“I feel for the fans because I remember watching when Michael Schumacher was winning,” said Hamilton.

“I remember watching the start, going to sleep, then waking up when it ended because I already knew what would happen. I am pretty sure a lot of people were doing that today.”

Hamilton also said it didn’t feel right that drivers like himself and Fernando Alonso were fighting for the lower points places instead of challenging Vettel for victory.

But in a series of posts on Twitter on Tuesday Hamilton said he “felt the need to clarify my thoughts”.

“Seb is great champion” wrote Hamilton. “Not only that, he is a great human being who is funny and humble. Deserves all the success he is having!”

“I admire his dedication and ability to consistently perform without mistakes. This is the mark of a true champion.”

Hamilton, who has previously claimed Vettel enjoys a significant performance advantage from his Red Bull, added: “Regardless of what you and I may think about his car, at the end of the day he’s doing the perfect job.”

“I’m just grateful I get to drive in an era with so many great drivers like him.”

2013 Korean Grand Prix

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94 comments on Vettel “deserves his success” says Hamilton

  1. celeste (@celeste) said on 8th October 2013, 12:11

    I posted this in the round up, but I woudln´t be surprise if Hamilton was trying to correct this article instead

    Some F1 drivers accuse Sebastian Vettel of cheating
    Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton said Thursday that Red Bull was using something which its rivals could only guess at.

    “Perhaps they have a lot more in the bag that we get to see,” Hamilton said. “He is on the power full throttle at least 20 meters before everyone else, which is a huge advantage.”

    I don´t care about the broing era of Vettel comments.

    • Dave (@raceprouk) said on 8th October 2013, 16:35

      Funny how that USA Today article claims drivers are levelling cheating accusations, yet the only two drivers quoted say nothing of the sort. One even goes so far as to praise RBR on finding something no-one else has!

  2. The fact that people thought he said something else says something about them. His “clarification” confirmed what i read in his earlier remarks. If you think he made a U-turn, maybe it is you that is at fault (not targetting anyone specific, you=general F1 fan) with a lack of reading and interpreting skill.

  3. kpcart said on 8th October 2013, 15:48

    what I don’t get is why Hamilton opens his mouth at all – he makes a fool of himself, and not appearing as a respectable sportsman at all.. he basically said that Vettel’s dominance is negative and the fans do not like it. I wonder if he was dominating would he say the same thing? NO, so it is pure sour grapes, infact rotten grapes, he does not respresent the view of the fans. none of the other drivers would dare say such rubbish. he has done this before, given ridiculous oppinions, then days later he reverts his claims to save face. is anyone else really disgusted by this behaviour? it is not even media manipulation, it is his exact words!

  4. I think there is indeed something about Hamilton and driving for his legacy. He seems to obsessed by it. It looks like in his mind he’s had a whole scheme planned out, but in reality it’s not going his way.

    As for wearing his heart on his sleeve, I think it’s better to stay diplomatic. Maybe it’s a Belgian thing. You look like a sore loser saying those things. A lot of people think it shows a more human side, it doesn’t. It shows you still have some growing up to do.

    I guess Hamilton will be remembered for his sheer speed, being the fastest man of his era, but not as being the most successful, the most complete nor the most mature.

  5. Daniel (@collettdumbletonhall) said on 8th October 2013, 16:38

    That was nice of him. Nice one Lewis.

  6. Libellula (@ladyf1fanatic) said on 8th October 2013, 17:22

    That’s how it is. Damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. Lewis Hamilton never criticized Sebastian, even Vettel said that he’s getting along with Lewis a lot since Bahrein.
    But some people like to twist his words to sell articles, attention-grabbing headlines or nonsense like that Tweet from Jake Humphrey last night…People told him the truth, he paddled back after when he realized his errors. F1 is not really interesting at the moment for some and media should stop generalizing. Maybe some fans will watch F1, others don’t because they’re losing interest. We already know who’s winning but most of the action is happening in the back! Not all the fans don’t like Vettel/RedBull, I don’t even think its Sebastian fault but please papers should stop to use Lewis’s name for no reason, just to get traffic.
    David Coulthard said it all, Lewis Hamilton is right! Check his status

  7. David Bretz (@cynical) said on 9th October 2013, 2:22

    He finished behind a Sauber driven by a guy who is not guaranteed a seat next year. I think that fact is biting him more than anything else.

    • Dingowild said on 9th October 2013, 13:35

      yes and that Sauber guy Hülkenberg will possibly drive a Red Bull in 2 years, which Ham & Alonso were so desperate to join. Alonso miscalculated the sheer might of Ferrari, still under the impression of the Schumi era. Hamilton was spoilt early getting a top drive from day one. Now both have to face the fact that the best team is out of their reach, and even worse, not even wanted by this team.

  8. Hamilton suffers from foot in mouth disease and this isn’t the first time it has happened. He slags off other drivers and has little charity for them, as others have said, it wouldn’t have hurt to acknowledge Huklenberg’s brilliant drive – oh and I bet he’d like to have as many championships as ‘boring Schumacher’

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