Weight no issue for picking 2014 driver – Boullier

2014 F1 season

Nico Hulkenberg, Sauber, 2012Lotus team principal Eric Boullier says weight will not influence their choice of driver for 2014.

The new 2014 engine regulations are expected to place driver weight at a premium as some teams are struggling to reach the revised minimum weight limit.

Nico Hulkenberg has admitted that his higher weight, due to him having an above-average height for a racing driver, is a problem for F1 car designers.

However Boullier indicated Lotus would be willing to take a heavier driver next year as they search for a replacement for Kimi Raikkonen.

“We?re more interested in the talent and potential of a driver rather than the difference of a few kilos,” he said.

“We have confidence in our development team to be able to produce a car for the 2014 regulations which should be competitive in the hands of any driver we consider for next year.”

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74 comments on Weight no issue for picking 2014 driver – Boullier

  1. Somethingwittyer (@somethingwittyer) said on 9th October 2013, 4:42

    I’m hoping this implies Hulk gets the seat. After all, this would lead to my two favorite drivers being on my favorite team! Now, if only Enstone could get some cash…….

    • David not Coulthard (@) said on 9th October 2013, 8:17

      if only Enstone could get some cash…….

      Redmond, We’ve got some more space on our car. You can only fill the space with black and gold, though!

  2. Hamilfan (@hamilfan) said on 9th October 2013, 5:41

    Lotus have always impressed me since 2010 . Even though they are in financial trouble now , they have always made the right moves that are within their reach. They brought back Kimi , and now even Grosjean is putting in consistent performances . It is team Enstone that first mastered the tyre conservation mode in 2012 and Kimi has always been delivering . The only reason they have not performed in 2013 is because of financial gremlins hindering their development . Their resurgence in Korea has made the the three-team battle for 2nd even more interesting . I just hope they have the financial licence to go for the most important move : Getting Hulkenberg .

    • Merv (@) said on 9th October 2013, 8:01

      Fortunately Hulkenberg doesn’t earn the really big money… yet. He’s doing a good job at getting himself there at the mo but his salary this year is the same as Grosjeans , that’s if he’s actually seen any of it.
      As annoyed as Kimi is this year, theres a chance Hulkenberg would jump at Kimi’s situation with Lotus.

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