First F1 video footage shot in 4K resolution in Korea

F1 video

The Korean Grand Prix was a feast for F1 technophiles – not only was Lewis Hamilton roaming the paddock wearing Google Glass but one fan got what appears to be the first footage of a Formula One race shot in 4K quality.

The ultra high definition videos were shot using a Galaxy Note 3 phone produced by South Korean company Samsung.

Mainstream UHD broadcasts are a long way off but next year a Japanese broadcaster is planning to show some World Cup football matches in 4K quality.

F1’s first high definition broadcasts began in 2011.

F1 video

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64 comments on First F1 video footage shot in 4K resolution in Korea

  1. Neel Jani (@neelv27) said on 9th October 2013, 19:56

    My pc is not even built for it :P

  2. dragoll (@dragoll) said on 9th October 2013, 21:34

    I’m not exactly sure why people are comparing this small snippet which is surely just a proof of concept on a mobile phone vs the FOM feed. I think the point here is, wouldn’t it be great if FOM adopted 1080p at the very least, or even jump to 4K, so that consumers had the choice of how to watch their race, dependent on their TV sets?

  3. Chris said on 9th October 2013, 21:38

    Funny. This footage is useless, and I weep for those who got “fooled” thinking they were watching at 4k resolution.

    Firstly, you NEED to have something more than 1080p (screen/TV/monitor) to see any difference. Secondly, you need to manually adjust the resolution to “Original” in the video to see it at that resolution.

  4. Chris Yu Rhee (@chris-yu-rhee) said on 3rd November 2013, 4:55

    A 4K screen is scary in-person. Can you imagine the bandwidth/GBs needed for a 4K broadcast? Funny thing is that the F1 races are not even in HD in Korea. Ok, not so funny. Sometimes I can’t even read the small print on Star Sports.

  5. BlueChris (@bluechris) said on 23rd September 2014, 7:14

    4K can be fine at 10-13mb as matter streaming. I own a 4K 60p LG and Neflix 4K is totall great not passing the 13mbit with the image much better than 1080. Soon the HEVC (H265) will be start and the gain in bandwidth of 25-35% will make F1 at 4K a feasable scenario but im afraid F1 it follows all this pretty slowly so i dont count for something in 4K as matter F1 side earlier than 2016 at least.

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