2013 Japanese Grand Prix grid

2013 Japanese Grand Prix

Mark Webber, Red Bull, Suzuka, 2013

Row 1 1. Mark Webber 1’30.915
Red Bull
2. Sebastian Vettel 1’31.089
Red Bull
Row 2 3. Lewis Hamilton 1’31.253
4. Romain Grosjean 1’31.365
Row 3 5. Felipe Massa 1’31.378
6. Nico Rosberg 1’31.397
Row 4 7. Nico Hulkenberg 1’31.644
8. Fernando Alonso 1’31.665
Row 5 9. Kimi Raikkonen 1’31.684
10. Jenson Button 1’31.827
Row 6 11. Sergio Perez 1’31.989
12. Paul di Resta 1’31.992
Force India
Row 7 13. Valtteri Bottas 1’32.013
14. Esteban Gutierrez 1’32.063
Row 8 15. Pastor Maldonado 1’32.093
16. Daniel Ricciardo 1’32.485
Toro Rosso
Row 9 17. Jean-Eric Vergne 1’33.357
Toro Rosso
18. Max Chilton 1’34.32
Row 10 19. Giedo van der Garde 1’34.879
20. Charles Pic* 1’34.556
Row 11 21. Jules Bianchi* 1’34.958
22. Adrian Sutil** 1’32.89
Force India

*Ten-place penalty for incurring three reprimands during the season
**Five-place penalty for gearbox change

2013 Japanese Grand Prix

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Image ?? Red Bull/Getty

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126 comments on 2013 Japanese Grand Prix grid

  1. Great effort by Mark – he hasn’t lost his speed then!

    And who said Vettel doesn’t have KERS problems? :P

    • David Margono (@woshidavid95) said on 12th October 2013, 7:15

      Well almost everyone (Except F1Fanatic where people are generally rational) turn a blind eye whenever Vettel gets mechanical issues but treat it like the apocalypse when they happen to Webber just out of sheer bias. That aside, it’s about time Webber actually beat Vettel this season (Even if Vettel was disadvantaged).

    • SeaHorse (@seahorse) said on 12th October 2013, 7:34

      The thing to see is the start from Mark. Can he keep ahead of Vettel?

      • @seahorse it didn’t happen for him last year (his start was fairly poor) but we’ll see – it’s very temperamental, but maybe he’ll have his head in the game since he’s on pole now!

    • zicasso (@zicasso) said on 12th October 2013, 7:35

      I think you are obsessed @vettel1 and, the fact is Mark has a lot more issues with his car if to compare against his team mate. Could you just let this be about Mark and his superb lap?

      • @zicasso perhaps the “:P” wasn’t clear enough. I’ll put it in bold.


      • @zicasso I think you are, @vettel1 sometimes you take it too far in justifying Vettel too much, he does not need it. Also I can understand you are all of 15years of age, it takes time to get the understanding and maturity

        • Edit: @zicasso I think you are right

        • @noob do I really need to put the “:P” in bold again? This is distressing…


        • 15years of age, it takes time to…

          While Mr. Jacobson does get a bit overenthusiastic at times (but he is definitely not the only one), I think this was uncalled for here. He did indicate clearly that he is jokingly referring to the “who’s less lucky” controversy. I found it funny, and I am approaching 40 (from the wrong side :-)).

          • @ph teenage hormones ;)

            The saddening part is that this:

            Great effort by Mark – he hasn’t lost his speed then!

            …was completely ignored by all bar @seahorse and yourself! At least you understood the joke, so thank you :)

        • kpcart said on 12th October 2013, 18:18

          I think you, with your user name “F1 Noob” need to cut back with your opinions and stop picking on people 15 years of age (if they are or not), because none of your opinions I have read have been very “mature age” compared to 15 years old, if that is how you see yourself. This is maybe where Keith should come in and edit… I have visited this forum for about 5 years, on and off commentating, but I haven’t seen such immature commentary as this “noob” taking swipes personally at others.

      • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 12th October 2013, 7:43


        Mark has a lot more issues with his car if to compare against his team mate

        No he doesn’t:

        Vettel, Webber and reliability at Red Bull

        • @keithcollantine I know this is a general mis-conception with Mark’s issues and the conspiracy against him. Redbull (infact any team) would never resort to such tactics as there is always the WCC. Vettel has had his share of mis-fortune, most notably Silverstone. That link of yours is really an eye opener.

    • JohnH (@johnrkh) said on 12th October 2013, 7:39

      He didn’t on the lap that counted :)

    • AlokIn (@) said on 12th October 2013, 7:43

      KERS curse passed on to Seb here

    • Solo (@solo) said on 24th March 2014, 15:31

      He still avoided problems like always actually. He had a Kers problem but it was fixed on his second lap.

  2. Kingshark (@kingshark) said on 12th October 2013, 7:10

    I’m surprised that both Alonso and Raikkonen got schooled by their teammates today.

    • @kingshark all the top dogs bar Hamilton were out-qualified! I know at least the Red Bull pair are running slightly different set-ups however, so perhaps we’ll be seeing a power shift in the race?

    • SeaHorse (@seahorse) said on 12th October 2013, 7:36

      Perhaps this pointing towardsa Grosjean-Massa pairing at Lotus next season? However, it was an interesting qualifying session – had a quite a lot of surprises and yet again Hulk is ahead of Alonso. Will we see a repeat of Korea?

      • Personally, I still think Hülkenberg would be a better choice as he is a much more long-term solution. Massa to Sauber seems more likely.

        • SeaHorse (@seahorse) said on 12th October 2013, 7:57

          I hope to see Hülkenberg at Lotus especially considering Eric’s recent interview mentioning about the driver weight. But nothing is guaranteed in F1, right?

    • Patrick (@paeschli) said on 12th October 2013, 9:46

      I’m not … Grosjean outqualified Raikkonen a lot last year and Massa outqualified Alonso at the last races of 2012.

      I think that a line-up with two relatively weak qualifiers (compared to Lewis or Seb for example) is a bad thing for Ferrari next year. Don’t you think Hülkenberg would be faster on one lap?

      • I think you are just disrespecting Massa and Grosjean’s ability, they are both very fast if not consistent (though the consistency is finally there for Grosjean in qualifying.

  3. Top Job Lewis, putting that dog of a car on 3rd…

  4. Krichelle (@krichelle) said on 12th October 2013, 7:12

    Hopefully, no penalty for Webber because he impeded Perez earlier. Hamilton did a good job to get behind the 2 Blue cars. Grosjean may be to watch in the race. And, Webber needs a good start to maintain the lead to Vettel.

  5. PeterG said on 12th October 2013, 7:13

    with how rubbish webber’s starts are vettel will likely be leading into turn 1 anyway.

  6. iAltair (@ialtair) said on 12th October 2013, 7:14

    And Sebastian Vettel leads the Japan Grand Prix at Turn 1.

  7. NickF12013 (@nickf12013) said on 12th October 2013, 7:15

    Can someone explain to me why Sutil is last even though he has a 5-place grid penalty, whereas Pic and Bianchi have a 10-plave one?

  8. Swindle94 (@swindle94) said on 12th October 2013, 7:17

    Great lap mark, just hold off vettel into turn 1. Lotus, hurry up and sign hulkenburg. And Alonso better be careful saying that kimi is no faster than massa…(even if grosjean did beat kimi again) still think we’ll see Kimi on the podium somehow

  9. kcarrey (@kcarrey) said on 12th October 2013, 7:18

    will vettel “multi 21″ in this race?

  10. Big mistake by RBR to sign Ricchardio, rookie error in Singapore, poor qualifying in Suzuka

    • PeterG said on 12th October 2013, 7:25

      The mistake he made in Singapore was not a rookie mistake, Many experienced drivers including Webber have done the same in the past.

      As to today, The STR hasn’t looked that good on this track all weekend & he was ahead of JEV when he suffered his fire.
      Also consider that Ricciardo only got 1 lap at the end of q2 as the team checked over his car after JEV’s brake fire.

      • I consider Ricchardio as still a rookie

        • JohnH (@johnrkh) said on 12th October 2013, 7:54

          He can’t be a rookie he’s been racing F1 for two years. he still has more to learn , but there is always more to learn.

        • PhilEReid (@philereid) said on 12th October 2013, 8:53

          @noob What’s with the extra ‘h’ in his name? :P

          Also, it’s his second season, so he’s not a rookie. And claiming it’s a mistake to sign someone because of one bad result (qualifying today does not count as he beat JEV, plus the STR was bad today meaning they would never have qualified high), is farcical. We wont know until he’s actually there.

          • @philereid

            What’s with the extra ‘h’ in his name? :P

            Haven’t you heard Alonso pronouncing his name, also I was told by someone here in F1F, that Riccardio is actually an Italian and the correct way to pronounce it is with an ‘h’

          • PhilEReid (@philereid) said on 12th October 2013, 10:55

            @noob Eh, but his name is spelled how it is, regardless of how it’s pronounced :P

          • TMF (@tmf42) said on 12th October 2013, 11:06

            @noob – if you wanna be precise his name is Ricciardo not Riccardio :) – but you’re right in Italy they’d pronounce is like the English rich -ardo

  11. Kirill (@sunlounger) said on 12th October 2013, 7:21

    Can anyone clarify whether Vettels’ consecutive laps in the lead streak will continue if he overtakes Webber on the first lap?

  12. PeterG said on 12th October 2013, 7:23

    Looking back to fp1, The Mercedes suffered from horrendous degredation on the options. Lewis did 7 laps & dropped off by 4-5 seconds while both Red Bulls, The Lotus & Ferrari’s remained fairly consistent losing only 1-2 seconds over between 13-15 laps on the options.

  13. Jack (@jmc200) said on 12th October 2013, 7:27

    MARK WIBBA! I really hope he can get a final win. Good job by Massa. Di Resta 6 tenths faster than his team mate in Q1, 9 tenths in Q2. Hopefully that will help him keep his seat. Credit to Chilton, I’m not a fan, but that was a good job.

  14. Good job Mark…. I hope he can keep the lead after T1 tomorrow.. …What happened to Alonso though, did he make a mistake in his last run? he’s 3 tenths off Massa…

    • @puneethvb

      What happened to Alonso though

      He is losing it

      • @noob

        That’s a bold calim to say the least… or maybe you so dearly want Alonso to lose it that you wont leave any opportunity to have a dig at him..:)

        • @puneethvb not a chance Alonso is “losing it”. Massa’s had the advantage in qualifying of late absolutely, but that never was where he is strong. I fully expect him (in normal conditions) to pass Massa quite comfortably in the race!

      • Kingshark (@kingshark) said on 12th October 2013, 8:24


        He is losing it

        That’s what people said after Spa qualifying. Never count out on Alonso delivering a monster drive when you least expect it.

        IMO, while he may not be the fastest over one lap, Alonso is still the king of racecraft and wheel-to-wheel racing.

        • Kingshark (@kingshark) said on 12th October 2013, 8:24

          @noob I mean.

        • @kingshark

          That’s what people said after Spa qualifying

          I never base my statements for Alonso on qualifying. The reason I said are numeours:

          1. His race in Korea, he did not look his usual self
          2. He has realised the chances of his WDC are slimmer than last year
          3. No support from F.Massa
          4. Coming of Kimi
          5. Failure of Ferrari to improve the car
          6. *This is purely speculation* Maybe he has got a hint that 2014 isn’t going to be good either, that Ferrari might not have a good engine and that carrot from McLaren looks tempting to him.

          • Dave (@raceprouk) said on 12th October 2013, 14:35

            1. That’s a one-off, and not enough to judge (Alonso or any other).
            2. That’s irrelevant.
            3. Also irrelevant.
            4. Also irrelevant.
            5. Also irrelevant.
            6. You see the pattern here.

  15. @keithcollantaine Sutil is classified 17th in the provisional grid on Formula1.com

  16. Juzh (@juzh) said on 12th October 2013, 7:34

    Well Vettel had no kers in Q1 and Q3. guess who was on top in Q2 when kers worked.

  17. Merv (@) said on 12th October 2013, 7:41

    Well that’s blown my prediction lol.

    Interesting to see Vettel with a huge power slide when Kers wasn’t working, while Webber appeared to have massive traction.

  18. Ludwig (@ludwigmic) said on 12th October 2013, 7:45

    Good job by Hulkenberg again, keeping a Ferrari, a Lotus and both McLarens behind him!

  19. andae23 (@andae23) said on 12th October 2013, 8:01

    Good qualifying, I think Mark was spot on when he said Vettel’s issues meant this was a “hollow” pole position. If Webber manages to hold on to the lead through the first corner, I think we’re in for a fantastic battle for the lead, one that will hopefully be fought on track. If everything goes according to plan, this could really be a grande finale!

  20. + for Gro.

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