Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Suzuka, 2013

2013 Japanese Grand Prix championship points

2013 Japanese Grand PrixPosted on Author Keith Collantine

Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Suzuka, 2013

Constructors’ championship

Position Team Points
1 Red Bull 445
2 Ferrari 297
3 Mercedes 287
4 Lotus 264
5 McLaren 83
6 Force India 62
7 Sauber 45
8 Toro Rosso 31
9 Williams 1
10 Marussia 0
11 Caterham 0

2013 Japanese Grand Prix

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51 comments on “2013 Japanese Grand Prix championship points”

    1. RBR were too fast . Romanin drove beautifully today and in my book definitely was the better driver out there . The king of suzuka as you call him had a scrappy race today by his own standards .

  1. The most interesting battle in the drivers championship seems to be the Raikkonen/Hamilton/Webber battle for P3. On the constructors side its the Ferrari/Mercedes battle for P2 keeping things interesting. They’ll both have to watch out for Lotus though…

    Very glad Gutierrez has opened the 2013 rookies accounts!

    1. @geemac

      Very glad Gutierrez has opened the 2013 rookies accounts!

      Congratulations to Esteban, hope his seat is secure at Sauber, he turned out to be the best among the rookies. I was really looking forward to his scoring points in Suzuka as the trend was showing in his last 4 finishes (14,13,12,11).. On the other hand Riccardio is tending to be ‘rookiesh’ lately, beaten fair and square by his team mate JEV

      1. @noob, all it took for Vergne to beat Ricciardo was a drive-through and for STR to mess up Daniel’s strategy twice. Yeah, great drive by Vergne.

        I guess it’s to Ricciardo’s credit that he has a hater already. Now all he needs is someone to boo him and he’s half on his way to greatness.

    1. If Lotus can have reasonable thinking, they would rather give Kimi a priority so they can get 2nd in WCC and perhaps in WDC, who knows?
      Off course, if Ferrari already pays Kimi, whilst Lotus has not, that plan would not work!

        1. @danclapp actually it’s pretty close as far as luck . Massa had a bad weekend in korea . So it hinges on alonso . If he gets a couple of Podiums , its going to be tight despite Massa finishing further back to the Mercs . However , the same is true for Merc . If they end their unlucky end and sort out their strategy and tyres , they can outwit ferrari on this one.

        2. @danclapp, I think the problem for Mercedes is that they don’t have the speed advantage they used to have around the summer break, on top of the fact that they haven’t had a good weekend since Belgium.

          Lotus is on a roll, qualifying and racing very near the front, and although Ferrari are also floundering a little of late, you can count on Alonso to keep bringing in the maximum points.

          The situation reminds me a little of the way 2012 ended for Hamilton and McLaren. At one point it became clear that Hamilton wouldn’t be challenging for the title anymore, but surely he would finish ahead of Raikkonen? And McLaren, despite having had the fastest car (certainly in qualifying) for a decent part of the year ended up losing out to Ferrari. Things kept going wrong for them, just as they are for Mercedes four races running now.

        1. I mean by slowing down the pack just like Massa, Fisichella, or Barichello in the past. But points for Kimi would increase Lotus debt anyway..unless they can steal 2nd place in WCC, the less he is getting points the better for Lotus.

      1. Mathematical possibilities aside, he’s already the champion. Even if he suffers an accident that sidelines him for the rest of the season, it would be highly unlikely for him to lose the championship.

        1. Yes, at this point Alonso would need 3 victories and 1 second. Even without Vettel ahead, that’s a tall order. Not quite impossible, the recent Alonso string of 3 seconds would have been 3 victories without Vettel around.

    1. Even if Vettel retires he is most likely world champion already. With Lotus and Mercedes closely competitive and Webber unlucky streak ended finishing 2nd will be a challenge for Alonso.
      Alonso must win or finish 2nd else Vettel is champion.
      If Alonso wins Vettel only needs to be 5th
      If Alonso is 2nd Vettel only needs to be 8th

    1. In all likelihood, next race in India. With 3 races left, RBR will need only to be (25+18)x3 +1 points ahead, that is 130 points. They are already 148 points on top of Ferrari, 158 of Merc, and Lotus is already out. So Ferrari needs to score 19 points more than RBR at Buddh to stay in the fight, and Merc 29 more. Even a Ferrari 1-2 wouldn’t be enough for them if RBR gets a 3-4.

      1. They don’t actually need the +1 point – Red Bull have won (well, Vettel has won) 9 races this season of a possible 19: since Ferrari (Alonso) have won only 2 races, and Mercedes only 3, neither can possibly win 9 races anymore. So Red Bull will win as long as they are 129 points ahead at the end of the Indian Grand Prix.

        The rest of course is as you’ve said! Essentially, the minimum needed by Ferrari to stay in the hunt would be a 2-9 or a 4-6 (both 20 points), with Red Bull having a double non-score (highly unlikely considering their last was Italy 2012) or, with a 1-2, Red Bull would need to be no higher than a 3-6!

        Also, on the likelihood of a Ferrari 1-2 and Red Bull scoring a 3-6 or lower (in equivalant points): the last occasion that occurred was the 2010 German GP (coincidentally, exactly those finishing positions!) and the last occasion in which Ferrari outscored Red Bull by 20 points was the 2013 Chinese GP (Ferrari 1-6, 33 points vs RBR 4-DNF, 12 points).

        Probability therefore states that Red Bull should wrap up the constructor’s championship in India, and also for reference the last time Alonso out-scored Vettel by 16 points (he needs to have a 74 point or less gap to Vettel to be mathematically in it – 75 is not enough due to race victories) was the 2012 European GP, of course where Vettel retird from the lead to gift Alonso the win.

    1. Well of course, it’s only 17 points in 4 races and they are really doing better now. I was specially pleased to see Gutierrez scoring his first points today, I fully expect they won’t be the last this year and Sauber will snatch a decent 6th, top of the midfield (that’s assuming Macca are not in the midfield this year). Well, they might even get ahead of Macca (extremely unlikely, I know), wouldn’t it be awesome?

    1. Of course, it’s only 14 pts to Kimi. Lewis can even be second, but 46 points to Alonso seems like too much.

      I’d say SV has pretty much already won this WDC and Alonso will be very hard to beat for 2nd, but 3rd is still open. Well, they say nobody remembers the 2nd, but when things go down to the wire it’s not true (has anybody forgotten Felipe Massa was 2nd in 2008?). But I’m afraid it’s true that nobody remembers the 3rd.

  2. Vettel has 297 points , the same Ferrari as team has.
    If RedBull didn’t had Webber at all, they would still lead the constructors!!
    Lotus are 33 points behind Ferrari with 4 races left.
    Today the closed the gab by 12 points ( [25 Lotus]vs[13 Ferrari])
    If they continue with this momentum the second place in the constructors is a realistic target for them.
    After Alonso “almost certainly” lost the WDC he keeps seeing they should score better than Mercedes considering them as the main threat for the second position but maybe he has to think about Lotus too.

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