Paul di Resta, Force India, Suzuka, 2013

Rate the race: 2013 Japanese Grand Prix

2013 Japanese Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Paul di Resta, Force India, Suzuka, 2013What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Japanese Grand Prix.

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200 comments on “Rate the race: 2013 Japanese Grand Prix”

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  1. Paul Crich (@)
    13th October 2013, 8:46

    1 from me, switched off after lap 7 when the radio messages were asking them to pull back and save tyres. This is no longer formula 1 and I won’t watching any more. Been a fan for over 30 years, but enough is enough.

    1. @paulcrich Sorry to hear that – I hope you give it another shot in 2014, with better tyres.

    2. @paulcrich Sorry to hear that – I hope you give it another shot in 2014, with better tyres.

    3. @paulcrich I’m also sorry to hear that – I have followed and been a fan of F1 for 36 years, and while I don’t like the artificiality of DRS and deliberately degradable tyres, my passion for the sport is undiminished from when I first started following it. To me, F1 is (and always has been) all about incredibly fast cars, amazing technology, clever strategies and of course the world’s best drivers.

      Never in those 36 years have I switched off the TV, because there has always been either speed, technology, strategy or driver brilliance to marvel at.

      1. Paul Crich (@)
        14th October 2013, 7:57

        @pault I agree with everything you say and yes these are the fundamentals of F1. But what is the point of having the speed and the technology to build the perfect race car and then not be able to race it to its full potential? All in the name of ‘entertainment’

        I just want to see how well these cars can go, not restrict them to saving tyres and overtaking with help. I want to feel the adrenaline and the excitement of flat out nose to tail racing right up to the finish. This is what I loved about the sport, and sadly without that I think that modern day f1 is completely missing the plot.

  2. Grosjean’s defense against Webber made it anti-climactic but we can’t fault him, he was entitled to defend his position… besides if Vettel easily breezed past Grosjean why did Webber take several laps to do it? I gave it an 8/10 mostly because of Grosjean, he was the only driver capable of challenging the Red Bulls, which is very commendable given the ~30 second gap to Alonso in 4th and especially his own teammate, Raikkonen in 5th.

    1. Nothing to take away from his blistering start, apart from that he only lost positions after having enjoying the free air. While both Kimi and Fernando showed their worth.

      What I liked is how Alonso was quick to react to Raikkonen’s charge and step his pace up in order to overtake Hulkenberg before Kimi had a go on him.

      1. Given that the Red Bulls are over 30 seconds ahead of everyone else, it is pretty impressive for Grosjean to be able to challenge them at all in the first place. Besides, the benefit of clear air for Grosjean was only because he qualified much better than Raikkonen. Grosjean is outperforming the Lotus and/or Raikkonen is underperforming in qualifying, likewise for Alonso. Either way, it doesn’t look good on both Alonso and Raikkonen who need to step up their game in qualifying.

  3. The people who rated Korea 7 or 8 look pretty silly now. This was what an F1 race should be like. A decent battle for the win, some good racing up and down the field, and it wasn’t clear who would win until 5 or 6 laps from the end. A solid 7 from me.

    1. I actually thought Korea was better. Gave this a 6, Korea a 7, and don’t feel silly at all.

      That’s why I always base my scorings on ‘overall’ rather than this season or the last race or two.

      This race promised so much more after lap one, and for me, didn’t quite deliver it’s ultimate potential.

      Korea didn’t promise a lot, but came through as quite a good little race!

    2. @red-andy Korea was better , the scrap at the end was more engaging to watch than the strategy battle we had today . We had mayhem , safety cars , a lot . Today was a bit more boring as we knew all along that RBR were slightly quicker . Had the Lotus stopped one less time( I know it was not possible ) , it would have been EPIC . Lot of tyre conservation going around did not help either in the mid stage of the race . There was some action with the Mclarens and the Torro rosso , but still not sustained for more than 2-3 laps . One more problem is that the broadcasters did not show too much of the midfield action at all , with brundle having to check to make sure whom he was talking about as he wasn’t even aware previously of the many possible scraps .

  4. 7/10 It wasn’t a boring race, but if Kimi & Grosjean were higher, I would’ve given it a 8/10

  5. Chris (@tophercheese21)
    13th October 2013, 8:50


    That was a really entertaining race. The best race since the mid term break.
    Great strategy, and great racing.

  6. Anele (@anele-mbethe)
    13th October 2013, 8:50

    8/10 brilliant strategic race from vettel. watching Grosjean grow as a driver is a great sight indeed. A genuine three way battle for the lead…what more can I ask for

    1. +1! It’s almost as if we’re seeing a different driver from last season, where he was a Kamikaze weapon in the first lap.

  7. 6 for me.

    Didn’t really pan out quite as planned, did it? Was disappointed to see Grosjean’s pace slip in the later stages, which robbed us of a real battle for 1st. I atleast wanted to see Vettel have to fight (like Webber) for position, but full credit to him. He just did his fight when he was out on his own and put in some good times.

    Grosjean effectively killed any chance of a colossal Red Bull battle for the lead, another battle I was really interested in seeing.

    The racing this year definitely has some very dull sections. Not too keen on this anti-racing malarky when it comes to having to drop 2 seconds behind to conserve rubber. I know it all ends up unfolding, but it’s a shame that no one’s allowed to chase until the final ten or so laps.

  8. So Glad that Gutierrez got his first points and that we got a fight for the lead but were some dull parts to the race and also a bit of action in the midfield again but overall 8/10.

  9. It isn’t his fault, but my god I am so utterly sick and tired of Vettel winning. Bring on the hope of closer racing next year and consign this year to the doldrums like it and the others of its ilk (2001, 2002, 2004 and 2011) deserves.

  10. Mark Webber should have won this one. Or at least, if Mark could have made a faster job overtaking Romain we could have seen a real fight in the end. Well, even if the booee won at last the race improved immensely when it was not a foregone conclusion from turn 1. Well done also for Gutierrez, Hulkenberg and Alonso. Did RBR really need to screw up Mark’s strategy?

    1. They didn’t, Webber was having more problems with tyre management than Vettel and had to switch to a 3-stop. Even then, he could have still won but he couldn’t get past Grosjean as easily as Vettel and that effectively ended his hopes of winning.

      1. Mr win or lose
        13th October 2013, 11:13

        But what if Webber had done only two stops? He had a 15-second lead and it seemed that Vettel was not even a second per lap quicker. So I thought it was his best chance to win the race.

        1. Yes, do 2 stops and then your tyres fall apart and you lose about 3 seconds a lap… there’s a reason 3-stop strategies exist you know, especially for those who can’t manage their tyres as well.

        2. Then he would have dropped like a rock towards the end of the race.
          And what would a 2 stop strategy have done to help him, had he actually had the tyres to do it?
          With Grosjean ahead, a 2 stop strategy would have meant that he would have had to overtake Grosjean on similar tyres.
          Which is quite unlikely when it took him 7’ish laps to do it on new options, against Grosjean’s old primes.

  11. Good race. 7.
    But the result was predictable after Grosjean stoped.

  12. Good Race Good Strategy… Sad to see Lewis Drop out early in the race. Could have been a little spicy with him in between Roman and the Bulls…..

  13. Solid 7/10 for this race for me, had some good battles, but still far too much tyre management, a lot of it didn’t feel like proper racing, though occasionally the tyres did give some good train battles. They say you should take the good with the bad, but these tyres are more bad than good. One of the best strategy races though.

  14. Very good race. It was an interesting strategic battle between the top three, up until the last stop it was very difficult to predict who was going to win.
    The battle for P4 was awesome as well.

    I think that’s the kind of strategic race Pirelli was asked to do. Different strategies and some overtakings on track. Not a classic by any means, but still a solid race.

  15. 4/10 . It seems a bit harsh but it was too boring for me . Most of the passes were DRS passes and nothing exciting going around . There was a virtual battle for the lead , but once Vettel had fresher tyres , it was obvious that he was going to hunt Romain down . Seb drove a so-so race , but picked up the sticks very well after his start to maximize his car’s performance and finally overtake Grosjean . But , again , we were denied the most expected battle . As for the midfield , some good battles going on there , but no on-boards of them in the broadcast. Instead , we were seeing Mark webber closing in on the lotus . there was also a big gap between 3rd and 4th that actually dimmed the excitement out. I am surprised a majority of people gave it a 7 . The track is iconic , the cars are super fast , the drivers are fantastic , but the race , no , for me it was pedestrian .

    1. I actually thought the DRS was nearly spot on in this race, and i’m not a DRS fan, for sure.

      It created an opportunity, but drivers 80% of the time could seem to defend, at least. That’s all I ask for.

      1. +1.

        Maybe @hamilfan is a bit frustrated a certain driver was forced to retire from this one?! Objectively I can’t see how this race can be a 4, but to each their own.

        1. @roberto No I am not frustrated at all , it was a racing incident and no one is to blame . I did not factor that into my rate the race . There have been races in which Hamilton has retired which have been spectacular , say , for example Brazil 2012 . Besides , the thing that makes this race boring is the fact that RBR has a lot of pace in their bag to unleash whenever necessary . Not even a great defense by Grosjean was enough to thwart the Red Bulls. Agreed that there was a battle for the lead , but it was not as exciting as the midfield battle in the closing stages of Korea.

  16. 7/10 – Again I have to say, this was a good race… for 2013 standards. The battle for the lead was a charade: during the first stint, it was a matter of maintaining the gap and looking after the tyres. In the second stint, it became apparent how much better Red Bull was. Vettel just breezed past Grosjean, while Webber did the same, with a little bit more effort. It looked exciting, but it really wasn’t.

    There were a lot of passes, too bad most of them DRS-assisted, but thankfully there were others too: Raikkonen on Hulkenberg round the outside of the chicane was great, as were some into 130R.

    So a good race, but it felt more like a smoke screen than an actual race

    1. Have to agree. When will RBR really have a showdown between drivers?

      1. @nmsi When Webber is actually able to keep up with Vettel?

  17. 8/10

    good race. the red bulls are unbeatable. astonishing drive from grosjean. glad for gutierrez to finally score points.

    to those that say grosjean denied a battle for third; please be reasonable and think for a second! do you expect him to move out of the way so we can have a battle for the lead? he’s driving for himself and wants to fight for positions. you cannot expect ANY racing driver to move out of the way (if they’re fighting for position) to give the race some extra spice. grosjean has to perform like this, he has to prove his skills if he wants to stay in the sport.

  18. 9 out of 10 for me. Pretty gripping race. Would’ve been a 10 if Webber had given us a fight for the lead.

  19. 8/10. Simply because that’s where I think the race should be.

    It might not be remembered as an all-time classic, but the mere doubt that Vettel would have to work for the win was enough to keep the excitement. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge Vettel fan, but his best races have been where he’s had to fight for it (Whether he’s won or lost) and he certainly had a challenge on his hands.

    However, I did feel DRS was a bit too strong in the race today. Very few overtakes happened outside the DRS zone, but maybe that’s the drivers who should be looking to attack elsewhere (I know a few had a go at 130R). Tyres might have been fragile as some have said, but if they were completely flat-out, then we wouldn’t have had Grosjean being anywhere near the Red Bulls, and Webber wouldn’t have been near Vettel either. Having to limit the tyres is the best way of keeping the pack together (And can also allow strategy to have drivers build gaps should it be needed e.g Vettel Singapore)

    Tight racing all down the field, a few surprising results in Grosjean and Gutierrez (Both of whom have long been deserving this) and some lovely tactical decisions resulting in a decent race

  20. 8/10 for me, great action everywhere in the field, Suzuka lives up to its reputation and provides some action in borefest that the second half of the season has become. This race had all sorts of overtakes DRS, non-DRS, KERS, slipstreaming up to 130R, ballsy overtakes into turn 1. I was really enjoying myself until Vettels strategy came to me and I realised he’d win easily ;-).

    However as much as I like this race I am now seriously starting to thinks about skipping the last races (I can’t believe that I’m considering this after a non-stop steak starting at Australia 2000) . Just because there is no doubt Vettel will blitz India, get revenge for net getting first dibs at Austin, Abu Dhabi is basically a walk in the park and in Brazil RB will give Webber another ‘golden’ gearbox treatment like in 2011. I would lie if I said I’m so done with this season.

    Yet there are some fights still left that could lure me into watching. Hulkenbergs revival is sure to have more action from him + his teammate finally seems fired up. Toro Rosso hoping they can hit back at Sauber. Grosjean desperately wanting that first win. The fight for second in the constructors between Ferrari, Mercedes and Lotus.

    Has 2013 anything left of worth…

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