Paul di Resta, Force India, Suzuka, 2013

Rate the race: 2013 Japanese Grand Prix

2013 Japanese Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Paul di Resta, Force India, Suzuka, 2013What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Japanese Grand Prix.

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2013 Japanese Grand Prix

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200 comments on “Rate the race: 2013 Japanese Grand Prix”

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  1. Solid Seven. If Webber had won I’d have given a 9, cuz Hamilton retiring takes all the fun out of a race.

  2. David not Coulthard (@)
    13th October 2013, 10:13

    Went for 6/10, which wasn’t a mistake at first, but I almost immediatly regretted not clicking on 7.

    While as a Vettel fan I’m happy about Weber being held up by Romain……..a battle of Red Bulls would’ve been fun.

  3. Again Sauber did very well, pity to have lost out the 4th position but everyone has seen how good Hulkenberg is and what a tremendous potential he has to drive top cars! Finally Gutierrez made it to the points, well done for Sauber again.
    Hulk should have gone to Ferrari, hope he can get a Lotus seat and beat Kimi next year! That would make him smile!

  4. 7 for me.

    Decent racing all down the field and we finally had a battle for the lead for the first time in a while. However I was a bit annoyed about the tyre saving the top 3 had to do and also how the DRS prevent drivers from overtaking at the chicane.

  5. Gave it a 8/10. A great strategic race at the front and some good battles mid-field as well. Only shame was it wan’t earlier in the season, so last bit was somewhat anti-climatic. But taken on its own a really good race on a great track. Just wish that like last year I was actually there. Maybe next year if I start saving my pennies…

  6. Very enjoyable. A good strategic race and a brave fight from Grosjean in an inferior car. There were some good battles and the nature of the track neutered DRS to the point where it was pretty much irrelevant.

    A solid 8, I was rarely bored.

  7. I enjoyed watching the strategies unfold. Webber’s tyre issues reflect his choice of a skinny rear wing setup. It will make him faster on a single lap but with less traction he was always on for more tyre wear. Grosjean was my Driver of the Day … he had a pack of Red Bulls after him and made it difficult for Mark to overtake. Being a Sauber fan I loved to see a good race for the Hulk and Gutz. I think they can catch Force India (McLaren are probably out of reach). Why are McLaren still thinking about Perez for next year? They need to get Alonso or the Hulk to campaign 2014?

  8. 5/10, a generous 5 at that. Plenty of action down the field, but the result was inevitable and predictable (the top 3 at least). Good results for Sauber and Grosjean, not a bad recovery from Nico but in all honesty – and it pains me to say this – I don’t know why I bothered getting up early this morning to watch this race.

    I’m lucky enough to watch the race on Sky and believe they have the better show, but I’m tending to agree with a couple of my mates (who don’t have Sky and are big fans of the sport) and may just start watching the highlights show of the races for the rest of the year.

    1. @jamesf1 agree with ya mate

  9. Had all the components for a great race, but at the end it didn’t materialize and Vettel won again, so I’ll go with 7.

    1. @kanil I think that says more about Vettel than anything else, if I’m honest.

      1. @vettel1 No No he is not undermining your driver . He is bored with the predictability of the race that’s all .

        1. @hamilfan I figured he was, but what I was saying is it speaks volumes ;)

          @kanil, well, Vettel got the move done. He passed on 8 lap newer tyres on his first try I’m pretty sure. Webber took 6, on 13 lap newer, faster compound tyres.

          So Vettel was the key element in making his strategy work over Webber I’d say!

          1. @vettel1 I don’t really find DRS’ing by a guy on older tyres to be that impressive, to be honest. It happens all the time in “modern” F1, and you knew Vettel was going to just sail on by Grosjean.

            What was impressive (for the wrong reasons!) was that Webber was unable to do the same.

          2. Interstsingly, he actually forgot to use DRS @kanil!

            Agreed an disagreed though. I don’t think DRS passes take much skill. But then, Suzuka is a very difficult track to overtake on and DRS isn’t actually that effective. I think it’s rather good in Japan, considering the aero effect of the cars on this, very much an aero dominated track.

      2. @vettel1 I think it says more about Grosjean and Webber (or their teams.) If Grosjean hadn’t thrown his strategy out the window, or if Webber could… y’know… pass a car, then we probably would have had a much more exciting race than we did.

        There were two separate chances for an interesting fight to the finish, and both fell apart.

  10. 8/10 good racing at the front for a change, with 3 drivers battling for the win. Good drives up the field by Alonso and Kimi, Kimi’s overtake on Hulk was magic. Hulk again put in a great performance. Also there were lots of drive through penalties which always mean more overtaking as drivers are ‘out of position’ relative to their car’s pace.

    1. good racing at the front for a change, with 3 drivers battling for the win.

      just a shame it was a strategy battle with them nowhere near one another on the track for 95% of the race as they went into ‘tyre management’ mode.

      was as bad as a refueling era race, all strategy & very little close racing between the cars battling.

  11. Not a fan of these “strategy battles” as the laps always run out just as it’s getting good.

    A proper race on a proper track though. Hats off to Vettel for making it look easy to pass Grosjean, and well done to Romain for his mega start and Stevie Gut for his armful of points. But if Alonso & Raikkonen are cruising round in 5th place like that next year, heads will roll…

  12. Vettel’s pass for the lead showed why DRS should be banned.
    He slip-streamed alongside Grosjean without using DRS & that would have been a thrilling side by side fight into turn 1, However he then remembered he had DRS & was then driven clean past really easily.

    DRS made what could have been a thrilling fight into turn 1 somewhat less thrilling :(

    Also saw a couple times where the DRS detection point before the chicane made people back out of trying overtakes into the chicane which always looks really lame.

    All the real & exciting stuff happened well outside the DRS zone as usual, Just shows how utterly boring & unexciting DRS makes ‘passing’.

    About all DRS has been doing is killing my love of F1 more & more.
    I don’t even watch every session anymore & have not watched a few races live this year for the 1st time since we got live races in the UK. If DRS continues been the artificial gimmick it is in 2014 I may just stop watching races & eventually just turn F1 off for good :(

  13. A good race,gave it a 7.
    I was hoping that Webber would have won today but was not to be.He was hamstrung by the excellent start from Grosjean and i think that Vettel was having a bit of a day off as well.
    Very interesting strategy wise regarding Webber and a fair bit going on up and down the field.

  14. Voted an 8, but on
    re-reflecting I think it should’ve been a 9.

  15. 7 out of 10 for me. Great battles mid field and for once Vettel had to wait to lead the race and win it. Hugely impressed with what Romain Grosjean did today, driver of the GP for me. Heart broken with Lewis’s bad luck .

  16. What an awful race.

    Actually, I don’t even know why I am calling it a race, it was all strategy.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. The corporate kart racing at my local circuit is more entertaining than this overpriced, overhyped snoozefest. Maybe it was just poor TV coverage, but for a lengthy period in the middle of the race every car they showed was out on its own with not a single other car in shot. Contrast to a WSBK superstock race I saw a few weeks back with 12-15 riders going flat out together on track for the win and F1 seems more like masochism than entertainment.

  17. A “good strategic race”??? All the strategy was based on tyres that stop the drivers performing to their maximum. At least Grosjean had the opportunity to confirm his early career promise — and Coulthard’s rather ambiguous comment that narrower front wings next year will save some tyres ;={

    When will we get back to drivers actually racing for 53 laps on one of the best tracks in the world? 5/10.

  18. I always enjoy watching races at Suzuka, one of the 3 best tracks along with Spa and Interlagos. Superb track, great atmosphere and challenging driving conditions. Today’s race was excellent from s strategic point of view and a well-deserved win for Vettel. He showed precisely why Webber is unable to match him despite having the same kit (nonsensical conspiracy theories ignored). While Vettel overcame a relatively poor start to make the best of the situation, Webber failed to take advantage of his pole position. As usual, his tyre management was not as good as Vettel’s and unlike his teammate, Webber repeatedly put his car in an unfavourable position while trying to pass Grosjean on the DRS straight.

    Some interesting battles at the back as well. Gutierrez seems to be a young man to watch; he certainly has talent.

  19. When are we going to have a wet race, full of surprises!

  20. Gave it a 5. Ricciardo took everyone but the front 3 out of the race early on.
    Then after that it was just a case of watching the podium finishers drive to a delta until they fell in to their natural position.

    I called the finishing positions correctly after 12 lap

    Anyway, think thats me done for the season. Well done Vettel for winning the championship next race. Hopefully when I tune in for Melbourne 2014 it will actually be Formula 1 again instead of Formula Pirelli.

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