Paul di Resta, Force India, Suzuka, 2013

Rate the race: 2013 Japanese Grand Prix

2013 Japanese Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Paul di Resta, Force India, Suzuka, 2013What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Japanese Grand Prix.

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200 comments on “Rate the race: 2013 Japanese Grand Prix”

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  2. I gave it a 7. There was plenty of action through the field but I found as the race went on, and it looked less and less likely Grosjean was going to perform a surprise victory that my excitement waned. Great battle with Webber at the end though.

  3. I have always defended Massa, but now I must say, him and Webber can’t retire soon enough. They are pathetic. Webber perhaps doesn’t appear that pathetic since he is in the best car that is also much easier to drive than Ferrari, but he actually is. He has less podiums than Vettel has wins! Not to mention that he hasn’t won a single race, compared to Vettel’s nine!
    Massa on the other hand is now not only slower, but completely useless and even damaging to Ferrari, now that he is “driving for himself”. I mean, last season, he didn’t do any better than this, but at least he didn’t hinder Alonso in scoring some points for the team.
    Today, he was just a road block for Alonso, which ensured that their WCC rival Rosberg opened a gap and than made it possible for Hulkenberg to catch them both and jump them in the pits. Then, when Alonso finally passed him, and when he couldn’t do more harm but slowing down Alonso, he made sure he threw away as many points as possible by stuffing his race and coming 10th!
    It’s almost unbelievable that Massa was asked every year since his return to pick up his pace, and yet, he was actually worse and worse every year! I mean, even 2010 wasn’t up the Ferrari standards and yet he managed to get progressively worse every subsequent year.
    Massa and Webber really need to go. I have liked both drivers but lately they’ve been moaning so much about their teams, and yet, they did nothing to actually deserve their places in their respective teams any more in the first place.

  4. 9. Tires and DRS not ridiculous, different strategies, fights for all positions. No safety car so no random losers and winners. Gap between 3rd and 4th was a bit large so podium was decided very early.

  5. I see I gave it a 9, but I think my sausage fingers slipped on my mobile screen. Meant to give it an 8.

    It was interesting to follow all race long; either because there was racing going on, or because there were strategic battles to keep up with. It’s been a long time since a race kept my attention throughout, although I had to admit my interest took a nosedive when Vettel came out in front of Grosjean and when Webber overtook him. Nothing but respect for Vettel, Webber and Red Bull today, but I’ve been rooting for Grosjean ever since he debuted in the middle of 2009 and managed to find his way back to F1 after showing his worth in GP2 (again) and really thought this could be it. Race itself didn’t suffer from it, though.

    Glad to see Gutierrez grab some points as well, he looks as if he’s an entirely different driver to where he was before the summer break. Force India ought to look worried.

  6. Some great mid field action, a brilliant battle for the lead with mixed 2 vs. 3 stop strategies and all around a classic GP track. I would have loved to see either Webber or Grosjean win, but still a very entertaining afternoon of racing. 9/10

  7. 6/10 A great start from Grosjean and even though Lewis retired so quickly it did look as though we had the chance of a real contest for the race win.But as the race unfolded the inevitable came to pass in more ways than one. Once again tyre conservation and the effect of aero-turbulance were the deciding factors. The total confidence of the message to Vettel about hunting down Grosjean said it all.

  8. 8/10
    Really enjoyed the race, would have given it an 8.5 were it available. Different strategies, various battles and unexpected results, although a Grosjean win would have boosted the rating. I thought it was obvious from after the first dozen laps that Grosejan wasn’t going to win but it was probably just an idea, as he defended very well and at one point I thought he was going to keep Webber behind. Gutierrez and Hulkenberg made it even more bizarre even though the latter eventually fell behind Alonso and Raikkonen, only just missing out on a repeat of his great performance of Korea. Very eventful race which kept its level of interest from the start to the finish and not, like previous races, only for half of it.

  9. What Vettel makes look easy (passing Grosjean with a new set of hard tyres), Webber struggles to do (with a new set of medium tyres!).
    We should stop being bored by how easy it looks, and start to admire exactly that. This is a grown Vettel from his 2010 days, where he was fast, but not as neat.

  10. Not sure how other people rate races, but from the looks of it some are far more generous in their ratings than me. I have been a Formula 1 fan since the 60s and maybe my standards are different due to that.

    My ratings are as such:

    10 – The absolute best race ever seen. Probably a one off occurrence in a lifetime.
    9 – Next to the best race ever, an extremely rare occurrence, maybe several in a lifetime.
    8 – Still one of the best races ever. Maybe once every several seasons, not common.
    7 – A superb race with great racing taking place throughout a race and at least one or more uncommon epic occurrences, challenges, battles.
    6 – A very good race with good action levels or at at least one consistent and important racing story line.
    5 – An average race, not great, not terrible.
    4 – Less than average race without a great amount of action or racing story lines to hold our interest.
    3 – A boring race, perhaps processional with very little action, a snooze-fest.
    2 – Worse than a snooze-fest, a real clinker that makes you wonder why you bothered.
    1 – The single absolute worst race ever. I might possibly rate a race with a senseless tragedy of some kind this low, God forbid. Hopefully only a once in a lifetime occurrence. A race with no redeeming value whatsoever.

    For what it’s worth, take it or leave it.

  11. 7/10

    I liked the race for the most part. I think this really what Pirelli have always been aiming for: races where teams and drivers can pick a strategy and make it work, but switch to another strategy with ease and make it work just as well. So even when the drivers weren’t pushing at 100%, it was nice knowing that they had that little extra that they could get to make a strategy work.

    I did, however, take two points off. Firstly, I was massively disappointed for Romain Grosjean. He’s had a total turn-around in form, losing his impetuousness without giving up on speed, and he’s been out-performing Raikkonen and making it look easy. After his race start, I felt he really deserved to win.

    Secondly, I was left with a really sour taste in my mouth when Vettel requested team orders. He’s shown a refusal to observe them in the past, and the key defence of this is that he is a racing driver and cannot ignore an opportunity. So to ask for team orders was a bit of a slap in the face. And since he didn’t need them – not because Webber got caught behind Grosjean, but because he has total control over the championship and second place in the race would not jeopardise his position at all – was a slap across the other cheek. If people want to know why the fans don’t respect Vettel, this is a perfect example of why.

    1. @prisoner-monkeys Vettel didn’t request team orders. It was directed at Whiting about Sergio Perez.

      1. what team orders? you just totally made that up

  12. @keithcollantine with all the stats and data you are amassing I am wondering if there if any correlation about what makes for high ratings. E.g. Number if overtakes etc. have you ever taken a look?

    1. @anonymouscoward – My approach to rating each race is a more organic experience than analytical. I just know it when I see it. For example, the 2013 Grand Prix of Japan I rated about 6.5. I rounded up to 7 based on the fact that there were many good racing stories during the race and fairly consistent action throughout. It is hard to quantify statistically. One reason I put up the post with my rating system (if you can call it that) was the inspiration of so many people rating the race as a 10. It was about 7% when I posted. It was a decent race. Certainly not the best race I’ve ever seen or ever hope to see.

      1. @bullmello I hear you but there must be something in what you are seeing and wondered if Keith had enough data to work out what the consensus of what makes it good. He could also then sell this to Bernie for meeeelllllions and we get more of what we want. Not exploding tyres and push to pass…..

        1. We can always hope. I’m shocked that at this time 9% of voters rating this race have voted it a 10. That is 54 out of 601 people voting. 54 people have essentially said this is the best race they will ever see. Wow.

          1. @bullmello while personally I mostly agree with with your scale another way of looking at it perhaps might be…”10- had everything in the race I need to keep getting my bum out of bed at 5 am in the morning after a night out on the sauce to watch some men go round and round a piece of road”

  13. I’ll take a punt that the same people who are complaining about Vettle winning every race are the same people who were complaining about having 6 different winners in 6 races at the beginning of last year (or was it 7- you get the drift anyway). I recall the comments of how mixed up and perverse it was that someone wasn’t leading the field. I like Vettle even though he’s thrashing my man Mark. Good race yesterday, really enjoyed it.

  14. The last 30 laps of Bathurst were more exciting than all of Suzuka, imo

  15. Great race… easily my favourite track of all time.

  16. Another cracking race from the Hulk; held 4th for so long but ultimately lost out. I like how he pulled the 130R overtake on RIC but when RIC later tried that move on Sutil, he dropped it almost into the wall! Sad that RBR took that joker for their second driver seat, but it helps to have a whipping boy behind vettel, I guess.

  17. Rob (@pinkandsons)
    14th October 2013, 7:32

    Suzuka was RBR’s best shot at giving Webber, at minimum, a fighting chance… Instead, they chose to run him on a slower strategy when they could have just let him win it. The fact that Vettel openly and without consideration said “keep him away from me” tells me that they have an open dialogue of race fixing. I’m going to struggle to actually give a damn about F1 next year if this sort of stuff continues.

    1. @pinkandsons

      1) Webber lost the race himself by not being able to pass Grosjean fast enough.

      2) The “keep him away from me” was directed at Charlie Whiting about Sergio Perez.

      It doesn’t hurt to think carefully before making accusations or “I don’t give a damn”-drama.

    2. @pinkandsons

      “this sort of stuff” has been going on as long as their has been team mates and drivers that will do anything to win. Seb’s is just filling the boots of Mr Schumacher in the appropriate way.

      Team Orders/No1 Driver status has always been part of F1 in some way shape or form. Seb uses tactics like “keep him away from me” and Mark chooses to ignore team orders so I don’t really see the problem.

      Schumacher would have never won 7 WDC and 91GP if he didn’t employ these tactics and bully his team mate into a support role ready to hand over the win to him if he wasn’t leading the race.

      I have not seen this at RedBull and when they did the front wing switch-a-roo in Silverstone a few years back Mark went on to win the race.

      So you might as well just give up on F1 now and save yourself from getting disappointed next season when Seb is calling for Daniel to stay away from his chance to dominate

  18. @keithcollantine Hi Keith, Any chance that when you do the stats at the end of the season, you could see if the Sky/BBC deal has any effect on the rating. I’ve noticed that ratings are higher when shown live on BBC, but don’t have any raw data to support this! Cheers, keep up the good work!

  19. “If there is anything I learned from F1 in the last two decades.. it’s the German national anthem !” – BadLadAdds (EuroSports)

  20. I gave it a 7, it wasn’t a classic but was better than I expected it would be.

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