Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Suzuka, 2013

Domenicali expects tight fight for runners-up spot

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Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Suzuka, 2013In the round-up: Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali says the Scuderia’s second place in the Constructors’ Championship is under threat.


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Ferrari admits its second place in F1 2013 standings is in jeopardy (Autosport)

Stefano Domenicali: ??If we want to keep fighting, it is important that we try to improve the car. There are some things that we can bring for the next couple of races, and we need to try to improve the qualifying.??

Sauber: Giving up on 2013 was never an option ?ǣ Q&A (F1.com)

Monisha Kaltenborn: ??Giving up was never an option, because we wanted to make progress with the current car, in order to improve in the constructors? championship. In addition the insight we are getting now will help with the development of the new car.??

Chilton: I deserve 2014 seat (Sky)

??I feel I’m showing not just the team, but everyone on the whole, I deserve a seat for next year. Everyone gets judged, so you have to prove yourself, which is hard for rookies because there’s so little testing, which means it’s going to take part of the season to get up to speed.??

Caterham: We need luck to beat Marussia (Racer)

Van der Garde: ??We need to have luck. Of course, we can try different strategies or have rain in a bit of the race, which will help us a lot because those conditions suit the car, but other than that it is pure luck.??

I s*** myself when I first tested an F1 car ?ǣ Vettel (ESPN)

??The first time I tested the car, Mark drove in the morning and I drove in the afternoon,” he said. “I shat myself for the first couple of laps and I thought, alright, that’s for real men, not for me. Then I got used to it and obviously wanted to do more.??

Cars and girls: Remembering Maria de Villota (The Economist)

??The FIA, the sport’s governing body, has also set up the Women & Motor Sport Commission, to encourage more female participation. Yet, the paddock retains the feel of a men’s club, even down to the short-skirted “grid girls”, employed to hang around the start line prettying things up.??

Formula 1 chargers have arrived (Times of India)

??F1 cargo involves a high level of coordination with multiple agencies on a very time-bound deadline. More than the volume, it is the time factor that is key in making the logistics support successful. Post this race, the entire equipment will have to be shifted to the next race, and hence it is extremely time critical.??


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After yesterday’s look at F1’s Top Ten track masters, @roodda suggests another honourable mention:

Fisichella did pretty well at Montreal back in the day. 1998 and 1999 he finished 2nd and 2000 he finished 3rd by perfectly timing the switch to wets. All of this was done in the Benetton Playlife, which was a pretty average car. He came 5th in his crummy 2002 Jordan and 4th in his Sauber in 2004. But when he raced there with Renault in 2005-07, he was nowhere! I think he came 4th in one of those years, but no higher.

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Comparing Formula 1 with the world of football.

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