Start, Korea International Circuit, 2013

Hectic Korean Grand Prix gets above average rating

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Start, Korea International Circuit, 2013When the F1 circus took its fourth visit to Korea there was a strong threat of tropical storms homing in on the area at right about race time.

Fortunately for all concerned they failed to materialise and not only did the race go ahead it scored the highest rating from F1 Fanatic readers since the British Grand Prix in June. A score of 7.351 placed it seventh overall in 2013.

It was a real ‘race of two halves’: the first portion of the race left many thinking that we were set for another processional event with little to talk about save for the spectacular front wing failure experienced by Nico Rosberg.

But as often seems to be the case throw in a Safety Car or two and all of a sudden everything springs to life. Here’s what F1 Fanatic readers made of the race.

It was like a Hollywood scriptwriter had taken over. Sparky front wings, exploding tyres, flaming cars, unauthorised vehicles on track, and some tremendous dices. It had it all.

Except for a battle for the lead.

I think Vettel has a secret stash of half-seconds shoved up his sleeve that he can pull out whenever he wants. The man is phenomenal with his ability to build up a lead, seemingly at will. Great for him, not so great for us fans. Having the winner so predictable pulled my rating down.

Poor race largely decided by tyres. Only Hulkenberg saved it, and the radio messages of Lotus to Grosjean.

Some good fights up and down the field, but long stints of nothing interesting.

Nico Hulkenberg underlined his credentials as a top driver of the future with a superb drive to fourth place:

Hulk was incredible! Battling all race and defending from two world champions all race long with huge skill and maturity. Get that man a top drive now!

The top three was a bit dull (though Raikkonen’s pass on Grosjean was great) but fourth to seventh was amazing and the battle where Hamilton and Alonso overtook each other four times in two corners was fantastic.

The championship is dead but racing is alive…

There was too much tyre saving in the first two stints, but overall it was a very good race. Lots of drama, awesome battle for fourth place and impressive performance by Hulkenberg.

Although the track is classical Tilkedrome, races in this track always provide some wheel to wheel action. Fantastic battles all the way down the grid, except for first position.

And that drive from Hulkenberg ?ǣ it was probably the best performance from any driver this year. He should be driving top team next year. I?m sure he?d beat Alonso in that Ferrari or Button in that McLaren.

One especially memorable incident stood out during the race:

My favourite moment was when they deployed the Unsafety Car.

The twin DRS zones had some positive responses:

DRS was key today. If it had been implemented incorrectly (as it has been at most race circuits) then Hamilton would of had an easy pass on Hulkenberg. Instead we got a great battle with Hulkenberg successfully defending his position (a rarity in itself these days).

DRS wasn?t overpowered and did the job it was supposed to do which is give a chance for overtaking rather than be the overtake and Nico Hulkenberg drove beautifully.

But I still don?t know what Mercedes were smoking when Hamilton was losing 1.5-2.5 seconds per lap and they chose not to pit him then Rosberg?s front wing failed which meant Hamilton had to stay out again

@Hamilfan supplied a verdict on the race as a whole

I had to take this race with a pinch of salt as all of our possible predictions went wrong about the start. But what a scintillating race to say the least!

Just when I was thinking it was drifting away from boredom, a tyre blast set off a sequence of events starting from a puncture culminating in a four-way scrap for the midfield positions. While Vettel reigned supreme, Hulkenberg was absolutely fantastic and stubborn in his defence. Not a single quarter was given. I think we can as well change the concept of the big four as Hulkenberg pummels his way towards glory bit by bit.

I was a bit sad that Hamilton and Mercedes were not “on it” today. The Safety Car saved him a bit (remember he was passed by Webber, Grosjean and Hulkenberg). But what an eventful race!

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