Paul di Resta, Force India, Korea International Circuit, 2013

Di Resta’s Force India future uncertain – manager

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Paul di Resta, Force India, Korea International Circuit, 2013In the round-up: Paul di Resta is currently in a ‘tricky situation’ with Force India, according to manager Richard Goddard.


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Paul Di Resta: ‘No guarantees’ over Force India driver’s F1 future (BBC)

Richard Goddard: “It’s difficult to know what will happen – there are a lot of drivers in the sport with money and a lot of teams that need money. That is probably the biggest issue, that it is not just outright talent that gets you a seat in the car any more.”

Can you solve the mystery of Nico Rosberg’s missing helmet? (CNN)

??Can you solve the mystery of the missing helmet because Formula One driver Nico Rosberg needs your help. In a bid to track down the protective head gear, which he claims was stolen from a garage at the Nurburgring Circuit in Germany in the early hours of Sunday morning, the Mercedes driver has enlisted his fans’ detective skills.??

Renault downplays fears that F1 races could be boring in 2014 ?ǣ (Autosport)

Renault F1 technical director Naoki Tokunaga: ??In terms of spectacle, I think the races will be different but still be exciting. At a circuit where you are limited to fuel, if you go flat out then you will not make the finish. Because you have to save fuel, it means there will be a difference between average power use through races and the maximum power available.??

McLaren can expect engine parity in 2014 ?ǣ Mercedes (ESPN F1)

Toto Wolff: ??McLaren is a customer and we have long history with McLaren, so we will do everything to support them from Mercedes’ point of view. We are in modern times so there is no such thing as different specs [of engine] and different specs are not allowed by the regulations anyway.??

Kevin Magnussen on the shortlist to take Marussia’s second seat next season (Sky)

“Magnussen is part of McLaren’s young driver programme and is on track to clinch this year’s Formula Renault 3.5 Series championship. McLaren Team Principal Martin Whitmarsh is determined to get the 21-year-old a drive for next year and Marussia, who rely on McLaren for part of their technical operation, are an option.”

The Finishing Line ?ǣ with Williams? Valtteri Bottas (

??The best cure for a hangover is??
VB: A Finn would probably say ??have another drink?. But salty food also does the trick.??

Valencia slams Catalunya over F1 alternation (

??Valencia president Alberto Fabra his hit out at his Catalunya counterpart for reneging on plans to alternate Spain’s two grands prix. Fabra, president of the Generalitat Valenciana, this week confirmed reports the Spanish port city will no longer host a formula one street race.??

Alonso team continues planning for 2015 (Cycling News)

??Although Fernando Alonso?s proposed takeover of Euskaltel-Euskadi?s licence for next year ultimately came to nothing, the Formula 1 driver is proceeding with his plans to unveil a new top-level team for the 2015 season.??


Comment of the day

Max Chilton may feel that he is worthy of a seat in F1 next year, but F1Fanatic reader Chris isn’t so sure.

I disagree with Chilton, I don?t think he deserves a seat for next year. Yes he?s been consistent by finishing every race, but he hasn?t shown that he?s got the raw speed, as he?s been consistently 0.8-0.3 tenths slower than Jules, sometimes more!

I don?t know how much money he (his father) brings to the team, but I suspect it?s quite a lot considering Marussia chose him over Timo Glock. And obviously that will go in his favour, but on a talent based analysis, I don?t think he?s done enough to earn that seat.

That?s no knock against him as a person, I think he seems like a really nice guy. And I know it?s tough as a rookie at the back of the grid but there haven?t been any huge outstanding performances so far (except maybe Suzuka qualy).

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With the latest official F1 game from Codemasters having been released, how are players getting on in career mode?

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On this day in F1

Ludovico Scarfiotti, the last Italian driver to win the Italian Grand Prix for Ferrari, was born 80 years ago today. Scarfiotti only occasionally raced in F1 and mainly served in Ferrari’s sports car team.

But in 1966, at the wheel of Ferrari’s glorious V12-engined car, he led a one-two for the team ahead of Mike Parkes. But within 12 months of that win he had fallen out with the team and left.

He died in 1968 following a crash at a hillclimb competition in Germany.

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  1. Rosberg did a “help me find my missing helmet” stunt when he was a Williams driver as well. Almost certainly the same thing happening here.

  2. Di Resta has had his chance. I think FI would still keep him provided he had not antagonized the team and car so much. In contrast, Sutil has just kept his head down trying to make the most of a car whose development stopped months ago. I rue the fact that FI lost Nico this year and had to stick with Di Resta. Sure, Paul is capable of good solid drives, drives which make you sit up an notice, but those are few and far in between.

    I’d get rid of both Sutil and Di Resta. It’s time FI started grooming potential race winners or had drivers with prior race winning experience. Why was it that the only pole of FI’s career and the only podium was scored by Fisichella who knew what it took to win a race. I’d rather have Massa or Webber in FI that a Kevin Magnussen.

  3. “It’s difficult to determine because this last half of the season he [Di Resta] has been adversely affected by the tyres.
    “He hasn’t produced the results he would want to produce, but overall it is the team under-delivering on what it should have delivered.”

    So does Di Resta get his blame-the-team rhetoric from his manager then, or vice versa?

    1. Exactly what I was wondering as well. So it’s not just him but his team manager as well. And if both he and Paul feel the car isn’t worth their time then why stick with it. Try their luck at Marussia, see how his luck is there.

  4. WilliamB (@william-brierty)
    18th October 2013, 8:14

    There is no doubt that Di Resta is certainly facing an uncertain future, but the BBC article proceeds from EJ’s prediction of Hulkenberg returning to Force India alongside Sutil. I personally find that prediction difficult to swallow.

  5. If I wask Hulkenberg I wouldn’t go back to FI. If Macca or Lotus didn’t materialise I’d stay put. Sauber have clearly had a eureka moment with their car and Hulkenberg has now had 12 months to confer on the engineers what he wants from a car which will all feed nicely into the design process. On top of that they have more money coming even if it is coming from the unsalubrious. FI on the other hand are becoming financially weaker which is why they are considering running a Mclaren Junior in exchange for discounted rear end components.

    1. But surely the fact they’re undergoing severe financial instability and clearly want two paying drivers next year precludes the Hulk from staying put..?

    2. @coefficient

      FI on the other hand are becoming financially weaker

      This is becoming to old. For the last 2-3 year, we hear Force India is financially weaker but i dont see them taking any pay drivers since the time they started or having any deals like Williams or Sauber.

      which is why they are considering running a Mclaren Junior in exchange for discounted rear end components.

      Who are you talking about?

      1. Magnusson/Van Dorne

    3. @coefficient, I do not agree with your assessment.
      First, there is not much to differentiate money power between FI and Sauber, just because the performance has fallen after mid-season doesn’t mean they are financially weaker.
      Secondly, Sauber had to stretch their 2013 campaign to much later into the season which is likely to put them in the backfoot for 2014 and FI with good headstart and much touted superior Mercedes engine, looks to be ahead of the campaign in 2014.
      It won’t be as bad a move to again move back to FI for Hulk.

      1. Yes it will. Sauber are now the beneficiaries of Russian Millions and Kaltneborn has openly stated that keeping Hulk is an option. On top of that the Ferrari engine is highly unlikely to be a lemon so I doubt that is much of a concern. Force India’s title sponser is facing bankruptcy and the team principal/owner is constantly battling tax feuds and pay disputes. Hardly a glowing reference for his current financial health. The Force India factory is not a patch on the Sauber one. Sauber is widely heralded with owning one the best wind tunnels in the world, never mind F1. With the Russian roubles they will be able to afford to operate it properly. Sauber also does it’s own manufacturing in house meaning upgrades are quicker to produce. Force India sub-contracts manufacturing and aero work because their own facilities are out of date which all slows down the development process. Another spanner in the works is the fact that Williams have invested heavily in their technical staff and equipment recently and recruited one of the top designers in F1 to get them back where they belong. They also have your “much touted” Mercedes engine next year and 2 wind tunnels to play with so to my mind Force India is looking less and less attractive next year. The fact they are considering being a finishing school for young Magnusson next year suggests they need a discount on their Mclaren gearboxes/transmission/rear suspension etc.

  6. Magnussen and Bianchi! If you do that, Marussia I will be your biggest fan. I’m gonna buy a Marussia cap!

  7. Todd (@braketurnaccelerate)
    18th October 2013, 10:40

    FI needs to dump both their drivers and start over. Sutil has been in F1 for far too long and hasn’t provided any notable moments (that I can really remember). And Di Resta is just Di Resta…

    Unfortunately Caprisun and Medion’s money is probably too enticing to FI to dump Sutil.

  8. Stoffel Vandoorne refused a F1 seat for next year …

  9. Renault: “[next year] if you go flat out then you will not make the finish.” So proven drivers will be limited by artificial tyres, artificial DRS-aerodynamics, artificial sized fuel-tanks, artificial pay drivers, artificial Tilke-tracks, artificial one-blocking-move rules, artificial steward penalties and reprimands … I could go on …

    What the heck is wrong with giving real drivers a real car and a real track and letting them race as fast as they can?

  10. Do I think Di Resta is good enough to be one of the 22 drivers on the grid? Yes. Do I think he’ll be in the sport next year? I’m not sure, to be honest. Either way, I wouldn’t see getting pushed out of Force India as a bad thing. We’ve never seen a driver move up the grid from Force India (okay, Hulkenberg moved, but it was more of a side-step) and they just tend to, I don’t know, stick there. It’s a bit of a curse at that team I think!

    Perhaps to stop banging on about top seats and considering a similar side-step wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Because at Force India, he can get occasional top 6 finishes, as is expected from a good driver driving for a top-end midfield team – but it’s clearly not getting him noticed.

  11. Why would Catalunya want to share a GP w/ that container port over in Valencia? Sheesh. Qué tonto!

  12. Paul has a huge advantage he is willing to drive for the smallest salary in F1, a key fact in staying a FI this year, but will be hard to stat if Chilton comes in FI bringing also money.

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