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Honda releases audio sample of 2015 engine noise

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Honda has given a foretaste of what its V6 turbo engine will sound like when it makes its Formula One comeback with McLaren in 2015.

The Japanese engine manufacturer has released a sample audio clip of its engine being revved.

Honda will base its European racing operations at Milton Keynes and begin work there in June next year.

Honda Motor Europe president Manabu Nishimae said: “It?s exciting to hear the cry of our new born Formula One engine for the first time.”

“Our engineers are working hard to develop the engine and we are all looking forward to the start of the 2015 season.”

Mercedes earlier gave a preview of the sound of their engine built to the new-for-2014 rules.

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    1. This new engine formula will sound great, for a preview watch indycar! I am all for new engine formulas, the sound is irrelevent when you are absorbed watching a race. F1 is constantly changing- car shapes, engine sound, but the people that complain most are the ones that have only watched f1 for a few years, so the changes feel more dramatic, but that is how f1 is, it changes very often. There are people who say that a screaming v10 is what an f1 car should sound like, but how many years was v10 used out of the history of f1? 15% of the years? and v12 even much less,maybe 5% by 10% of teams. any.form of engine, twin, triple, i4, v4,v6, i6, v8, v10, v12,v16 and turbo variations can sound great at highly tuned states

    2. Wait for it, F1 car approaching!


    3. I am a bit concerned by this engine note… sounds like a palm sander.

    4. David not Coulthard (@)
      19th October 2013, 1:01

      Milton Keynes?

      Red Bull Acura Racing-Honda?

    5. Screw the haters, this video will give anybody goosebump who grew up watching F1 in the late 80’s… if you close your eyes and listen it harkens back to the days of senna’s amazing onboards…

    6. OMG that’s awful!

    7. Sound a little like the auto rickshaw I take in India.

    8. OMG! I am not really exciting with that F1 engine’s sound…so sad!

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