Nigel Mansell, Williams, 2011

Mansell slams ‘disgraceful’ 2014 weight limits

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Nigel Mansell, Williams, 2011In the round-up: Nigel Mansell believes the car weight limits to be imposed on cars from next season are ‘disgraceful’.


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Nigel Mansell: F1 weight limits for 2014 ‘disgraceful’ (BBC)

??In years gone by, we didn’t have traction control or power steering – you had to be a strong driver and there were a lot of strong drivers. If you had this weight limit, they wouldn’t have been able to drive cars many years ago – or they would have driven with great difficulty.??

McLaren defends Sergio Perez’s performance (Autosport)

Martin Whitmarsh: ??I think Checo was racing well too. Where we were, he should have able to get seventh or eighth. Considering where we are at the moment, I think the last two or three races he has raced very well indeed.??

Grosjean?s Confidence High For Indian GP (SPEED)

Grosjean: ??I?m feeling really good with the car, my confidence is getting higher with every race and I?m very happy with the team. So, I?ll keep working hard to improve the areas that need improving, and we?ll keep pushing for top results right to the end of the season.??

Lotus: Second in the championship ??very attainable? (

Eric Boullier: ??Of course, we all know that anything can happen in this sport, but second place would be an amazing result so we?ll push as hard as we can and you never know what might happen.??

Maldonado exit opens Williams door for Massa (

??Pastor Maldonado’s exit at Williams could pave the way for Felipe Massa, the Brazilian newspaper O Estado de S.Paulo is reporting. Correspondent Livio Oricchio claims talks between Venezuelan Maldonado’s management and sponsors, and bosses of the Grove based team, are taking place now.??

The future of Formula 1?s strategy (Autosport+)

??On Monday, most of Formula 1’s great and good will congregate at Sapphire House, situated in Churchill Way, just off the A233 on the perimeter of Biggin Hill Airport.??

Photos show there is progress being made on New Jersey Formula One circuit (Autoweek)

??Check out these pictures, uploaded to the image sharing site Imgur today. The poster said they are from two to three weeks ago.??

Indian Grand Prix: The story behind the trophy (NDTV)

??The trophy comprises aspects of sports, technology, glamour, entertainment and youth all rolled into one masterpiece. It displays elements of both modern and traditional India.??


Comment of the day

Honda have given F1 fans a sample of how their 2015 V6 turbo engine will sound. But reader bebilou is more interested in how the new engines will sound up close.

Not too bad, wait and s?? hear :-)

Anyway, it?s impossible to listen a sample on the internet and compare it with the real sound: and when I say ??real?, I mean on the track, with the car 10m from you.

Anyone who went on location to a F1 Grand Prix knows what I mean: it?s like comparing the sound of thunder on your TV and when the thunder strikes the ground 100m from you. There is no comparison.

I?m quite confident the turbo engines will be impressive to listen ??live?, like the V8 are today. Different, but still impressive.

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Reviewing the entrants for this year’s Macau Formula 3 Grand Prix.

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Lewis Hamilton dominated the Chinese Grand Prix five years ago today, putting him on course for the world championship.

The only driver who could keep him from the crown was Ferrari’s Felipe Massa, who was elevated into second place when team mate Kimi Raikkonen let him past. Raikkonen will return to Ferrari next year alongside Fernando Alonso.