Daniil Kvyat gets Toro Rosso drive for 2014

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Toro Rosso have confirmed Russian driver Daniil Kvyat will race for them in 2014 in place of Daniel Ricciardo.

Kvyat will partner Jean-Eric Vergne, who remains at the team for a third season. The 19-year-old Russian driver is currently second in the GP3 category with two races remaining.

Daniil Kvyat, Toro Rosso, Silverstone, Young Drivers' Test, 2013He also appeared at most of this year’s European Formula Three races, winning once at Zandvoort. He tested for Toro Rosso at Silverstone earlier this year.

“We are pleased to continue our policy of bringing on drivers from the Red Bull Junior Programme,” said team principal Franz Tost.

“He impressed our team with a strong performance and very informative technical feedback at the young driver test in Silverstone. This suggests that the basic qualities from which he can progress are all in place. Daniil can be sure that we will use all our experience of training youngsters to give him the best possible start to his Formula One career.”

Kvyat said his promotion to the team was “a dream come true”.

“I want to thank Red Bull and Toro Rosso for giving me this priceless opportunity,” he said. “Ever since I began karting, I wanted to get to Formula One and now that wish will become reality next season.”

“I had a brief taste of working with the Toro Rosso team, when I drove for them at the Silverstone test and I enjoyed the experience very much. The fact I am based in Italy and speak Italian will, I am sure, help me to become part of the team very quickly.”

Kvyat will be the second Russian driver to race in F1 following Vitaly Petrov. Russia will hold its first round of the world championship next year. Sauber are also considering promoting Russian driver Sergey Sirotkin to their team for next year.

Formula Renault 3.5 driver Antonio Felix da Costa had previously been tipped to take Ricciardo’s place at the team.

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186 comments on Daniil Kvyat gets Toro Rosso drive for 2014

  1. Deej92 (@deej92) said on 21st October 2013, 20:57

    I’m not going to pretend I know a lot about Kvyat. All I do know is he’s done well in GP3, but that’ll be quite a big step up to F1. Therefore, does anyone know if he brings a lot of sponsorship with him?

    • Prisoner Monkeys (@prisoner-monkeys) said on 22nd October 2013, 8:28

      @deej92 – His car doesn’t carry any unique sponsorship. MW Arden run Kvyat, Sainz Jnr. and Robert Visoiu in GP3. Of the three, only Kvyat and Sainz Jnr. drive cars with Red Bull backing. Visoiu has CONARG – a Romanian construction company – all over his car.

      So if Kvyat brings sponsorship to the team, it’s only something he acquired recently. Oil and gas giants Lukoil and Gazprom would be the most likely candidates, possibly as a replacement for CEPSA and Nova Chemicals (who are owned by the same company). However, Lukoil and Gazprom are partially owned by the state, and the Russian government has thrown its support behind Sirotkin. It’s unlikely they would back Kvyat, too. So if Kvyat has sponsorship, it’s probably from the private sector.

      Until more information comes to light, I can only assume that his sponsors are comparethemarket.com.au, an Australian health insurance service that features a Russian-accented meerkat (don’t ask) as its mascot.

      • Deej92 (@deej92) said on 22nd October 2013, 20:36

        We unfortunately have to endure the Russia-accented meerkats in the UK as well!
        Lukoil seem sponsored him in Formula BMW (just going on images). We haven’t heard anything of Cepsa and Nova Chemicals leaving as of yet so perhaps his promotion is mostly down to talent, and perhaps also in the hope of selling more Red Bulls in Russia. Thanks for the info.

  2. RC (@) said on 21st October 2013, 21:02

    Not a big surprise if you have read Dr. Marko’s interviews over past 2-3 months.

    GP3 or not, he loves those who win races at these levels, not those who just end up scoring points.

    He’s been looking to find the next BIG talent, not just a midlevel F1 driver.

    “He said Ricciardo’s eventual successor will be “someone from the junior programme and not just with the potential as a formula one driver, but to fight for victories and titles. “That’s quite a different thing,” said Marko.”

    • Patrick (@paeschli) said on 21st October 2013, 21:12

      Thats why Felipe Nasr was never an option: consistent but not fast enough to be the next Hamilton.

      • RC (@) said on 21st October 2013, 21:17


        Once we understand what he’s looking for, it becomes very clear about his choices. It has nothing to do with the driver being Russian or brings (or will bring) dollars etc. They are in a luxury position to groom the next Vettel (or Hamilton, Alonso etc).

  3. Ed Marques (@edmarques) said on 21st October 2013, 21:04

    Money, that’s the only explanation.

    • Prisoner Monkeys (@prisoner-monkeys) said on 22nd October 2013, 5:43

      @edmarques – I agree. Money is obviously the only thing that got him the seat. It’s not like he has the talent to race the likes of Stoffel Vandoorne for a title … except that he did. And it’s not like he had a strong season in GP3 before making a guest appearance in a Formula 3 race where he qualified on pole against the likes of Raffaele Marciello … except that he did that, too.

      People point to the way da Costa split a GP3 and Formula Renault 3.5 Series campaign and stayed competitive in both last year as one if the main reasons why he should get into Formula 1. But Kvyat has done exactly the same thing this year in GP3 and European Formula 3. However, because he’s not da Costa, you immediately assume he’s nothing more than a pay driver. I invite you to forget about 2012 and look over some of the races this year: Kvyat has been competitive in everything he has driven, whilst da Costa has been all over the place. People don’t think much of Sergey Sirotkin, but Sirotkin was battling with da Costa all year long. If Sirotkin really is as bad as people make out, then what does that say about da Costa? And why would you still pick da Costa over Kvyat?

      • Howard (@howard) said on 22nd October 2013, 9:45

        It’s this perception that some drivers from certain countries or region are less worthy deserving of drivers than compared to say drivers from Europe who have historically had much more drivers.

      • Ed Marques (@edmarques) said on 22nd October 2013, 23:06

        Wow he must be a genius that i don’t recognize…
        He is going to F1 to early, IMO. And the explanation that he impressed on a 20 lap test sound like BS to me. I could be wrong, next year we will find out.

  4. AdrianMorse (@adrianmorse) said on 21st October 2013, 21:14

    I am shocked, to be honest. I haven’t followed the FR3.5 season closely, but I feel Da Costa still had the speed this year, especially in the races, even if the results didn’t come as easily as they did last year. But motorsport is difficult, and many factors can conspire to prevent a driver from getting results. I guess Red Bull would know best what the reasons were that Antonio did not get the results that were expected of him this year, but still. His hot streak at the end of last year was surely one of the most impressive ever in the junior categories.

    I guess the timing is unfortunate for Da Costa. If a vacancy had occurred one year earlier at Toro Rosso, he would certainly have gotten the seat. It would be nice if another F1 team would be clever enough to get him, but without any budget that doesn’t look very realistic for 2014 (I assume he has no budget yet).

    As for the signing of Kyvat, he is certainly a promising driver, but I would find it a great pity if Toro Rosso is the next team to go shopping for pay drivers. But perhaps Helmut Marko has identified him as the youngster with the highest potential, who knows.

    • Patrick (@paeschli) said on 21st October 2013, 21:30

      He hasn’t competed in GP2 or FR 3.5 but Kvyat was impressive in the lower categories so I think we must not write him off before the season has begun.

      Sad for da Costa, he’ll probably never join F1 …

    • toiago (@toiago) said on 21st October 2013, 21:58

      It has been said that some russion investors pushed for him to get the seat at Toro Rosso, but nothing has been confirmed yet. And I agree with you, the timing wasn’t ideal for Da Costa, and this year’s misfortunes cost him dearly when the time came, despite him being a very good driver, on par with Magnussen and Vandoorne I believe.

  5. That’s quite shocking. I thought that Da Costa was going to get that seat easily. He has been a bit disappointing this year in FR 3.5, but he has shown that he is still a very good driver, I’m very surprised that he is not going to Toro Rosso. I wonder what he is going to do next year.

    On the other hand, I think Kvyat deserves a shot. Maybe it’s a bit early, but for sure he is a better choice than Carlos Sainz Jnr. I hope he does well.

  6. d3v0 (@d3v0) said on 21st October 2013, 21:23

    I’ve literally never heard of him. I have watched GP2, GP3, Formula 3, WSR3.5, all pretty consistently in the past 3 years. Not religiously, and I dont follow the news of their drivers, but I have watched more than a handful of races of each series.

    Who is this guy?

  7. JackySteeg (@jackysteeg) said on 21st October 2013, 21:36

    So 2014 seems to be the put-a-Russian-teenager-in-an-F1-car-several-years-before-he’s-ready year. Much like Sirotkin, Kvyat could well be the next Seb Vettel, but that won’t matter if he blows his chance simply because he’s not at his peak. A mistake by Red Bull, in my view. Although I’ve never rated AFdC as highly as others, I would definitely have picked him over Kvyat.

    • Patrick (@paeschli) said on 21st October 2013, 21:43

      I’ve heard 4 names for the Toro Rosso seat: da Costa, Kvyat, Sainz Jr. and Nasr. I would have picked da Costa but Kvyat would definitely be my 2nd choice. He won more races than Vandoorne in 2012 in the FR 2.0 championship!

      But if you would have to choose between Sirotkin and Kvyat, I think everyone would have picked Kvyat.

    • Mike Dee (@mike-dee) said on 21st October 2013, 21:49

      I entirely agree, although in my view, Kvyat is still a better choice than Sirotkin. At least, he is 1 1/2 years older, and his results are better as well (besides GP3, he also had pretty good results in Formula 3 as a guest driver this year).

  8. Mike Dee (@mike-dee) said on 21st October 2013, 21:40

    Kvyat could also still win the GP3 title. He only need to score 7 points more than Regalia in the two remaining races (at Abu Dhabi), with 48 points still on the table. He had a slightly better run than Regalia, too, in the last races, so it is not at all unlikely.

  9. Colm Lynn (@99-colm) said on 21st October 2013, 21:40

    F1 is going to have a real talent gap in 5-7 years time

  10. PMccarthy_is_a_legend (@pmccarthy_is_a_legend) said on 21st October 2013, 21:44

    Daniil who?

  11. Jack (@jmc200) said on 21st October 2013, 21:55

    Anyone who says this is all about money has literally no idea what they’re talking about. Dany is super fast from what I’ve seen this year, loads of potential. FDC has never really excited me, he’d make a competent F1 driver, but Marko’s “the best or nothing” attitude strikes again. Kvyat is really bloody fast, but he’s not ready, not yet, I hope it doesn’t ruin his chances like Jaime. Also does anyone know if Red Bull will retain Da Costa? They’re not totally convinced by him obviously, but I thought those rumours were a bit unbelievable about Toro Rosso not being convinced by him, obviously not!

    • toiago (@toiago) said on 21st October 2013, 22:03

      Are you really not convinced by Da Costa? You surely didn’t follow the end to last year’s FR3.5 season. And this season still, he was very good. It wasn’t his fault that his car let him down plenty of times, otherwise he wouldn’t have been in contention all the time for the title, and not sidelined so early in the campaigne.

      • Jack (@jmc200) said on 21st October 2013, 22:25

        Oh yeah, he is really good, and I would have put him in now, but I think, and Red Bull must, that he’s not quite champion material, and Kvyat has shown loads of speed in a short career, whereas apart from last year Da Costa has never looked Vettel-like fast. I’m not saying he isn’t good, but I think Kvyat’s really really fast.

        • toiago (@toiago) said on 21st October 2013, 22:29

          Well, I’m not in a position to judge Kvyat’s talent because I haven’t followed in much until now, apart from his Toro Rosso test back in july, when I heard of him for the first time. But still, in my opinion he can’t be that much better than da Costa for the latter to be overlooked in such a ruthless way.

          • Jack (@jmc200) said on 21st October 2013, 22:33

            No, but If he has money that will always help, but it’s wrong for people to think he’s a pay driver, Red Bull only take drivers they think can cut it, and drop those who can’t. Again, I do think da Costa’s good, but if Kvyat wins the GP3 title, people will see him a lot differently.

        • Jack (@jmc200) said on 21st October 2013, 22:31

          Really fast, but not ready. Way better than Sirotkin, who is probably the worst pay rookie is recent years…maybe apart from Chilton, but hopefully Magnessun will replace him.

          • toiago (@toiago) said on 21st October 2013, 22:34

            At leats he seems in much better shape for a “Raikkonen” than Sirotkin, who’s had a very average season in FR3.5.

  12. oliveiraz33 (@oliveiraz33) said on 21st October 2013, 22:08

    Money 1 – 0 Da Costa

  13. Juan Pablo Heidfeld (@juan-pablo-heidfeld-1) said on 21st October 2013, 22:09

    Surely 19 is too young??

  14. Juan Pablo Heidfeld (@juan-pablo-heidfeld-1) said on 21st October 2013, 22:11

    (posted by Forza Bianchi on another forum
    Silverstone Young Driver Test
    1. Ricciardo – 1:32.972 (Day 2)
    2. Sainz – 1:33.016 (Day 2)
    3. Vernge – 1:33.647 (Day 3)
    4. Cecotto – 1:34.193 (Day 1)
    5. Kvyat – 1:35.281 (Day 3)

    Obviously fuel loads could be different but Kvyat is the slowest of those who drove for Toro Rosso (and excluding Caterham and Marussia drivers, the only driver who was slower than Kvyat was Kimiya Sato in the Sauber).

    • Markedly so it appears too. I hope he proves a match for Vergne at least, otherwise this’ll look like a bad decision.

      But then, Vettel was a whole 3 seconds slower than Webber on his first test: look how that turned out! Vettel easily has a 3 tenth average advantage over Webber.

    • RC (@) said on 21st October 2013, 22:33

      Hmm.. this is why us armchair qb can’t predict performance from a few misleading #s.

      Simple fact: GP3 this year, same team, and both aged 19. One guy has two wins, another best placed 3. You pick who you want to promote for next big thing.

  15. Slr (@slr) said on 21st October 2013, 22:25

    Damn, I now for first time have to experience that horrible feeling of watching a Formula One race knowing there is someone in it who younger than me. :(

    • RC (@) said on 21st October 2013, 22:34

      Haha.. good one, been there, done that. its a naked truth feeling :(

    • MattDS said on 23rd October 2013, 7:43

      Well I’m 31 now. I don’t feel old at all, yet I’m starting to realize there’s not too much drivers older than me in F1.
      After a quick check, it’s even worse than I realized. In 2014 there will be just 3 drivers older than me: Button, Alonso and Raikkonen.

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