Fernando Alonso helmet, 2013 Indian Grand Prix

Alonso to celebrate points record on Indian GP helmet

2013 Indian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Fernando Alonso helmet, 2013 Indian Grand PrixFernando Alonso will mark his record F1 points tally with a special helmet design for the Indian Grand Prix.

Alonso became F1’s all-time highest points scorer at the Japanese Grand Prix, reaching a tally of 1,571 points, surpassing Michael Schumacher’s previous record of 1,566.

The two totals don’t bear direct comparison as the value of different finishing positions has changed many times in F1 history. For example a win was originally value at eight points, Schumacher scored ten for each of his 91 victories, and 25 points has been given to race winners since 2010.

Alonso’s helmet also carries a message of thanks to his fans in English, French and Italian.

“To see my name leading the points record for a sport like Formula One is something I never imagined,” said Alonso after claiming the record in Japan. “Thanks to everyone!”

See here for a list of every F1 world champions’ points totals adjusted to the current scoring system:

Fernando Alonso Indian Grand Prix helmet

2013 Indian Grand Prix

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  1. I really feel inclined to address some of you out there, it seems over the last 4 a little war has broken out between Vettel supporters and Alonso supporters. Why does every article about one of these two drivers have to turn into a kindergarten discussion? Is it so hard to just try and get along and have respect for the others decision to back another driver. and I as an Alonso supporter am talking to BOTH sides here! If only some of you could be like @vettel1, who has constantly proven to be an admirer of Vettel and have respect for other drivers out there. I’m starting to turn away from F1 fanatic because of these pointless discussions. Something needs to change or else I’m going to be forced to stop reading F1 fanatic. At least the comment section.

    Back on topic: I like this helmet even if the stat isn’t that impressive considering the rule change, but a stat is a stat.

    1. Dislike is one thing, absolute loathing is quite another

  2. I do feel it’s a bit, I don’t know, attention grabbing to celebrate this “record”. But a lot of records are meaningless in Formula 1 I suppose. The number of wins for example, amount of races, number of poles, number of consecutive point finishes, fastest laps, you name it. Formula 1 has changed many times over the course of time; there are more races than ever, top 10 finishers now get points, cars are much, much more reliable, qualifying format has changed many times, circuits have changed, engines have changed. This would mark many records as debatable, because there’s no way you can compare Formula 1 today with Formula 1 in the 50s. As they say, there are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.

  3. Cringeworthy.

  4. I’m surprised, to be honest. After last race Alonso himself said that this record was not significant.
    I don’t know, it feels weird. He didn’t celebrate at all two weeks ago in Japan, he didn’t seem to care about it too much.

  5. IMO, absolute numbers always look impressive, but I think more relevant statistics would be average points/start or average % (cutting out outliers of course) of the maximum achievable points.
    In that aspect, Juan Manuel Fangio makes drivers like Alonso, Schumacher and Vettel eat dirt. An average of 17.12 points per race (under current points), or 68.5% of the maximum points achievable, that is insane. He had a short carreer compared to drivers nowadays, but he made almost literally the most out of it. By far the best records belong to him.

    1. +1 Totally agree, that man had petrol in his veins for sure.

    2. Yes, Fangio is the best in nearly all the percentage stats, which nullify the effect of having entered fewer races. However Luigi Fagioli got 6 podiums in seven races which is really impressive.

  6. The mere mention of Alonso seems to ignite something in a few people. I think he will not care one bit what me or the other fans think about what he does.

    Sometimes having a hard shell is required to achieve what the other 99% don’t. The man himself has said that the stat is meaningless. But the stat is ‘true’ irrespective of how it was achieved.

    Can’t blame a man for stating the truth.

    1. @evered7 but he’s celebrating a dud statistic, which I don’t really see the point in if I’m honest.

  7. Seems a bit pointless.

  8. noun
    a person filled with excessive and single-minded zeal, especially for an extreme religious or political cause:
    religious fanatics
    informal a person with an obsessive interest in and enthusiasm for a particular activity:
    a fitness fanatic
    filled with or expressing excessive zeal:
    his eyes had a fanatic iciness

    Oxford dictionary.

    While we are at f1 fanatic I find all these comments rather normal, from both sides (pro and con the record, do not think in Alonso / Vettel ) :-)

  9. @keithcollantine Can Alonso wear this helmet? Wasn’t there a rule about helmets not being allowed to carry any words that can be read from the on board camera?

  10. LOL, I’m so impressed! After Seb has been taking him to school the past 4 years I suppose Freddy desperately needs something to “celebrate”.

  11. Next it’ll be Maldonaldo with a “Most Race Cars Crashed in a Career” helmet with a debris littered livery. Or Max Chilton’s famed “Most Times Lapped in Career” helmet with a blue flag flying unproudly from it’s top.

    …let’s keep the liveries and the champagne for something ACTUALLY important. Like the day that someone not named Sebastien Vettel wins a WDC.

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