Indian court to rule on whether Sunday’s race should be cancelled

2013 Indian Grand Prix

Start, Buddh International CircuitIndia’s Supreme Court will deliberate tomorrow whether Sunday’s grand prix at the Buddh International Circuit should go ahead.

Campaigner Amit Kumar has brought a petition before the court claiming the race should not go ahead, arguing the organisers have not paid tax owed on last year’s race.

Kumar previously succeeded in blocking the F1 race from receiving tax-exempt status from the Uttar Pradesh government.

Race organisers Jaypee Sports told the BBC: “Whatever the court says, we are ready to follow.”

The Indian Grand Prix has already lost its place on the 2014 F1 calendar and the political disputes surrounding the race have cast doubt on whether it will return in 2015.

If Sunday’s race were cancelled and not replaced, there would be insufficient points available in the remaining three races for Sebastian Vettel to be beaten to the drivers’ championship or for Red Bull to be stopped from winning the constructors’ championship.

2013 Indian Grand Prix

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123 comments on Indian court to rule on whether Sunday’s race should be cancelled

  1. Marciare_o_Marcire (@marciare-o-marcire) said on 24th October 2013, 22:46

    I think that canceling the race would be a massive and very effective statement against internationalization and the detrimental process of global integration which hides behind a facade of commercial interests. Therefore I sincerely hope that the Indian authorities will ruthlessly crush the GP. Who knows, it might kick off a slow process of bringing F1 back to Europe where it belongs. And anyone who doesn’t agree with me is either Indian or lying.

    • JerseyF1 (@jerseyf1) said on 25th October 2013, 1:58

      Erm…interesting. You really think a European Championship would be more prestigious than a World Championship? No Thanks.

      F1 belongs on a global stage with athletes from all over the world competing for a World Title. I don’t think returning to a handful of enthusiasts with a bag of spanners and an aristocratic driver with a suitcase of cash driving an old lorry round Europe is ever really going to happen.

  2. Ivan (@wpinrui) said on 25th October 2013, 1:51

    If the race is really cancelled, and if it never returned, then wouldn’t Vettel be the only winner of the Indian Grand Prix? I wonder if that’s ever happened before.

    • bharat (@bharat141) said on 25th October 2013, 5:12

      Vettel will not only be the only winner of Indian GP but will be the only man to have led all the laps competed on Indian soil. I cant remember of hearing any such record before.

  3. d3v0 (@d3v0) said on 25th October 2013, 3:45

    Anyone else feel like slapping the crap out of these negligent Indian Organizers?

  4. Loup Garou (@loup-garou) said on 25th October 2013, 6:24

    Calm down guys! They are into the first Practice and at least that’s a start.

  5. bharat (@bharat141) said on 25th October 2013, 7:23

    its a go ahead for the grand prix as the court has postponed the hearing to next week.

  6. Illusive (@illusive) said on 25th October 2013, 9:14

    I don’t know why the organizers choose UP out of all the states in India, it would have been better if the track was built in more developed and better governed states like Punjab/Haryana, TN, Karnataka or maybe even Uttarkhand because its a beautiful tourist state with beautiful terrain.

  7. Ambik (@ambikm) said on 25th October 2013, 9:43

    As everything is political in our country their is no surprise that every privately organised events ends up into hiccups. Everyone looks out for issues and wants to drain out as much money as possible making it very political but having said that India on the other hand have a huge youth population who are following as much of Formula 1 as Cricket and know how among the youths are spectacular but sadly youths don’t run this country.We have created a spectacular circuit no doubt about that but parallely very little has been done do promote the sport. Formula 1 needs more time in a country like India and some right political situations(which currently is not). But Formula 1 has a huge potential in India and vice-verse. Is it a sport or an entertainment is actually a political debate between various ******* in our government who similarly screams about IPL being a celebrity event rather than a sporting event. Hence I am not worried about it.I would have been worried if our famous sporting figures would have called it so but that has never been the case. Hence I wish days will change and will again have this race here and also in the distant future with a potentially good Indian F1 driver driving a front end car.
    I am sure and hopeful that the effort made by the Jaypee group and the Indian Motorsport federation will not go in vein.

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