Eric Boullier, Romain Grosjean, Lotus, Suzuka, 2013

Boullier expects to confirm Grosjean deal “soon”

2014 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Eric Boullier, Romain Grosjean, Lotus, Suzuka, 2013Romain Grosjean is set to remain at Lotus for a third season as team principal Eric Boullier said he is close to confirming his deal for next year.

“Romain has a contract signed anyway for next year,” said Boullier. “It?s just, say, a matter of confirmation. We are being prudent after last obviously. But I think it?s on its way to be confirmed soon.”

Boullier said the team were “definitely pleased with his performance, since Germany actually”.

“Clearly, something switched on and he is working better. I mean the same tyre story as well, the latest spec of tyres suit a little bit more his driving style than [Kimi Raikkonen’s] one.

“But yes, we are pleased that he is stepping up. We don?t have a policy of driver number one and number two but we needed him obviously to step up, yes.”

Boullier added he hopes to have the identity of Grosjean’s team mate confirmed within “a few days”. Last year’s GP2 champion Davide Valsecchi is the team’s reserve driver but Boullier said he preferred to put an experienced driver in the seat.

“Davide is on the list but to bring to the grid next year a driver with no experience is a huge step for them – I?ve done it twice with them, first with [Vitaly] Petrov and then with a semi-rookie Grosjean and I think I?ve had enough to be honest with you.

“Davide is on the list because we consider him as a good driver, as a GP2 champion but it?s true that if you favour a scenario for next year it will be a driver with experience. If we cannot find any driver with experience, fitting the strategy of the team, obviously we will go for a rookie driver and then Davide is obviously on the top of the list. It looks harsh, I?m sorry but it?s true.”

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19 comments on “Boullier expects to confirm Grosjean deal “soon””

  1. It’s good he is honest to Davide Valsecchi :)

  2. future GP2 champs have no guaranteed seats

  3. David not Coulthard (@)
    25th October 2013, 16:58

    …The Incredible Hulk?

    1. I hope so!

  4. the identity of Grosjean’s team mate confirmed within “a few days”.

    Nico Hulk + Roman – the best option for Lotus

    1. Looking at the points table from last year and this year. I don’t see how Grosjean can be best option for Lotus.

      They should grab Bianchi, he is French. And Perez for his money, let Hulk go to McLaren!

      1. Bianchi has signed with Marussia.

      2. Have you not seen his upturn in form (Especually at Suzuka like hello) or are you just biased against him noe that he’s regularly outqualifying your favourite driver? Seriously.

  5. Hulkenberg is the main option, but if their investment deal doesn’t come or come too late, then it’s Maldonado…

    1. I’ve heard this as well, and I think it would be a shame to choose Maldonado over Valsecchi. Yes Maldonado is a race winner, yes he’s capable of being consistent, but he’s also prone to driving in a red mist and I don’t see why Lotus should put Valsecchi’s career even further in the ground for a driver like Maldonado.

      1. I don’t see why Lotus should put Valsecchi’s career even further in the ground for a driver like Maldonado.

        umm, perhaps to benefit the Lotus team, since that’s what said team exists for, not for the betterment of David who? Valsecchi.

        1. “umm”
          Yes it would be a far better benefit for Lotus to hire Pastor PDVSA Maldonado

      2. Maldonado does have experience, he even won a race. The guy is seriously fast when he has a fast car to drive. And the millions will pay the repair bills as well.

  6. You have to admire EB for trying to keep Lotus in the headlines.

    Grosjean at Lotus for 2014 is hardly news lol, Grosjean somewhere else would be news.

  7. please not maldonado. i’d have to stop supporting lotus f1 team and only support grosjean.

  8. WilliamB (@william-brierty)
    25th October 2013, 22:42

    I’ve got a horrible feeling that Maldonado is going to Lotus.

    1. I can’t wait! Go Pastor! Venga! Venga venga venga!

  9. Clearly Davide Valsecchi will never get an F1 race seat. So Davide my advice to you is get as far away as you can from this paydriver Formula which happens to be called Formula One and go race in some proper professional category.

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