Vettel “probably the best we’ve had” – Ecclestone

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Sebastian Vettel, Bernie Ecclestone, Monza, 2011In the round-up: Bernie Ecclestone sings Sebastian Vettel’s praises.


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Ecclestone Says Vettel?s F1 Dominance Isn?t Hurting TV Ratings (Bloomberg)

“It?s difficult to be sure who is the best. People don?t know how many titles [Ayrton] Senna would have won, but Vettel is probably the best we?ve had. People complain about him winning everything but the racing is good.”

Sunday’s Indian GP under threat of cancellation (The Telegraph)

“I don?t think it endangers the race in any way whatsoever.”

‘Financial trouble’ delaying Grosjean’s future (ESPN)

“Everything is open for the future, I feel good here but I think they are trying to solve the financial trouble and it puts everything else on the back foot.”

Kvyat in Formula One on talent alone, says Horner (Reuters)

“The kid’s very quick. He’s definitely very quick, very naturally talented. He certainly has a lot to learn, he’s got a steep learning curve, but 100 percent he’s there on talent.”

McLaren to try radical set-up (Autosport)

“Here I have a set-up on my car that is completely different to any other race we have had the last couple of years – just to see where we are. It might help us next year.”

Pastor Maldonado, Williams, Melbourne, 2013Maldonado coy over 2014 plans (Sky)

“That money is not free, the drivers need to pay for that money, it’s current exchange. There is a programme in Venezuela for sport, education, care and so many other things. You can change money [at a] lower price and what I heard is that some drivers were changing money on preference price and then they were selling them on the second market.”

Interview with Mercedes’ Ross Brawn (F1)

“Next year we?ve got a great car. We are excited over the car that we are doing – it is such an exciting opportunity. You will see a big disparity between teams next year for the first time in a long time.”

Red Bull’s front floor secret unlocks huge potential (BBC)

“If Red Bull have found a way to lift the ‘tea tray’ away from the track as it gets hot, that will enable them to run a lower front ride-height at low speeds, and will mean a more constant gap from the ‘tea tray’ to the ground through a wider range of vehicle speeds.”

McLaren move drivers out of mosquito-infested hotel… but rest of staff are sent back despite problems of last year (Daily Mail)

“Martin Whitmarsh has moved himself and his McLaren drivers out of the hotel plagued by mosquitoes during last year?s Indian Grand Prix ? yet has sent most of his staff back there for Sunday?s race.”

The pros and cons of social media (MotorSport)

Alan Jones had had a bad day, and as I walked to the car park with him and Frank Williams he gave vent to his feelings, not least about Goodyear, who had recently made a mid-season return to F1 after a few months away, and in his opinion were falling short. ‘Please don?t say anything about Goodyear, Nige,’ Frank murmured, but Alan would have nothing of it. ‘No!’ he yelled, hurling his briefcase ?ǣ from some distance away ?ǣ into their car?s open boot. ‘Bloody write it! If you do, something might get done about it…'”

Indian Grand Prix Betting: Are you brave enough to bet against Vettel? (Unibet)

My Indian Grand Prix preview for Unibet.


Comment of the day

AldoG cheers Mark Webber’s belief that “you can have what cars you want but you?ve still got the best drivers out there then that?s the most important thing”:

I would carve this on marble. A couple of days ago I saw a picture of Lewis Hamilton and Timo Glock after Glock won a race somewhere, and I wrote here that it makes me feel very sad to see great drivers everywhere while at F1 maybe one third of the camp or more is made of mediocre ones.

Webber’s diagnosis (of teams being in increasing need of drivers who bring the cash) is, in my honest opinion, spot on. And that is what makes me think if F1 is really the top racing level any more.

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On this day in F1

Stuart Lewis-Evans died 55 years ago today, having succumbed to the injuries he sustained in a fiery crash at the Moroccan Grand Prix a few days earlier.

Images ?? Red Bull/Getty, Williams/LAT

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92 comments on Vettel “probably the best we’ve had” – Ecclestone

  1. ME4ME (@me4me) said on 25th October 2013, 12:23

    “Who is the all time best driver” always raises funny comments. And honestly, who do you believe? A long time F1-Boss with all the inside-info available, but who is politically biased, known to not always speak the thruth, or leave out important facts. OR, the majority of people (presenting themselves as “fans”), who are utterly bored by the current situation of Redbull+Vettel dominance, possibly biased and promoting “ther own driver”, and overly nostalgic making it impossible for anyone bar their own favorite driver to be “the best ever driver in F1″. The answer so this all is: you can’t believe any of these. What’s left are pure emotionless facts. But then again, the facts supposely don’t tell the whole story either. … Discussions about this topic will never end, we might as well enjoy it ^^

  2. Ron (@rcorporon) said on 25th October 2013, 15:21

    I find it hard to believe that the tired old “it the car” argument still gets trotted out… really?

    As for the “best of all time” that argument really comes down to opinion. I say Gilles Villeneuve, some say Alonso, some say Prost, Senna, Clark, etc, etc, etc.

    Vettel is one of the best today but he simply hasn’t been driving long enough to establish any kind of lasting legacy. Let’s have this discussion in another ten years or so.

    • Robbie said on 25th October 2013, 20:37

      I think you might as well get used to the ‘it’s the car’ argument because it will never go away. Why? Because if you look at the history of F1, in almost all cases the WDC winner had the WCC winning car. If it wasn’t the WCC winning car it was at least a very close 2nd place in the WCC.

      That said, of course it is and always will be up to the driver to not squander the equipment when he is fortunate enough to have it. And of course there are pressures that must be dealt with that come with leading races and leading the Championship and not throwing it away, once you have the best car. The hardest thing to do once on top is to stay on top.

      A driver will always be coloured by his car. If the car just isn’t there for him, then he doesn’t have anything to show otherwise that he is in fact of WDC level driver handcuffed to do anything about it. Critics can roll out their arguments that he is not great, not one of the greats, and he’ll have nothing to answer to the critics with until the next time he’s in a worthy car. And a driver in the best car, gets to look like he is the best and even get called that, even if in fact he is not the best driver out there. That said, wasn’t it last year or the year before that this site touted FA as the best driver of the year even though SV won the WDC, the perception being that FA did more with less car?

  3. BasCB (@bascb) said on 26th October 2013, 11:11

    All this talk about who is the greatest driver, and whether Vettel should be considered one of the greatest drivers in the sport. I really do not enjoy it.
    Senna was long considered to have been so by many, his untimely death played a role in it too. And some of his driving would now be considered to be outrageously dangerous. Schumacher smashed all records, but had also many questionmarks for as far as his ethics/ruthlessness. Prost won a lot but seemingly never got as much emotion. Fangio is too long ago for all but a few of us to remember and Clark was killed before his winning got boring.

    But in the end, there is no real comparison. I think we shouldn’t even try to judge the “greatness” of these drivers. I think that this year Vettel is stronger than ever. Still making hardly a mistake, getting great laps out of a great car, and making strategy work with timely passes when needed.

    And its really nice that he is the kind of guy to want to beat that poletime from 2011 and to go out and improve his own Q3 time, to set that fastest lap and I to go for the win. Sure, he can do it because he knows that his car is good enough (and reliable enough) that even if it doesn’T work out in Japan, it will be in India, or if not, the next race. But in the past we have seen a lot of drivers/teams playing it safe, just getting enough points to win. I for the life of me cannot imagine Vettel doing that, he would still just go for that win if he saw the opportunity. That makes him a genuine racer.
    The annoying finger and overly happy cries when he wins – again? I guess no one is perfect :-)

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