Start, Buddh International Circuit, 2013

Rate the race: 2013 Indian Grand Prix

2013 Indian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Start, Buddh International Circuit, 2013What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Indian Grand Prix.

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2013 Indian Grand Prix

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111 comments on “Rate the race: 2013 Indian Grand Prix”

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  1. Very strong races by Perez (nice to see that!) and Grosjean, Vettel had it under control.
    Since it’s historical, and their were some nice battles, it is an 8.

  2. I thought that it was great and Vettel’s namaskara at the end to salute his car was very appropriate in India where it will be appreciated.

  3. Chris (@tophercheese21)
    27th October 2013, 11:35


    Quite a decent race. As a Hamilton fan it was so frustrating seeing him constantly lose out in the traction zones to Felipe in that battle. Just couldn’t get him.
    There were some really good battles.

    And it’s gonna be interesting to see how Kimi’s relationship goes with Lotus after they swore at him to get out of the way.

    Congratulations to Vettel on the Championship. Great achievement. Sure now he must be in the same sentence with the all-time greats.

    And commiserations to Webber.

    1. Ham was well unlucky he should have pitted after Nico he would have jumped Felipe, yet instead he wrecks his tyres behind him. Its embarrasing how bad Merc are for Traction that car is so front end limited its crazy.

  4. Vettel Grosjean and Perez were superb. Lotus keeps doing things half and half (Red Bull too with Webber, but clinched both championships today. Entertaining really. an 8

  5. Didn’t enjoy the race to be honest but was impressed with Grosjean and it was great to see Sebs celebration at the end.

    He deserves his success and I think he is handling himself very well. Screw the boo boys. I’m not a fan or at least haven’t been but this booing situation has got me supporting him a lot more.

  6. True to my word, This will be the last F1 race I’ll watch this year.

    These tyres are pathetic & I think DRS is the biggest joke I’ve ever seen in any form of Motorsport.
    Combined they have both killed my love of F1 the past 3 years, I’ve seen Vettel win the championship & since I cannot stand the racing the way it is now I won’t be watching F1 any further this season.

    I’ll tune into the 1st races of 2014 to see how things are but if the tyres are still a joke & if DRS is still producing an endless stream of boringly, easy, bull, Unexciting highway passes then I’ll tune out & F1 will be dead to me.
    I’ve tried to stick with it but over the last 3 years DRS/Pirelli have sucked all my passion out & after around 40 years I simply cannot continue to watch something I’ve come to disdain.

    1. I feel your pain. DRS and Pirelli tyres are the worst thing that has ever happened to F1. My passion is at rock bottom and i almost felt nothing this race until Vettel was doing his donuts and throwing his gloves into the crowd. It hurts even more when the team/driver lineup is so strong yet the end result is so pathetic and unsatisfying. Why its not obvious to the powers that be will probably remain a mystery to me.

      I rated this race 5/10. Average.

      1. Guys, don’t blame Pirelli. It’s not their fault. They just respect the “contract”. The problem is FIA and Ecclestone. Could be any tyre make in their place. The only thing I can blame Pirelli for, but it’s just a suspicion, is that they accepted anything FIA/Ecclestone imposed them just to be accepted in F1. Being “attached” to F1 means better image, then better sales etc.

        1. Sorry, i should’ve been clearer. I meant FIA’s decision to ask Pirelli to make a sub standard tyre. I have nothing against Pirelli as a company – They’re only following instructions from a bunch of idiots.

  7. I actually enjoyed this one quite a bit, interesting strategies and apart from Vettel, an unexpected result. The racing was a little tame, I think that’s about as good as we’re going to get from this track though. A bonus point for the great atmosphere after the race, it really added to my enjoyment. 7/10.

  8. I liked the race. Gave it 8. I really hope it is back in 2015 and continues. The race proved that Pirelli’s choice of tyres for the previous two editions were too conservative. Given a few more races fans, I feel, will start liking it.

  9. Please dont take this as critisism guys, ive said it many times the guy is so cool under pressure 2010 was mega, but i just dont think its right to say yes he is the best. I know he as the stats to back it up, but do you guys agree RBull have been in another league for some time, its not just Seb lately even Webber is racing well and we know he is not the 2nd best driver. Nothing taken away from Seb though guys, i dont get the hatred for him, some may laugh becu]ause of multi 21 but i genuinely think he is 1 of the most humble driver around who agrees?

    Im so annoyed with Merc Ham was behind Ros all race and then they leave him out, how silly, Merc could never overtake in the straight. Why not bring Ham in after Ros he would have jumped Massa? And before anyone says well Ham would have run out of tyres anyway, i dont agree he got stuck behind Mr i get slower and slower during the race and wrecked his tyres. And im so happy for Gro this guy is really upped his game, Candice what do you have to say about Grosjean today? After yesterday critisising him.

  10. I vote 6 i like Vet performance(although why always Webber its getting tyresome now) he got the job done 4XWC congrats. Lol at Button well out performed, Perez should be kept i said it early on why keep Button when all he has over Perez is racecraft and Experiance, Perez is not even a good qualifyer yet But has not made him look silly. So why not keep someone who is young and has time on his side over a 33-34 year old? who is only getting worst, even the most staunch JB fan would admit he wont be winning a WTitle. Theiris more chance of Perez doing it than JB, Perez is getting better and But getting worst.

  11. 8. the race was ok but atleast the crowd had manners

    1. in relation to the booing

  12. Loved the donuts and the bow…. That was incredible !!!!

    1. Yep, it raised my rating of the race, celebration done right :)

  13. Gave it an 8. The race was decent, not very spectacular, and i felt a bit sad for Webber. But there were some good battles too. What made me vote 8 is mainly the atmosphere around the race. Great to see Vettel being genuily happy and do some donuts for the fans, and also finally getting the recognition he deserves. Also India and the fans showed why they deserve a spot on the F1 calandar. Great so see so many people being so entusiastic about racing.

  14. Again, congrats to Vettel and Red Bull. Deserved to win here and the championships.

    Meanwhile DRS pretty much annoyed me so much this race that I actually went off and made myself breakfast.. Twice. It’s good to see the drivers taking chances coming out of turn 4 to defend or take their position back, but then having to wait another lap to get on the other’s tail again is damn annoying. Seeing Hamilton having to resort to tactics and not overtaking before the second DRS zone for the 3rd or 4th time this season is pretty telling how the drivers feel about it.

    Meanwhile, the alternate strategies did not work at all, and this was pretty clear after 20-and-something laps.

    The longer battles were good to follow and Alonso’s non-DRS overtake was a stunner, but all in all it was a pretty standard 2013 GP. Voted a 6 because it was less terrible than Monaco and there was a nice quantity of battles.

    Vettel’s celebration and the crowd were fantastic, though.

    1. But at least you got double helpings for breakfast ;)

  15. Gave it a 4 accidentally, the last 10 laps were very interesting but DRS overtakes and the soft tyre degrading too quickly annoyed my quite a bit and the race had it’s boring parts. Grosjean had a great race from 17th on that one stopper and have to wonder what would have happened had he qualified higher up, also glad both Force Indias got into the points again :) Rate 6.

  16. The first part of the race was quite boring, though seeing cars pitting on lap 1 or 2 was a bit of a shock. It was quite strategic, and the running order was a bit false. But the end of the race was really thrilling : we could see battles everywhere, and we saw a lot of surprises, like Raïkkönen falling (again) from a comfortable 2nd place, while some underdogs were fighting their way to the top like Grosjean and Perez. And even if Vettel had an easy dominant win, he managed to entertain us with a really nice and welcomed celebration on the start/finish straight.

    I’m feeling generous because Perez had a tremendous race, so I’ve rated the race 8/10 !

  17. I really wanted to see Vettels fight through the field after his first pit stop properly.
    Instead, the director focused on the front of the grid.

  18. 1. Would’ve been zero if there was such an option. The track looks good but consistently produces bad racing. Won’t be sorry to see it gone. Even if Webber hadn’t retired and managed to challenge Vettel at the end, the overtake would’ve been either a boring DRS fly-by or not at all.

    This whole season is just crashing down the side of the mountain from mediocre to pathetic. This race was the last straw for me I will still watch the races till the end of the season, only because these are the last 3 races for Webber, but nothing else. No comments here or on forums and not looking for F1 news on the net every day. Going to save helluva lot of time for the first time since 2004. Enjoy the next 3 races guys(hope they are better than this trash, but the next race might be as bad as this one in the Abu Dhabi glitzi piece of nothing) and see you next year, which hopefully will be a lot better

  19. David not Coulthard (@)
    27th October 2013, 13:12

    9/10 for the celebrations.

    Admittedly the race was boring, but after seeing the celebration the emotion is just…

  20. Many people are rating the race as ‘boring’ but it was far more entertaining than last year, no?

    I think Pirelli did it right this time … it feels weird to say something like this ^^

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