Vettel wins drivers’ title for fourth year running

2013 Indian Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Buddh International Circuit, 2013Sebastian Vettel has become the Formula One drivers’ champion for the fourth year in a row following his victory in the Indian Grand Prix.

He is only the third driver in Formula One history to win the title for four years running. The first was Juan Manuel Fangio, who became champion for the second time in 1954 then won the next three championships as well.

The other driver to win four in a row was Michael Schumacher, who took five of his seven championship victories consecutively between 2000 and 2004.

The 26-year-old Red Bull driver is the only person ever to win his first four championship titles consecutively.

Vettel said it was “unbelievable” to see his name alongside the sport’s all-time greats.

“I’m speechless,” he said on the podium after the race. “I crossed the line, I was empty. I took ages to think about something to say. It’s one of these moments you wish to say so many things but you can’t.”

Vettel said it had been a “phenomenal” season for the team. “I said it on the radio, it gives me so much power than it’s a pleasure to jump in the car and go out for the guys and just try to give it all I have.”

“The car was phenomenal today, It was phenomenal all season to be honest so I couldn’t ask for more.”

“The spirit in the team is fantastic,” he added. “The sort of numbers and statistics that we have done in the last four years is unbelievable.”

“I don’t feel old – I’m getting older but I think I’m not that old yet – but to achieve that in a short amount of time is very difficult to grasp. Maybe in ten years’ time, I’m trying very hard to come to the level I am now, maybe then I’m a little bit better in actually understanding what we have done so far.”

Team principal Christan Horner said: “For Sebastian to have joined the illustrious names of [Juan Manuel] Fangio, [Alain] Prost and [Michael] Schumacher is an incredible achievement, especially at such a young age and it’s a privilege to work with him.”

List of Formula One drivers’ champions

Rank Driver Championships
1 Michael Schumacher 7
2 Juan Manuel Fangio 5
=3 Alain Prost 4
=3 Sebastian Vettel 4
=5 Jack Brabham 3
=5 Jackie Stewart 3
=5 Niki Lauda 3
=5 Nelson Piquet 3
=5 Ayrton Senna 3
=10 Alberto Ascari 2
=10 Jim Clark 2
=10 Graham Hill 2
=10 Emerson Fittipaldi 2
=10 Mika Hakkinen 2
=10 Fernando Alonso 2
=16 Giuseppe Farina 1
=16 Mike Hawthorn 1
=16 Phil Hill 1
=16 John Surtees 1
=16 Denny Hulme 1
=16 Jochen Rindt 1
=16 James Hunt 1
=16 Mario Andretti 1
=16 Jody Scheckter 1
=16 Alan Jones 1
=16 Keke Rosberg 1
=16 Nigel Mansell 1
=16 Damon Hill 1
=16 Jacques Villeneuve 1
=16 Kimi Raikkonen 1
=16 Lewis Hamilton 1
=16 Jenson Button 1

2013 Indian Grand Prix

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Image © Red Bull/Getty

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169 comments on Vettel wins drivers’ title for fourth year running

  1. Rigi (@rigi) said on 27th October 2013, 11:24

    much deserved. congratulations.

  2. Gray (@rgray) said on 27th October 2013, 11:26

    2013 season has been complete and utter boredom. I love the sport but when one driver and team has pretty much clinched the championship early on it’s boring. When one driver dominates most of the races it’s total boredom.

    All I saw of today’s race were the final laps. No need to go back and watch the rest. My hope is next year everyone struggles with new regulations and it’s a tight contest.

    If Red Bull and Vettel continue to dominate the sport many may not bother to watch.

    • Lucas Wilson (@full-throttle-f1) said on 27th October 2013, 11:28


      Sad, but true :-)

      • Gray (@rgray) said on 27th October 2013, 11:40

        Congratulations to Red Bull and Vettle for winning the titles but I just wish it was a closer battle that went down to Brazil. I think Vettle is a great driver but some of his actions this year make him look immature and arrogant. Taking the win away from Webber in Mallaysia. Then for Vettle to say Webber didn’t deserve the win is completely unsportsmanlike.

        I’m waiting to see how he behaves when he has to struggle for wins or when he’s not winning.

        • David Margono (@woshidavid95) said on 27th October 2013, 11:56

          Perhaps what Vettel did at Sepang wasn’t right per se, but do remember that Vettel won 2 of his WDCs by less than the 7 point difference between 1st and 2nd. In addition, why should Vettel let Webber win? Webber himself could care less about helping Vettel, as evident from Silverstone 2011 and even worse, Interlagos 2012.

        • Prisoner Monkeys (@prisoner-monkeys) said on 27th October 2013, 12:01

          @rgray – I think that’s why so many people have trouble accepting him as a legend of the sport. Compared to other legends, he has never really had to demonstrate key skills like becoming the rallying point for s struggling team. Combined with the perception that the team always and unfairly side with him – however true or false that is happens to be beside the point; the fact that people believe it in the first place is the important part – mean that he’s going to struggle to be accepted.

          I noticed that Autosport’s lead story is an opinion piece called “Why Vettel is a true legend” (or similar). That, to me, is evidence that he is not a legend. Either you are a legend of the sport, or you are not. There shouldn’t be a need for an opinion piece justifying the position that you are. That they are being written at all demonstrates that Vettel has a long way to go.

          • TheBass (@) said on 27th October 2013, 20:29

            @prisoner-monkeys “Media experts write about why he is a legend, that’s the proof he’s not!”

            That’s as irrational as it gets.

            That piece, if you had read it, it was a response to the constant, mostly baseless criticism Vettel has got this season. Similar pieces, both in favor and against other great of the sport like Schumacher and Senna, were written in their time. It’s not a particularly smart argument.

          • Prisoner Monkeys (@prisoner-monkeys) said on 28th October 2013, 2:02

            @silence – If someone is a genuine legend of the sport, it shouldn’t be up for debate. You don’t see people debating about whether Schumacher, Senna, Prost or Fangio are legends. They just are. But Vettel, on the other hand, needs constant opinion pieces to justify his position as a legend. If those pieces are needed, then it stands to reason that there is a strong case against it. And if there is a strong case against it, then he’s clearly not accepted as a legend of the sport.

          • Anele (@anele-mbethe) said on 28th October 2013, 3:18

            so I guess redbull weren’t struggling when vettel beat them in the toro rosso?

          • TheBass (@) said on 28th October 2013, 10:59


            If someone is a genuine legend of the sport, it shouldn’t be up for debate. You don’t see people debating about whether Schumacher, Senna, Prost or Fangio are legends.

            I don’t see them now. But at their time, they had plenty of detractors, especially Senna and Schumacher.

            Everything has always been up to debate, and not only for them or in F1, it applies to any sport. You haven’t thought about this carefully enough.

    • Malik (@malik) said on 27th October 2013, 11:36

      Come on the race was fantastic ! I really loved it not knowing who is going to finish in what position

    • Nick (@nick-uk) said on 27th October 2013, 11:59

      Conversely to you. I didn’t bother to watch the second half of the race. Once it seemed clear that alternate stratagies weren’t going to cut it, I just wasn’t interested so after lap 30odd I left it be. I get equal amounts of ‘enjoyment’ out of spending 10 seconds looking over the final results, as watching people fight for 2nd place (or even no place of significace whatsoever as the case often is), as I do from watching the whole race. So my thinking is, why waste 1 hour 30 mins to get the same amount of enjoyment I can get in 10 seconds.

      Probabaly won’t bother with the rest of the season.

      • kpcart said on 27th October 2013, 15:26

        you didn’t watch he second half of an f1 race, and missed out on a seriously impetuous moment in f1 history, the winning of a 4th championship in a row by a megastar, a seriously great 26 year old driver.
        you missed that, and then login to an f1 website to make a comment – I don’t get that. if you don’t bother with the rest of the season, I hope you wont waste our and your time writing comments here.

        • Nick (@nick-uk) said on 27th October 2013, 17:26

          I didn’t watch what I knew was going to happen, and that makes me a bad person? I don’t support Vettel or Red Bull, why should I be a slave to watching them win all the time – because I’m witnessing greatness? Maybe I just don’t care about Red Bull/Vettel greatness.

    • SpadSXIII said on 27th October 2013, 12:08

      2013 season has been complete and utter boredom

      It wasn’t that bad in the beggining, looked like Lotus and Ferrari could compete al least. It has been a total reddull since Hungary, though.

    • TMF (@tmf42) said on 27th October 2013, 15:24

      I don’t think it’s boring. I even get a kick out of seeing the Caterhams and Marussias fighting for 10th in the WCC. If it’s predictable then it’s not as good as it can be, but there are enough things going on during a race weekend and the race itself to enjoy it.

  3. linnis (@ldawson) said on 27th October 2013, 11:26

    Yes Vettel!!!!!!!! You deserved this WDC so much! :D:D:D

  4. As curiosity, is there a chance he gets a fine or grid penalty for his great celebration? As if it really mattered… Excellent to live to see history being written. Congratulations!!!!!!!!

  5. Lucas Wilson (@full-throttle-f1) said on 27th October 2013, 11:30

    Bring on 2014.

  6. Arrrang (@arrrang) said on 27th October 2013, 11:30

    They did it again… I have to admit that this time I have no doubts about who deserves the title. I might not like Vettel but he really nailed it with style. So congrats to Seb and RB!

  7. MazdaChris (@mazdachris) said on 27th October 2013, 11:31

    Just brilliant from Vettel and Red Bull. Perfect in every respect. Utterly deserved, and great scenes of character and emotion from Seb just top it all off. You can see what it means to them.

    Long may they reign.

  8. DaveF1 (@davef1) said on 27th October 2013, 11:31

    Congrats to Vettel, I don’t like him but you don’t become a 4 time world champion by accident or divine luck. He deserves it. Loved the celebration as well.

  9. vamsi (@crazyformula1fan) said on 27th October 2013, 11:34

    last year was fantastic…..2 drivers fighting for title till the end…….anyway contrats seb

  10. iAltair (@ialtair) said on 27th October 2013, 11:39

    Pitted on Lap 2. Went all the way to the back. Cleared 13 cars in 10 laps and proceed to lead the race, thus winning the WDC and WCC (For Redbull) and at the same time leading Ferrari in 2nd.

  11. I think every F1 fan should feel privileged to witness this. Even if you do not like the guy and secretly wish some accident would happen to his finger (temporary paralysis, say, we would not wish for something permanent), forty years from now, when your grandchildren start comparing drivers and quoting stats, you can wait till they get to Vettel and say: I was there.
    F1 is far from boring, to the contrary. Now the real suspense starts. How far can he take it? Five in a row? Will he be the first one to do six? It almost feels worth rooting for him just to see this happen. After all, unlike Schumacher, none of his titles has been tainted with cheating, wouldn’t he be a better person to top the charts?
    But I do feel sorry for Hamilton and Alonso.

  12. Malik (@malik) said on 27th October 2013, 11:44

    Vettel did some million overtakes in this race :)

  13. thetobs (@thetobs) said on 27th October 2013, 11:44

    Congratulations to Vettel. He deserved the title and what better way to win the title than winning the race.

  14. GeeMac (@geemac) said on 27th October 2013, 11:49

    Congratulations to Sebastian, he drove a great race and has been mighty all season. A thoroughly well deserved victory in the race and the world championship.

  15. Juzh (@juzh) said on 27th October 2013, 11:52

    Epic rubber burning after the race and then kneeling in front of his RB9. Epic indeed. Screw fia and the their stupid rules.

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