Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher, Interlagos, 1993

Vettel ranks alongside Senna & Schumacher – Massa

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Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher, Interlagos, 1993In the round-up: Felipe Massa says Sebastian Vettel is one of F1’s all-time greats along with Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher.


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Felipe Massa: “No mistakes” (Ferrari)

“I want to congratulate Sebastian, who deserves everything he has achieved so far. I am really happy for him, because he is a great driver and a very nice guy. From today, his name will sit alongside the greatest drivers in the history of Formula One, such as Senna, Schumacher and few others.”

Christian Horner Q&A: Success breeds success (F1)

“The problem of how [financial] numbers are presented is what is included and what is not. If you take like for like the numbers are extremely comparable with McLaren?s, and considering the success bonus we have paid as well, it is an erroneous assumption that we are outspending every other team in Formula One. There are other, bigger spenders. It is very easy to say that Red Bull spends the most money in Formula One: that is factually incorrect.”

It’s hard to see how F1’s Sebastian Vettel can improve ?ǣ Red Bull’s Newey (The Guardian)

“He’s not going to get worse, that’s for sure. He’s going to continue to develop, though it’s difficult to see how he can develop from this season.”

Ruthless, intelligent, patient ?ǣ Sebastian is truly astonishing (The Telegraph)

David Coulthard: “Can we all now agree to put the ??Is Vettel a great? debate to bed? A four-times world champion at the age of 26? Simply astonishing.”

Beaten Alonso congratulates Vettel (Reuters)

“(Vettel’s) driving performance is big with numbers, being four-times champion. In 2011, I remember him winning 14 or 15 races, this year he will win, I don’t know many. Now it’s 10, he will win maybe 13 races.”

Analysis: Vettel without doubt an all-time great (BBC)

“Senna had his Prost. Hamilton and Alonso have each other. Who will be Vettel’s true yardstick?”

Raikkonen ‘disappoints’ Lotus (Sky)

Trackside operations director Alan Permane: “It was a little disappointing, to be honest. He knew his tyres were finished and there was no need to have a battle.”

Lotus to discuss Raikkonen defiance (Autosport)

Eric Boullier: “I’m going to speak to both of them in Abu Dhabi. We are working for these guys to deliver, but there is a team behind them and you always have to think about the team.”

Bernie Ecclestone back in legal spotlight (FT, registration required)

“CVC paid $814m for the bank?s stake, which was completed in early 2006. But by the time CVC refinanced F1 in November of that year, accountants had estimated that the enterprise value of the racing series had reached $5.9bn.”

Nico Rosberg: 2nd place Indian GP video message to the fans (Nico Rosberg via YouTube)


Comment of the day

A selection of tributes to the newly-crowned quadruple-champion:

Hats off to Vettel, he deserves all the accolades and none of the negativity he has received. I?m a bigger fan of a few other drivers on the grid, but also remember how happy I was when he won his first race at Toro Rosso as an up and coming driver. I think he showed a lot of class after winning his fourth title including his doughnut celebration.

It begs to be mentioned in the same breath of other champions he is being compared to that he has never done anything as controversial as Senna or Schumacher in his quest for titles. Since he is being compared to those two and other champions I think it is fair to bring up that he races hard, but clean. Cheers to Mr Vettel!

An amazing achievement that no one can deny. Vettel is one of the greats no doubt! The fact that he?s very young maybe makes it difficult to see what a legend he is. I?m sure the next generation will look up to him just as we do to Senna, Prost, Stewart, Lauda, and the rest of the greats.

Like Schumacher it?s an absolute honour to witness a champion race. When we grow up we?ll be able to say, yes I?ve seen Sebastian Vettel race live. I?m sure then all those who boo him now will feel stupid that they booed one of the greats.

I think every F1 fan should feel privileged to witness this. Even if you do not like the guy and secretly wish some accident would happen to his finger (temporary paralysis, say, we would not wish for something permanent), 40 years from now, when your grandchildren start comparing drivers and quoting statistics, you can wait till they get to Vettel and say: I was there

F1 is far from boring, to the contrary. Now the real suspense starts. How far can he take it? Five in a row? Will he be the first one to do six? It almost feels worth rooting for him just to see this happen. After all, unlike Schumacher, none of his titles has been tainted with cheating, wouldn?t he be a better person to top the charts?

But I do feel sorry for Hamilton and Alonso.

A four time world champion, incredible. Sebastian Vettel has had a fantastic season: faultless in pretty much every single race. For me, this is without any doubt his greatest championship year (to date).

I will say, I?m not a Vettel fan at all. I appreciate drivers who?s goal it is to gain respect from their fellow competitors, not drivers who race purely to win (same reason I appreciate Fangio, Moss and Clark more than Senna and Schumacher). But then again, apart from Malaysia, he has surely gained my respect this year. This year, Sebastian Vettel has made the leap from World Champion to F1???s greatest, in my opinion.

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