Mid-season tyre tweaks helped Red Bull – Newey

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Mark Webber, Red Bull, Monza, 2013In the round-up: Adrian Newey concedes the mid-season tyre compound change played into Red Bull’s hands.


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Newey excited by new challenge (Reuters)

“‘Going back to 2012 tyres, for sure, helped us,’ said Newey, while adding there was “no single magic bullet’ and other factors also played a part.’The 2013 tyres were much more load sensitive. It was much more easy to damage them if you put too much load into them.'”

Swiss launch criminal probe into F1 bribery scandal (FT, registration required)

“The investigation by Swiss prosecutors was triggered by the receipt of third party complaint. It will attempt to establish the facts of the case, whether it falls under Swiss jurisdiction and whether the payment was criminal under Swiss law. No charges have been laid.”

Ecclestone Bribery Fight Spreads to Second Front With UK Trial (Bloomberg)

“The delays have slowed Formula One?s progress toward a planned share sale. The racing circuit suspended plans for an initial public offering in June of last year, citing market conditions, and hasn?t resurrected the plans amid Ecclestone?s legal wrangles.”

Good point, fun race (Toro Rosso)

“At the start of the season it looked like it could be anyone?s title shot but from the summer [Sebastian Vettel’s] not let anyone even look at the trophy. He?s just ran away with it. It?s very impressive and I can?t wait to have the best in the world as my team mate.”

Red Bull: Vettel learned from multi 21 (Autosport)

Newey: “I’m not saying he won’t disobey team orders again. But he will learn how to handle things.”

F1 world champ Sebastian Vettel ‘on his way to being the greatest, if he isn?t already’ (The Mirror)

Lewis Hamilton: “He?s on his way to being the greatest F1 driver ?ǣ if he isn?t already.”

Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel, Melbourne, 2012Congratulations to Sebastian! (Michael Schumacher)

“A big compliment and many congratulations to Sebastian ?ǣ terrific performance from him and his team, cool year, he really deserves this fourth title!”

Domenicali: “Crucial weeks” (Ferrari)

“These are crucial weeks that we have ahead of us to the end of the year, because the work we are doing in preparation for 2014 is vital if we want to be the team that puts an end to this Red Bull dominance, just as we and Fernando have been their main rivals over the past four seasons.”

Fifth place motivates Perez (Sky)

“We managed to complete a clean race and it’s a great result. There’s no question that I had a lot of pressure – and always great champions can perform with pressure.”

Checked with… Lewis Hamilton (F3 Europe)

“When I drove the cars it was just raw racing. Most of the drivers can get really technical with the car in terms of set-up, ride height, cambers and this kind of things. For me Formula Three was the time when I learned all this stuff. Formula Three is just the best school for Formula One.

Red Bull RB9 – flexible tea tray theory (F1)

“Red Bull might have found a way to attach the tea tray such that heat expansion in the materials used in its mountings raise the tray by 1 or 2mm at higher speeds, when increased downforce is naturally compressing the car closer to the ground.”

Vettel’s Message To You (Red Bull via YouTube)


Pirelli hard tyre, Silverstone, 2013Vettel ‘exceptional’ to clinch title (BBC)

Gary Anderson: “I believe Pirelli has gone too far in making the tyres softer again to try to provoke more pit stops. If there is only one pit stop sometimes, so be it. I would rather watch a good, hard, race-long battle between two cars fighting for position than tyres dictating how the race unfolds.”

Something has to be done in Formula 1 (MotorSport)

“How do you turn F1 into a show without also turning it into a pantomime? I have been much taken with the measures made by Alan Gow and others into turning the BTCC into a true spectacle once more. If you like close, hard racing from first lap to last, it?s a one-stop shop.”

Who can stop Sebastian Vettel making it five F1 titles in a row? (The Guardian)

“The good news is that 2014 will bring with it a big regulation change, with a move from 2.4 litre V8s to 1.6 litre V6 turbos, and a lot more besides that. It will be a clean sheet for everyone. The bad news is that the Red Bull designer, Adrian Newey, is at his best when presented with a fresh challenge.”

Are customer cars in F1 a bad thing? (Racecar Engineering)

“I feel that customer cars in F1 would actually improve the show, as long as the majority of cars on the grid were bespoke designs. I also feel that as this customer cars issue has been on the table for so long now it is almost certain that sooner or later customer cars will return to F1.”


Comment of the day

While Vettel claims the big records a couple of drivers are closing on some unwanted ones, as Julien points out:

Adrian Sutil can break the record for most races without a podium next year (if he still drives in Formula 1). Sutil has 106 races under his belt with a best finish of fourth.

The record holder is Pierluigi Martini with 118 grands prix without a podium, fourth is also his best finish. If Sutil is able to score a podium in the future he is by far the record holder for races before first podium Martin Brundle holds that record with 91 races before his first podium.

Also Charles Pic is on his way to a record in Formula One: most races without scoring a point.

Luca Badoer holds this record with 51 races without a point. Although with the modern point system he would have scored 26 points.

Pic has driven 36 races without scoring a point. If he drives with Caterham in Formula One next year, which is pretty certain, He has a good chance of breaking the record.

And if he does score points than he can also break the record of most races before the first points. That record is currently held by Nicola Larini with 44 races before he scored his first points.
Julien (@Jlracing)

From the forum

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Gavin Brown and Striay!

If you want a birthday shout-out tell us when yours is by emailling me, using Twitter or adding to the list here.

On this day in F1

And a happy birthday to Tiff Needell who turns 62 today. He made two appearances in F1 in 1980, taking over from the injured Clay Regazzoni at Ensign.

His recent autobiography details his subsequent career in sports cars, touring acrs and the BBC’s Top Gear series, and is worth a read:

Images ?? Red Bull/Getty, Pirelli/LAT

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49 comments on Mid-season tyre tweaks helped Red Bull – Newey

  1. Girts (@girts) said on 29th October 2013, 14:28

    I don’t think that random grids, a “small GP” on Saturday or points for the fastest lap would make F1 much more interesting. OK, random grids would probably spice things up a little and create greater unpredictability but they wouldn’t change the balance of power in F1. What is more, implementing all that would rather equal admitting that F1 is unable to “fix” itself with sensible methods and has to invent (more) gimmicks to please the fans.

    If F1 wants to make racing more exciting, then it first needs to cut costs further and distribute income more equally. Red Bull budget alone doesn’t guarantee you titles but Force India budget guarantees that you certainly won’t win titles. That has to change if the aim is to make F1 more exciting and not just create an illusion that “something is being done”.

    • BasCB (@bascb) said on 29th October 2013, 15:34

      I really don’t see how either would really spice anything up. The only ones for whom a qualifying sprint race would make it interesting is for the people who would be in the grandstands. A small race on Saturday would just dilute the importance of the race on Sunday for me.

      What makes qualifying interesting currently, is that its a completely different thing from racing. We get to see the cars being pushed to their maximum over a single lap (if only they just dumped the complications with starting on the same tyres). And then on Sunday we see a combination of speed, race skill, team work and a dose of luck to decide the weekend.

  2. Somethingwittyer (@somethingwittyer) said on 29th October 2013, 23:07

    Does anybody have the faintest clue how much time that movable tea tray takes away? The lower ride hight would drastically help the defuser, can’t imagine how much faster the Bulls would be if the rules on blown exhausts were loosed up again. Come to think of it, this has probably been RB’s most well rounded chassis to date (if the results haven’t spoken for themselves) . The usual Newey trickery made the RB9 dominate the high speed/aero reliant corners, the KERS ECU traction monitoring system helped out when things got mechanical, and unlike other years there was no speed deficiency on the straights.

    • Optimaximal (@optimaximal) said on 30th October 2013, 8:31

      and unlike other years there was no speed deficiency on the straights.

      That was probably more down to the design team thinking ‘right, we’ve monstered all the low-speed circuits but we’ve never *really* worked at Monza or Spa – lets sort that out’ right from the start of the cars development.

      At the end of the day, those two tracks have bespoke requirements when compared to any other layout and, given how good RBR are at bringing upgrades successfully to races (& having them work), it probably wasn’t a huge deal to fork some time to develop bespoke high-speed packages.

      We don’t know if there’s any interesting KERS stuff going on (wait for the interviews with Adrian next season to see if he drops hints), although the Bulls definitely sounded different in the pits at India, Japan and Korea compared to any other car – much more deep and throaty. Maybe they have got some (legitimate) exhaust fun going on again.

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