Ross Brawn, Mercedes, Monza, 2013

Fresh doubt over Brawn’s Mercedes future

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Ross Brawn, Mercedes, Monza, 2013In the round-up: New claims Ross Brawn will leave Mercedes this year.


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Brawn to leave Mercedes (BBC)

“Brawn and Mercedes have failed to reach an agreement on a role in which he would have been happy to stay at the team, sources close to Mercedes have said.”

Mercedes silent on Brawn exit talk (Autosport)

“Mercedes refused to elaborate on the situation, with a team spokesman issuing a firm ‘no comment’.”

Ecclestone accused of “corrupt bargain” in $100m London lawsuit (Reuters)

“Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone was accused of making a “corrupt bargain” that cost a German media firm millions in a London court on Tuesday, one of multiple legal challenges that threaten his control of the motor sport.”

Bernie Ecclestone accused of ??corrupt bargain? in sale of F1 (FT)

“Mr Justice Newey declined to let the indictment be put on file: ‘I do find it hard to see about how the indictment can play any role in these proceedings.’ He added: ‘I doubt I will look at the indictment again, expect on factual points.'”

F1’s future on line as Bernie Ecclestone faces London damages claim (The Guardian)

“Ecclestone’s age means his position as the sport’s commercial rights holder ?ǣ effectively the biggest player in the sport ?ǣ has been the subject of mounting speculation in recent years. Many people in F1 feel ?ǣ but do not say so publicly ?ǣ that it is time the sport found a new direction.”

Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber, Robert Kubica, Monte-Carlo, 2010Webber not enjoying F1 as much (Sky)

“Little did I know what we were in for, probably, with the switch in tyres from Bridgestone to Pirelli. That was another thing; it’s up to the drivers to get your head around that and sort that out, but even within the same tyre family – you can see it now with [Lotus team-mates] Kimi [Raikkonen] and [Romain] Grosjean – when you have these slight changes in tyres and how they can really affect the drivers’ performance.”

Interview – Force India?s Vijay Mallya (F1)

“The dream goal would be to finish fifth in the constructors? championship – and the compromised goal would be to finish sixth in the constructors? championship.”

Is the such a thing as a perfect lap? (James Allen on F1?)

Nico Rosberg: “It?s not possible to do a perfect lap. There?s always something where you think you could have done it slightly better and I don?t really believe you can do the perfect lap. You can get very close, and I did in Singapore, but there?s always a couple of hundredths that you leave on the table.”

Behind the lens in Formula One Vladimir Rys Photography (Crank and Piston)

“During the early days of Sebastian Vettel??s time at Red Bull Racing, he used to joke around all the time with everybody. I was shooting him once and trying to get a really nice portrait of him, while he looked at me with his smile on his face ready to deliver another joke and messed up the picture I was trying to get. I looked up to him and kindly asked him to be serious; I think he didn?t expect that, but he understood straight away and has never done that to me again since. Now he is a fully focused, complex driver, who has got three consecutive titles and is just about to reach the fourth and our relationship is fully professional. That makes the pictures even better.”

How do drivers get to F1? (CNN International via Twitter)


Comment of the day

Do F1’s overtaking aids like KERS, DRS and the current tyres mean circuit design should change?

Someone mentioned recently that the ??slow corner ?ǣ long straight ?ǣ slow corner? had become an integral part of Tilke?s circuit design philosophy some time ago as that was understood to increase the chances of overtaking ?ǣ a straight following a fast corner would be useless as the following car could not get close enough to the car in front due to the aerodynamic wake.

These days, I have the feeling that (because of Pirelli tyres?) a faster car can actually get reasonably close in a corner, but out of a slow corner the leading car just pulls an incredible gap (made much worse due to KERS) which makes it difficult to overtake even with 600m DRS zones (we did not really see that much overtaking in India, despite some complaining that DRS was far too strong).

So what is needed is a change in circuit design philosophy ?ǣ a thorough analysis of exactly which types of features can encourage overtaking, and hope that a) this is robust against different generations of cars and b) that not all new circuits will look the same, again. One problem is that billions of dollars have been invested in massively expensive (and often barely used) circuits all over the world. For some circuits, relatively minor tweaks could improve the chances of overtaking (for instance Yas Marina), but fortunately, because of DRS, circuit owners don?t need to!

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On this day in F1

Ayrton Senna won the world championship for the first time 25 years ago today.

He shared the front row of the grid with team mate Alain Prost at Suzuka but started poorly, falling to 14th place. However he used the MP4-4’s superior performance to pick off his rivals and caught Prost, who was struggling in traffic and had briefly been passed by Ivan Capelli.

Senna took the lead off Prost and went on to win the race and with it the title.

Here’s Senna heading towards his first title, with an ecstatic Galvao Bueno commentating – and those brilliant Brazilian special effects:

Image ?? Daimler/Hoch Zwei