Adrian Sutil, Force India, Singapore, 2013

Sutil: Teenage “kids” aren’t ready for F1

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Adrian Sutil, Force India, Singapore, 2013In the round-up: Teenage drivers such as Daniil Kvyat and Sergey Sirotkin are too young for F1, says Adrian Sutil.


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Teenagers are too young for F1 – Sutil (ESPN)

“I think it’s far too early [for them]. They are kids and you need to be a grown up man here in Formula One.”

Russians at Sauber and Toro Rosso look young for F1 ?ǣ but money talks (The Guardian)

Sergey Sirotkin: “It’s a bit different driving an F1 car. I need to get used to the power-steering. Our preparation programme has just started so I am not quite ready, but by the time the first race comes, I will be ready, I know that. There is nothing I am afraid of. I am looking forward to it.”

Di Resta set for High Court (The Telegraph)

Paul di Resta’s long-running legal dispute with his former manager Anthony Hamilton is due to go before the High Court at the end of next month, it has emerged, with the British driver describing the situation as ‘unfortunate’ as he battles to secure his future in Formula One.”

F1 sale weakened chief Bernie Ecclestone?s position, court told (FT, registration required)

“Mr Miles, representing Mr Ecclestone on the second day of the case, said Constantin Medien?s allegation ‘simply does not add up’. BayernLB, which owned the 47 per cent stake in F1 before selling it to CVC, had ‘been trying to sell its stake for years’ and was ‘delighted’ with the offer from CVC, Mr Miles said.”

Kimi Raikkonen: I have blossomed at Lotus (Gulf News)

“These past two years have been good for me. I have enjoyed driving for a team that has allowed me to be completely myself and also gain success on track.”

Teams willing to aid Pirelli test plans (Autosport)

Lotus team principal Eric Boullier: “If it doesn’t cost a penny, yes. We could support this.”

Drivers say claims of doping in F1 are all smoke and no fire (The National)

Former FIA medical delegate Gary Hartstein: “By definition, if it is not on the prohibited list, then you can take it all day every day and it?s not doping. You may get a performance advantage, you may die, any number of things might happen, but it?s not doping ?ǣ maybe stupid, but not doping.”

Bernie Ecclestone says India has to decide on its F1 future (IBN)

“Next year looks tough, but we should return in 2015. We want to even go beyond the five-year contract and for that to happen, there are certain issues that need to be sorted out in your country. Plus, there is a contract extension clause in the deal.”

F1 Race Stars Powered Up Edition Coming To Wii U! (Codemasters)

“Coming this December to the Wii U exclusively to the Nintendo eShop is a fast-to-the-fun arcade racing game for all ages, expanded with fantastic new content and features to take advantage of Wii U hardware. F1 Race Stars is back, and it?s Powered up!”

F1 star Lewis Hamilton meets child labourers in India (Metro)

“The former world champion, a global ambassador for Save the Children, took time out after Sunday?s Indian grand prix to travel to Calcutta and meet youngsters who used to make bricks for a living.”

Newcastle United journalist ban emulates Sir Alex Ferguson arrogance (The Guardian)

Marina Hyde: “I can just picture Lewis [Hamilton], pacing the corridors of his mansion in the land to which he has exiled himself ?ǣ Monaco, having decamped there from Switzerland ?ǣ wondering how he could possibly contribute more to society. If he ever puts his finger on the answer, I do hope he lets us know.”


Comment of the day

Owen Conwell asks if there are other countries more deserving of a place on the world championship calendar than Abu Dhabi.

It’s no doubt that the Yas Marina circuit is a major architectural achievement and a world class facility. But it should concern fans of Formula One that country?s with no racing history, no team and driver involvement, few fans and questionable politics and documented human rights abuses seem to get handed a grand prix no questions asked. Just so long as you fork over the billions demanded by Bernie and the FIA and you get your own boring cookie cutter track with little personality that no driver likes.

It should also concern fans that France, a country that founded grand prix racing, has a rich and varied history in the sport, has two drivers on the grid and supplies the most successful engine in F1 history to four teams somehow has been absent track wise for five years and counting. If Bernie and the FIA would give France the level of support it deserves, ticket sales for a French GP would be through the roof.
Something is not right here.

Owen Conwell (@Skitty4lb)

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