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James Hunt’s last race-winning McLaren goes on sale 30th October 2013, 10:03

The car James Hunt raced to his last ever Formula One victory is set to go on sale on at auction – and fetch up to ??1.12m ($1.8m).

Eleven drivers in GP2 and GP3 Abu Dhabi showdowns

For the first time ever both the GP2 and GP3 championship titles will be decided after the F1 drivers’ championship. And it will happen this weekend in Abu Dhabi.

Fresh doubt over Brawn’s Mercedes future

In the round-up: Brawn Mercedes exit rumoured ?? Ecclestone made “corrupt bargain” ?? Webber ‘didn’t know what we were in for’ with Pirelli

2013 Indian GP Predictions Championship results 29th October 2013, 17:07

A huge number of players correctly predicted Sebastian Vettel’s Indian Grand Prix success but Tamsin Shuker came out on top.

Grosjean’s engine problem was same as in Singapore

Lotus have confirmed the engine problem Romain Grosjean experienced at the end of the Indian Grand Prix was related to the one which caused his retirement in Singapore.

One-stop strategy was worth a try – Raikkonen

Kimi Raikkonen said his one-stop strategy in the Indian Grand Prix was worth a try even though he fell from second to seventh at the end of the race when his tyres went off.

Top ten pictures from the 2013 Indian Grand Prix

Ten of the best pictures which tell the story of the 2013 Indian Grand Prix weekend.

2013 Indian Grand Prix weekend in Tweets

Get a glimpse behind the scenes of the Indian Grand Prix with Anthony French?s round-up of the best Tweets from the race weekend.

Mid-season tyre tweaks helped Red Bull – Newey

In the round-up: Red Bull preferred new tyres – Newey ?? Ecclestone faces new legal case ?? Ricciardo relishing Vettel contest

Vettel’s passion for racing remains undimmed despite winning so much so young 28th October 2013, 19:15

Like Germany’s other famous F1 driver, Sebastian Vettel just keeps on winning. But he says his passion for the sport remains strong.

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