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Caption Competition 39: Mark Webber special 30th November 2013, 15:35

The last of our three Mark Webber Caption Competition specials brings us up to his last race weekend at Interlagos.

Caption Competition 38: Mark Webber special

Our second Mark Webber Caption Competition is a blast from the past which takes us back to his Williams days.

Live video: WEC Six Hours of Bahrain

Watch and follow the World Endurance Championship Six Hours of Bahrain on F1 Fanatic Live.

Caption Competition 37: Mark Webber special

As Mark Webber says goodbye to Formula One here’s the first in a trio of Caption Competitions featuring Red Bull’s race-winner.

2014 Bahrain Grand Prix to be night race

In the round-up: Night race for 2014 Bahrain Grand Prix ?σΤιΌ?σ Mercedes test for Jaafar ?σΤιΌ?σ Horner says teams failed to control costs

Maldonado confirmed at Lotus in 2014 29th November 2013, 16:09

Pastor Maldonado will drive for Lotus in 2014, the team has confirmed.

Should F1 drivers be forced to make two pit stops?

Formula One drivers could be required by the rules to make two pit stops per race in 2014. Would this be a positive change for the sport?

Who would have won the ‘FIA pole award’ 1950-2013

The FIA has proposed giving a special award to the driver who sets the most pole positions during a grand prix season. Here’s who would have won it previously.

Second race at COTA gets much lower rating

Last year’s United States Grand Prix was one of the highest-rated races of the season. But F1’s second visit to the Circuit of the Americas failed to recapture that high.

Vettel’s dominance of Webber shocks Schumacher

Michael Schumacher says he’s glad he doesn’t have Sebastian Vettel for a team mate after the Red Bull driver’s dominant form against team mate Mark Webber.

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