Lewis Hamilton, Ross Brawn, Mercedes, Brackley, 2013

Mercedes strong with or without Brawn – Hamilton

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Lewis Hamilton, Ross Brawn, Mercedes, Brackley, 2013In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton believes Mercedes will be in good shape for the future even if Ross Brawn leaves.


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‘Mercedes can win without Brawn’ (BBC)

“Either way, we have a strong set of people in the team. Everyone will do the utmost to make sure whatever decision he makes we go into next year with a fighting chance to win the championship.”

Button ‘surprised’ over Brawn (Sky)

“It would be a loss to the team that he was working for I think, it’s not a loss to the rest of us – it’s actually a good thing.”

Jenson Button sounds warning over the Russian teenagers being handed F1 drives (The Mirror)

“With Sirotkin, I am not sure he has ever fought for the lead of a race in [Formula] Renault [3.5] series. He knows how to drive a racing car, but it is not a question of driving around on your own. A lot of people could do that relatively well. It is when you put them in a race with 21 experienced drivers. [And] next year is possibly the most difficult year to come in and learn.”

Chase for viewers puts Formula One at crossroads (FT)

“F1?s global television audience fell last year, down 34 per cent in China alone. The sport is at a crossroads regarding media rights distribution, with traditional mass-market broadcasters such as the UK?s BBC, RAI in Italy and TF1 in France no longer able to afford the rights fees.”

Raikkonen no-show fuels speculation (Reuters)

“Kimi Raikkonen’s strained relationship with his Lotus Formula One team was back in the spotlight on Thursday after the Finn failed to turn up for media interviews at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.”

Pastor Maldonado, Williams, Buddh International Circuit, 2013Pastor Maldonado: “The decision will be down to me…” (Adam Cooper’s F1 Blog)

“Asked if Lotus was his preferred option, he said: ‘I cannot mention that at the moment. I have some offers and I?m analysing that very well. I have to have the best decision for myself.'”

Red Bull wants donut rule flexibility (Autosport)

Christian Horner: “I think the stewards need to be empowered to give a little more leniency in extraordinary circumstances.”

2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – Thursday Press Conference (FIA)

Alonso: “Personally, I cannot say anything because I do not know [Kimi Raikkonen] enough to speak about him personally. As a driver, he?s a great champion, great talent, very very fast. He likes what he?s doing. That?s the best thing.”

FIA falling short of IOC governance standards says David Ward (David Ward and Team)

“Ward?s comparative analysis shows that the FIA?s election processes, its ethics committee, and its financial reporting fail to match good governance principles and practices of the IOC.”

Nico Rosberg Q&A: Constructors’ fight will be tough (F1)

“Bahrain – that was the absolute low point. I?ve tried to forget about it since. I was on pole position and then I was simply eaten up! I was nowhere in the race! That was a horror because the hope is always there when you?re on pole. ??Maybe I manage this or that, maybe I manage to win, maybe it?s going to be a good race? – and then to be eaten up by the others – one by one!”

My take on the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix circuit (Lewis Hamilton)

“Through those two corners, particularly turn 11, the car hops from right to left, it?s a really cool chicane. You cut on the edge, use the curb on the exit of turn 11, try not to carry too much speed in to 12 as you want to get on the power nice and early and get a good exit down to 13.”

First ride of the Ring???Racer N???rburgring Rollercoaster (Bridge to Gantry via YouTube)


Comment of the day

Matthias wants less confusing rules regarding track limits

This is starting to get really confusing. One racing weekend the drivers can use whatever part of the tarmac at their discretion as long as they don?t overtake, the next racing weekend they are forbidden to do so if they gain something ?ǣ not even a place or retaining a place but also being a bit closer to the car in front.

Some of the notable moments: we saw Hamilton getting pole at Spa by going fully outside the white lines at Eau Rouge. We have seen Alonso in Korea (was it?) going all fours outside the white lines on practically every lap. I?m sure Vettel also tends to use the run-offs at various places.

There should be a line drawn (pun not intended…) regarding this matter that spans the whole season, not just rules imposed by individual stewards at particular races. It should be clear what?s allowed and what not.
Matthias (@Mattds)

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On this day in F1

Mika Hakkinen won his first drivers’ championship title for McLaren 15 years ago today.

Hakkinen led from start to finish at Suzuka while title rival Michael Schumacher suffered a disastrous race. His car stalled on the grid following an aborted start, leaving him at the back of the grid. When he then picked up a punctureand retired, Hakkinen automatically became champion.

Eddie Irvine came in second for Ferrari and David Coulthard took third on the day when McLarne scored thier most recent constructors’ championship victory.

Here’s the Finnish commentary team on Hakkinen’s victory:

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