Soft and super-soft Pirelli tyres at the Canadian Grand Prix

Teams to test Pirelli’s 2014 tyres in Brazil

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Soft and super-soft Pirelli tyres at the Canadian Grand PrixF1 teams will get to test Pirelli’s new tyres for 2014 in the final race of the year.

Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery said: “We will be bringing to the Brazil race for P1 a couple of sets of tyres of the prototype for next season”.

F1’s official tyre supplier wants further chances to test the new tyres before the end of the year: “We’re hopeful to do a couple of tests in December and January with an old generation car,” said Hembery.

“And there’s been some good ideas going forward for what we could do during the pre-season itself,” he added.

“It’s clearly a big step forward. If we’re looking at it selfishly from our point of view being in Bahrain for pre-season testing: temperatures will be right, aggressive track, that will be very useful for us to understand the real impact of the new car.”

Pirelli are also conducting a 1,000km test with McLaren at Vallelunga before the end of the season.

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