Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Yas Marina, 2013

Hamilton: Failing to win another title “not scary”

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Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Yas Marina, 2013In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton says he has considered he might not win the championship again.


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Lewis Hamilton column: the pursuit of F1 greatness (BBC)

“Maybe circumstances mean that I never win the world championship again. It could happen in our sport, who knows? A while ago, that would have been a scary thought, but it isn’t so much any more.”

‘Hamilton needs to change’

“On the other side, there is a guy like Lewis who is more of a pure racing driver. But I think he [Hamilton] should change a little bit and look into other things because he could be surprised.”

2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – Friday Press Conference (FIA)

Franz Tost: “We will have a test with [Daniil Kvyat] next week to get the Super Licence. Afterwards, he will go out on Friday in American and in Sao Paulo and of course we will have winter time.”

Force India return for Hulk? (Sky)

“Having been overlooked by McLaren as a potential replacement for Sergio Perez due to concerns about his height and weight proving a critical handicap next year, when the sport will be governed by a dramatic change in the regulations, it is believed Hulkenberg has fallen behind Maldonado in their head-to-head contest to replace the Ferrari-bound Kimi Raikkonen at Lotus.”

Boullier can’t influence Raikkonen (Autosport)

“There is discussion between Gerard and Kimi and it obviously involves our shareholders and parent companies.”

Shouldering the weight (Toro Rosso)

Jean-Eric Vergne: “There have been some people who had suggested that [Sebastian Vettel’s success is] all down to the car he has but I think that?s unfair. It’s too easy to say that everyone could do what he has done if they had the same car. One other guy had the same car and didn?t achieve what he did. Of course, Mark has had a lot of bad luck and that has hurt his chances, but the fact remains that Sebastian put together an incredible sequence of results.”

Roebuck?s legends: Mansell in the media (MotorSport)

“Once back at Williams, in 1991 and particularly in 1992, Mansell had the fastest car, and as victory followed victory his self-esteem ?ǣ always well-padded ?ǣ became bloated. And the more he pushed his achievements in your face, the more your inclination was to remind the world that maybe Frank Williams and Patrick Head and Adrian Newey and Renault were playing a part in this, too. There was also, let it be said, the compulsion to offer some antidote to the sycophancy heaped on Mansell by the tabloids.”


Comment of the day

Who will make the next move in the stand-off between Lotus and Raikkonen?

I doubt Lotus will (be able to) pay Raikkonen the ??10-20m that they owe him just so that he drives the last two races for them. If they were willing and capable of doing that, they would have paid him already.

It?ll be interesting to see whether R??ikk??nen carries out the threat he made.

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Five years ago today Lewis Hamilton won the world championship in a tense race in Brazil which had two stunning twists in the final laps.

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