Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Yas Marina, 2013

Problem with car caused spin, says Hamilton

2013 Abu Dhabi Grand PrixPosted on Author Keith Collantine

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Yas Marina, 2013Lewis Hamilton said the car problem he reported during qualifying led to his spin during his final lap.

After his first run in Q3 Hamilton asked his team to “check my floor when I come in”. He was told they hadn’t seen anything suspicious on his car’s telemetry and he went out for a final run, only to spin between turns 13 and 14.

“For some reason something gave way on the right side of the car,” Hamilton told Sky afterwards. “I was going through the chicane and I got the power and it just snapped out. And then I tried to pull away and it wouldn’t move so something’s busted.”

After qualifying Mercedes posted on Twitter: “We can confirm there was a technical problem with [Lewis’s] car, as he suspected.”

Hamilton has doubts about how much progress he can make from fourth on the grid in the race: “This is a very difficult circuit to overtake [on] so being at the front means everything here.”

“But hopefully we can get a good start like we did in Japan or something like that and we can still challenge for positions. I’m just grateful that we didn’t drop down too far.”

2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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30 comments on “Problem with car caused spin, says Hamilton”

          1. If Alonso could have a 15G crash over the kerbs during the race and still have a properly functioning car,why did Lewis’ car get damaged after a small excursion over the Kerbs ?? Think about it.

        1. @omarr-pepper that’s a clear misinterpretation from you. I’d call that a racing incident and I would not say Lewis made a mistake, there clearly was a gap he exploited but Seb slightly missed his braking and couldn’t avoid him, too bad Pirellis can’t take any kind of stress.

          1. What racing incident? What braking? They were all still in the acceleration zone. Lewis misjudged how far ahead he was and clipped himself against vettel’s wing. Exactly the same scenario as in spa last year with gro, only ham was a bit more ahead. On top of that vettel had grosjean on his right and couldn’t move 1 inch in either direction to avoid hamilton. Ham’s fault 100%.

          2. I feel like nobody watched the incident. Hamilton moved slightly across the front of Vettel as a reaction to Webber suddenly starting to cut in towards him. A racing incident initiated by Webber. Vettel was boxed in so couldn’t do much to avoid it.

          3. @juzh reading your last comment just make me wonder whether you’re trying to analyse the first lap racing incident at Suzuka or you’re just into “hitting” Hamilton…

            Seriously, at Spa last year Grojean went across Lewis and there was nothing to do. Sure braking was not easy at Suzuka either but those incidents are like water and oil…

  1. Pity, I think he was the only one capable of challenging the Red Bulls for the front row today. He said he was around 0.4s up on his first run in Q3 at the time of the car failure, so he could have been close – albeit maybe still a tenth or two away.

    1. @khm, They are still allowed to replace clearly defective parts with identical specification, unless gearbox, or extra engine of course, and it is all upon approval by FIA stewards (technical delegate?) If I am not mistaken. But no setup changes.

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