Start, Yas Marina, 2013

Rate the race: 2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

2013 Abu Dhabi Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Start, Yas Marina, 2013What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

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2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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185 comments on “Rate the race: 2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix”

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  1. Booooooring.

    1. Doughnuts were not boring at all :D

      1. @malik 55 laps were))))

        1. @robo: it was nice to see the fights between Rosberg and Webber, Hamilton and Massa, Hamilton and Gutierrez, Alonso and Vergne among others..

        2. +1. I gave it a 2, although my vote isn’t necessarily correct due to switching it off after 30 minutes (the first time I have ever done so)

          1. @strontium I’ve surprised myself by watching the whole race.
            You’ve missed: first…. second…. and third…. you’ve missed NOTHING))))

      2. Anybody can do doughnuts.

        1. I believe Maldonado would’ve put the car in the wall while doing them ;)

    2. Boohoo, Hulkenberg and Grosjean didn’t simultaneously win the race after both starting from the pit lane, flip over other cars during the race to pass, and then burst into flames as they crossed the finish line while running over the man who invented DRS. Kimi didn’t pull over during the race to make love to a harem, and still wind up in 3rd. How boring.

      1. This might be the best comment i’ve ever seen. (and i’m a Kimi & Hulk fan)

      2. Your sarcasm would be effective had the race been at all interesting. Everyone agrees it was fairly dull.

        1. Yeah, sarcasm for the sake of sarcasm is pointless.

      3. @chaddy what a funny man you are.

    3. 3, I did not see 1 passing attempt that did not rely on DRS.

      1. Alonso made a pass on one of the toro rossos without using DRS. He’s usually the one to do it. But yeah other than that it was a huge DRS fest

      2. @hohum – yeah as @marciare-o-marcire said, Alonso managed one going into the hairpin however he was swiftly DRSed back on the straight. Luckily for Alonso, another DRS zone followed so DRSed his way back infront there. It was the perfect advert for why DRS is a compete an utter farce.

  2. Worst race of the season, 3/10. DRS ridiculous. Circuit is awful. Tyre’s actually better here.

    1. Pretty much this

    2. Yes, this race would have been much better without DRS… /sarcasm

      Boring as hell, luckily the DRS zones gave us some wheel to wheel-‘action’…
      1 for the race, +1 for Vettel’s dominance, +1 for DRS (I am not a fan, but it is the only thing that keeps this race from scoring a 0)

    3. Is it me or the only non DRS pass was Grosjean on Alonso (not counting the start)?

      1. missed that one, must have been during a commercial break.

    4. Where were these tyres all season?

    5. I gernerously voted it 5. Though that may have been because I had lunch in the middle of it haha.

      1. @nick-uk Lucky you. For me the most interesting part was the bit with the partial solar eclipse.

        1. That was nice, and gave the race a unique feel!

        2. I thought it must have been a dome on a mosque in the haze!

    6. Hamilton still couldn’t use it properly.

    7. Worse than Belgium and Italy? Nope.

  3. I miss the time when Lewis was blazing through the field…

    1. he needs to up his game, he seems to only be able to be fastest in a race when there is no tyre wear, the other drivers are smarter and faster in more difficult conditions, ie Alonso who started 7 places behind Hamilton and finished ahead of him. at the moment his career reads that he hit his peak in his first season (when tyre wear wasn’t a concern) and didn’t get much better after.

      1. Must admit Lewis (merc) have dropped away some what in 2nd half of the season. Poor reflect on him when he qualifies high up or has poor quality.. Then as usual goes backwards in the race… Rosberg.. Seems to have refocused and is now aiming to finish of the year strongly.. Lewis is not driving like he’s serious about getting 2nd or even 3rd in Drivers championship! That saddens me. Ferrari well man don’t no whats happening there! Mclaren well let’s hope they respond next season!

      2. To be fair, he was unlucky to immediately get boxed behind other cars at the start, which really set the tone for his race. Not to mention that he was unlucky to even be starting where he did. Of course, he did seem to fade anyway.

  4. First race I’ve been more on my PC than watching the race. Boring. Happy about Vettel though. 2

    1. The radio was awesome. Seb doing a Kimi impersonation and Christian saying “you can pay for it this time.”

    2. Yes, it was the same with me. 2

  5. Mediocre. No fight for lead or second place or third or fourth… No recovery drive from Räikkönen. Nearly no pass was made without DRS.

    1. As usual, no Raikkonen saga means low rating.

    1. Vettel is The Chief, i must say!

  6. That was average, just average. But a +1 point for dominant Vettel, he was on his own game today. 6.

    1. Was good. But Marks starts was poor as ever which is a shame.

      The biggest shame tho was the strategy of some of the teams, they were really off the ball. They lost the time they did to seb due to being stuck in traffic all day. There tyres were not shot they had no need to pit early as Ferrari and Seb proved. Once webber had cut through the traffic he didnt lose much time at all to seb but it was stupidly to late.

      1. Vettel was on cruise control after 1st pit stop. That’s why the gap stayed more or less the same.

  7. I gave it a 7. Not outstanding but it has got to the point for me where I am enjoying watching Vettel’s skill at the wheel, and the race behind wasn’t exactly bad!

    1. Likewise. It is not Vettel’s fault that the others could not keep up. Rosberg was once again measurably better than Hamilton and Grosjean continued his improvement.

  8. what a boooooring race and racetrack.
    superb drive by Seb as usual but
    disappointed by Kimi.

    1. (@mixwell

      It’s boring in the race I get it. But, when I drive this track in f1 2012 and 2010, the first and last sector feel so awesome to drive. Agree however, that DRS destroyed this race… It forces teams to setup cars based on DRS performance not optimal laptime.

      1. @krichelle
        i’ve been to the track myself and no doubt it looks amazing, but DRS and the fact that most of the corners are no way overtake friendly ruins the race.

      2. Agreed, I gave it a 7 because anyone who plays F1 knows that this isn’t exactly the easiest track to race. Might be a little dull to watch but it’s amazing how easy they make it look.

      3. It’s funny but I (also) almost always find that some of the boring-est tracks in F1 are really fun to drive in Codemasters’ games. Abu Dhabi, Valencia and Catalunya are some of my favourite tracks to drive. I absolutely despise Suzuka and Silverstone on the other hand.

        1. (@einariliyev

          IKR mate? I find Valencia fun as well, especially the long last right hander after the second back straight. Flat out, high revs it’s fun. Silverstone is another case, I always go well there, particularly that I setup my car with high wings, for COPSE, MAGGOTS,BECKETTS AND STOWE!!!!

  9. boring!!!!!!!!!! great drive by seb though….

  10. Simply awful. The first race this season that didn’t keep me interested

  11. 3
    Seeing vettel lead and kimi out after the first 2 corners, you knew where the race was going… Drs seemed well overpowered at this circuit, so whatever overtaking there was wasn’t exciting.

    1. kimi is your favourite driver, and vettel isn’t = 3

      1. To be fair, it just wasn’t an exciting race, like Germany or Japan.

        1. I thought Germany and Japan were some of the better races of the season @david-a

          1. @vettel1 – That’s what I meant, that Germany and Japan were exciting races, unlike this one.

          2. Ah right, so you meant unlike Japan and Germany then @david-a? :)

      2. Kimi would have atleast made it interesting to see him fight through the field. I don’t dislike Vettel, its just that dominance is boring. Rate the race and driver of the weekend are two seperate issues. Vettel is my vote for driver of the weekend hands down @david-a

        1. sorry, meant @kpart, not @david-a

  12. Tremendously dreary up front, as is often the case these days. There was some reasonable entertainment further down so I wouldn’t call it a total yawner, but still, no better than a 5/10. And even then I feel I’m being generous.

  13. 6/10 boring – but great to see history being made. Stewards are a bit of a joke now how inconsistent they are with track limits

    1. I don’t understand how it’s a 6/10 if it’s boring :P

      1. because Vettel equalized a few records. That’s the history being made thing.

    2. we wonder why bother with track limit anymore … Let’s them race as they want in the giant Abu Dhabi’s parking next time

  14. 4/10. Simply boring apart from a few scraps.

  15. Worst race this season. Great drive of Vettel.

  16. 6.
    Come on! It wasn´t that bad! It had good battles and good overtakes. But boring, boring, boring, it wasn´t.

  17. I thought it wasn’t that bad for Abu Dhabi. OK, I admit it didn’t have a battle for the win except for the run to the first corner…

  18. not good enough for the “highest”-motorsport-class. 3/10.

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