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Rate the race: 2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

2013 Abu Dhabi Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Start, Yas Marina, 2013What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

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2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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185 comments on “Rate the race: 2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix”

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  1. 7/10
    For once, I was not distracted during the race. Nothing up front! But it was nice to see different strategies again like in India, plus there were some nice battles and the second DRS zone provided some good drama at times. Still rather worrying that no overtaking could be done in the first and third sectors.
    Di Resta, Massa, Vergne, Vettel, all raced brilliantly and that was great to see. Good defensive driving by Gutierrez, Hulkenberg for once was not involved in any action, a shame we lost Raikkonen so early in the race. But it wasn’t as bad as I expected.

  2. Dull… even most of the minor-points fights seemed boring today. Far too much about tyres and too little about driving cars quickly.


  3. Plastic race at a plastic venue. DRS, tyres, more DRS and penalties. One or two nice moves (Massa) but precious little racing.

    But well done Seb – can’t see anyone beating him any more this year.

  4. What’s the point of having a second DRS right after the first one. It seems totally self-defeating. DRS seems to work best in a race where it barely has any effect at all..

  5. Another black flag for comical F1. The self proclaimed crème de la crème of motor racing, hahaha, Yeah Right. Stick to Indy and Nascar.

    1. If F1 was trying to compete with Nascar or Indycar then Charlie would’ve threw out the safety car 4-5 times. Not many on here have respect for American motorsports and for good reason.

      1. I think Charlie has thrown out the safety car a few times when it wasn’t necessarily warranted but indeed tightened up the field to help the show. And there are certainly times when the nature of the track demands that a safety car come out in F1, and certainly on oval tracks in NASCAR and Indy there’s little they can do but bring out the safety car if there’s a crash or debris on the track.

        And you may say American motorsports does not garner respect around here, but Keith himself has commented this season about the attractions of the tight racing that’s been going on in Indy, vs. the issues he has with F1 these days.

        I recall some NASCAR drivers getting quite a chuckle at an opening wing that allows for easy passing in F1, the ‘pinnacle of racing.’ ie. many outside of North America may not respect NASCAR and Indy, but North Americans may look at the tire issues, the DRS, the dominance of one team 4 years running, the constant scandals be they secret-test gate, spy gate, lie gate, crash gate and the politics in general, and consider F1 to be something different but certainly not superior.

        1. Tight racing wouldn’t have anything to do with every team running the same chassis and the safety car being deployed at every possible opportunity would it? You see it’s all about the show in America and they need it to be close(one spec chassis) and have a grandstand finish(throw the yellow flag) even if it’s at the expense of the series as a whole. So yes, F1 is different but its those differences that makes it superior. The freedom for designers / engineers / aerodynamicists to build the fastest cars on the planet using whatever philosophy they believe. To risk it all on the world stage and compete against the best teams/drivers in the world. To not have any hard earned advantage eroded away by a needless safety car. Also, tight racing doesn’t really come into for me and if it did then we would be about to witness a mass exodus to Indycar. Fat chance.

          For the record i really enjoyed Indycar this season and it’s the first season i’ve watched in a long long time. It’s a fun series but that’s were it ends for me.

  6. I was genuinely nodding off in this race. It was one of the worst I’ve seen. Thank God this season is nearly over. 1/10 as I’m annoyed with F1’s current state.

  7. It wasn’t ‘interesting’ but not boring either, Monaco was worse and I gave it a 6, so 7 this time …

  8. Yesterday, I enjoyed watching Sky’s replay of the 2010 Abu Dhabi GP. In particular, it was refreshing to see a race without the gimmicks designed to improve racing – DRS and rapidly degrading compounds.

    When compared to today’s race, it is easy to see how lost F1 has become.

    1. I honestly feel like F1 has lost me at this point and i can’t take much more of it tbh. Vettel can dominate all he wants, it doesn’t bother me in the slightest as he deserves it but for the love of god please give me back some good honest racing.

      1. So what would you do to change it?

        1. Banning DRS would suffice. The different tyre strategies are enough to promote real passing while at the same time allowing a driver to defend his position. Sure, there are a few other niggles, like having to use two different compounds in the race and the poor qualifying format, but DRS is the elephant in the room that needs to go before the viewing figures take a nose dive.

  9. I was anticipating a great recovery race by Kimi. Sadly, it didn’¡t happen.
    I was hoping Mark would be able to hold on to P1 a wee bit beyond turn 1. He didn’t (but no big surprise here).
    Would be a 1, but gets a 2 for the last stint by FA including the bravest exit from the pits I’ve seen in a long time.

  10. Intensely mediocre.

  11. 6: some overtakes in the fight for points.. the leadership was never in doubt

  12. 1/10 HORRENDOUS

    This race was by far the worst race I have seen al year long, DRS was awfull, the track just doesn’t inpsire any good racing, the facilities are fantastic but they really need to rethink this track.

    If anyone wanted a reason to never allow Herman Tilke to design another race track for F1, this is it!!

  13. Pretty dull and boring, nothing really happened, thus a 5. The most exciting moment was when at about lap 40 I misheard Rocky talking to Vettel, which I understood as “We have to stop the car”. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t want Vettel to lose, it would just mean that after all we might have had a battle for the lead of the race.

  14. Not much in it. Except for watching Massa and Alonso charging through the field, Force India going for conservative AND fast stints and Gutierrez defending like a madman. Frankly I have the feeling I only watched Ferrari, Force India and Sauber race today.

    So congrats to Red Bull again for being the only team that still looks like it wants to win races.

    4. Actually, you know what? 6. Any race that has a solar eclipse and David Hasselhoff in it deserves at least a 6. But really, 4…

  15. I mean, really, what was that race? Sorry for being negative, i really dont want to be, but it was awful.

  16. Boring, I changed the channel before lap 15

  17. I gave it 4 and felt generous. I find that Abu Dhabi is visually bland, despite all the glitz and fancy architecture. It all seems so vapid that it feels like I see through it to what it really is- a vast expanse of tarmac with a few sparkly trinkets. More traditional races always keep my attention better because they just don’t look awful to me, regardless of the quality of the racing.

  18. I think it did get a bit boring when Vettel had a 2 second lead at the first lap, but there was a bit of action, but after the 30th lap or so, it died down a bit

  19. The good thing about those races, is that I am so sure of who will win that I can do some ironing or cleaning while enjoying it in the background and cheering on real overtakes (maybe the balsy moves by Grosjean and Alonso -though I believe this one was illegal) for 10th position from time to time. I’m happy because I get to see a formula one race anyway, my wife’s happy because… Clean house !

  20. 6.

    Yas Marina is a horrible track that only needs relatively straightforward improvements to be one of the best flat tracks out there. Delete the chicanes bracketing and splitting the backstraights and make it one long bending backstraight between >90 degree turns, convert turns 15-19 into a more natural flowing esses, and change 20-21 into a more round and natural right-hand sweeper. It’s a shame it’s current form looks like that, but it makes me rate on a curve.

    Add the fact that Vettel and RB already clinched, well, what do you expect? My bar was set low, and the solar eclipse and donuts were nice touches for something I expected all along, hence the 6.

    I’m just hoping Ascari’s record stands as his alone. Some old marks need to outlast Vettel and Schumacher, and that’s one of the few left.

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