Rate the race: 2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Start, Yas Marina, 2013What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

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2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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185 comments on Rate the race: 2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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  1. Johnny L. (@eljohny78) said on 4th November 2013, 1:44

    Boring, I changed the channel before lap 15

  2. matt90 (@matt90) said on 4th November 2013, 2:11

    I gave it 4 and felt generous. I find that Abu Dhabi is visually bland, despite all the glitz and fancy architecture. It all seems so vapid that it feels like I see through it to what it really is- a vast expanse of tarmac with a few sparkly trinkets. More traditional races always keep my attention better because they just don’t look awful to me, regardless of the quality of the racing.

  3. I think it did get a bit boring when Vettel had a 2 second lead at the first lap, but there was a bit of action, but after the 30th lap or so, it died down a bit

  4. Tango (@tango) said on 4th November 2013, 9:11

    The good thing about those races, is that I am so sure of who will win that I can do some ironing or cleaning while enjoying it in the background and cheering on real overtakes (maybe the balsy moves by Grosjean and Alonso -though I believe this one was illegal) for 10th position from time to time. I’m happy because I get to see a formula one race anyway, my wife’s happy because… Clean house !

  5. Sean Doyle (@spdoyle17) said on 4th November 2013, 9:52


    Yas Marina is a horrible track that only needs relatively straightforward improvements to be one of the best flat tracks out there. Delete the chicanes bracketing and splitting the backstraights and make it one long bending backstraight between >90 degree turns, convert turns 15-19 into a more natural flowing esses, and change 20-21 into a more round and natural right-hand sweeper. It’s a shame it’s current form looks like that, but it makes me rate on a curve.

    Add the fact that Vettel and RB already clinched, well, what do you expect? My bar was set low, and the solar eclipse and donuts were nice touches for something I expected all along, hence the 6.

    I’m just hoping Ascari’s record stands as his alone. Some old marks need to outlast Vettel and Schumacher, and that’s one of the few left.

  6. Oskar (@oskar) said on 4th November 2013, 10:07

    Excelent race!. A lot of battles, diferent strategies and several nice overtakes.

    If you forget Vettel playing F1 videogame on easy mode.

  7. Dane (@n0b0dy100) said on 4th November 2013, 11:43

    Vettle dominance + DRS overtakes = boring. Plus, I’m a Kimi fan so I was already disappointed by Saturday afternoon.

  8. firesign said on 4th November 2013, 12:00

    Some ideas to make F1 more exciting because it is currently just a show and seems to be losing its true value.

    1. Remove DRS – which is just a joke.
    2. Allow teams to use which ever tyres they want during quals and race, supersoft, soft, medium or hard, their choice.
    3. No compulsary usage of tyres during a race. If a team wants to make no stops, then go for it.
    4. Bring back refueling, if teams do not want to use this, them this is their choice.
    5. Stop teams from making adjustments to the vehicles from the pit. All adjustments must only be done by the driver, and this should also be restricted to a set number.
    6. Stop all but emergency radio communication with drivers and teams.
    7. Allow the bottom four teams this season to continue using the 2013 engine and setup until 2017. This would allow them three years to design their new cars.
    8. More gravel traps and less run offs at all tracks. Sunday’s race is like a track that Disney would design.

  9. I gave it a 6. There are a few things going against it. There wasn’t much going on at the front, the win was (pretty much) decided by the first corner, and the first half of the race was fairly dull. But from mid race onwards there was good racing between 5th and 10th, even though it was difficult or impossible to overtake outside of DRS zones. Tyres played their intended role in allowing alternative strategies while drivers still seemed to be pushing relatively hard on 2 stoppers (and not coasting on 1 stoppers either as far as i could see).

    While DRS is not an ideal solution, on tracks like this it is just aswell we have it as otherwise the race would have been a procession from 1st to last. As it was i think DRS was about right, some passes were straight forward which is inevitable but it wasn’t a gimme in most cases, even when clearly faster cars were being held up.

    I think it will take some rain in Brazil to give anyone a chance to beat Vettel. So hoping for that, or maybe a final flash in the pan from Webber which would be great to see too.

  10. petebaldwin (@petebaldwin) said on 4th November 2013, 12:55

    It was just a fairly dull race. DRS was the same rediculous farce that it was last year and without track changes – the rest of the track is just boring.

    Considering the money they have spent and the brilliant facility they have created, they need to get the track sorted so that it is suitable for F1 racing.

  11. PJA (@pja) said on 6th November 2013, 18:23

    I only gave it a 4, and part of me thought that was still too generous.

    The dominance of Vettel is expected but often there is still some entertaining battles further down the order, however nothing got me excited during the Grand Prix.

    There may have been quite a few overtakes throughout the race but most were due to DRS and for me they provide as much excitement as a driver being lapped.

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