Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Yas Marina, 2013

Alonso given OK following hospital check on back

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Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Yas Marina, 2013In the round-up: Fernando Alonso had medical checks on his back after his high-speed trip across the kerbs following yesterday’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.


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Alonso cleared after hospital visit (BBC)

“Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso has been cleared following a check on his back after bouncing over kerbs at high speed in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.”

Vergne: Alonso prevented big crash (Autosport)

“It was a racing incident and if he had not gone on the outside [of the track] like he did, we would have had a big crash.”

Lotus investors say Raikkonen row resolved (Reuters)

“Mansoor Ijaz, chairman of a consortium of private investors buying a 35 percent stake in the team, told reporters at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix that talks with the 2007 world champion’s manager had prevented a potential walkout.”

Newey meets with Ainslie (The Telegraph)

“Red Bull are likely to face renewed speculation regarding the long-term intentions of their star designer Adrian Newey after he met up with Great Britain?s four-time Olympic champion Sir Ben Ainslie in the team?s paddock home after qualifying in Abu Dhabi on Saturday.”

2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – Post Race Press Conference (FIA)

Vettel on doing more doughnuts in Abu Dhabi: “Entering the sort of stadium, I thought it was a very, very good spot, I made sure there was nobody around and I was far away from the lines. I think if we are in a position to think about that then obviously it?s very special because it means we had a very, very good result in the race. So I think there?s a lot of work before we get to decide whether we can do it again or not.”

Fernando Alonso Q&A (Sky)

“Always there are some downs in your career and there was the year at McLaren in which I was not good enough to compete for the championship at the end. In Ferrari I think there were a couple of races where I was not in good shape physically and mentally – in 2011 especially in the first part of the season I had big problems with one leg, I remember I was suffering a lot in the races.”

Sauber team principal against 22-race calendar (Gulf News)

Monisha Kaltenborn: “I simply think 22 races in a year will be too much, not just from a professional point of view but from a personal view as well.”

When Bernie met Max… Ecclestone and Mosley reveal the trickery (and humour) behind their 40 years as the most powerful men in Formula One (Daily Mail)

“BE: Some people used to use lead as ballast. One team that did it a lot were Brabham.
MM: That?s Brabham as in the team that you happened to own at the time, Bernie?”

Red Bull RB9 – rear diffuser channelling (F1)

“There is a very small, twisted channel on the outside of the diffuser, in a position very difficult to find.”


Comment of the day

There’s been a lot of frustration in the comments recently about drivers abusing track limits:

I’m a bit tired of the stewards now. They had been okay this season with punishing off the track moments. People complained about Grosjean getting punished at Hungary but I thought they were bang on; if you need to go off the track to pass then it isn?t much of an overtake anyway.

But since India the stewards/Whiting have just acted without any logic. They ignored people exceeding the track limits throughout India, then before qualifying they said they would look at anyone who went wide at the last corner ?ǣ why the last corner and no others is beyond me- and yet they did absolutely nothing about it so were yet again inconsistent.

And finally, they ignored Alonso exceeding the track limits and Sutil doing the same. There?s just no logic or consistency. It was also pretty frustrating how they waited until after the race to make the decision; say they had found Alonso guilty then it would have been really unfair to punish him with a time penalty when they could have immediately told him to just give the position back.
Steph (@Stephanief1990)

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On this day in F1

Toyota announced they were quitting Formula One four years ago today, three days after the season finale in Abu Dhabi. The team had built a chassis for the 2010 season but did not race it.

Since then they have returned to competition in the World Endurance Championship and have won four of the 14 races they have contested. However their only win so far this year, on home ground in Japan, came during a washout in Fuji where only 16 laps were completed, all behind the Safety Car.

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