2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix weekend in Tweets

2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

AlonsoGet a glimpse behind the scenes of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix with @WillWood’s round-up of the best Tweets from the race weekend.


With both world championships having been decided in India, drivers could afford to have a bit of fun before hitting the Yas Marina circuit.


As the teams got reacquainted with the billion dollar facility, all the off-track talk was about Kimi Raikkonen’s contract.


Qualifying brought a surprise as Mark Webber knocked Sebastian Vettel off pole position.


Normal service was resumed on race day: Vettel won easily, while Alonso had to have his back checked after the medical alarm in his car went off during the race. He was subsequently given the all-clear.

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2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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18 comments on “2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix weekend in Tweets”

      1. Well Alonso has perfect eyesight (he drives really fast cars), he could’ve checked the position of cars when exiting the pits and not put himself under unnecessary risk.

        Besides for such self-proclaimed master as Alonso passing Vergne on this track wouldn’t be a problem, right?

    1. How exactly is it tasteless? It WAS fake champagne. It was carbonated juice put into a champagne bottle, meant to look like champagne. Are the Muslims of the country not aware that it is usually champagne? No one is making fun of their beliefs or customs. Let’s not get to the point where we become so over-sensitive about culture/religion that we can’t say anything at all.

          1. Great comment from Keith!…this race deserves sarcastic comments.It is a farce!…flat track,stupid pitlane,NO FANS in the stands.I will be so happy when this ARTIFICIAL race is no longer a part of the calendar.

            Bring it to the USA for the next race F1.Racing fans are here waiting for you!As far as I’m concerned,keep the racing where it is appreciated.

    2. I live in the UAE and I assure you that if you go to any hotel in the country on any night of the week you’ll see an awful lot of drinking going on. It is not unusual to see people in traditional dress sinking a fair few either, even though it is illegal to wear traditional dress in any place which sells alcohol.

  1. Attention engineers at this blog: can please someone explain to me the 28G story?
    In the video it is possible to see that Alonso’s Ferrari jumps a bit at the zebra, the underneath of the car release some sparks at contact, but the car doesn’t seems to loose speed. As an “accident”, seems almost trivial compared to other jumps provoked by high zebras (I remember Massa destroying a suspension arm at a zebra…).
    My question is: if I slam my hand against the table, there will be also several G involved, but in this case the car didn’t fall from a third floor, but moving in a plane parallel (well, almost) to the tarmac.
    So, how does the now famous 28G plays here?
    (I am sorry if this is a silly question, but to me the picture and the whole 28G story seems completely out of hand compared to what happened on the track).

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